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Title Price  
Relic/Emp/Mythic Upgrade Items $0.00
Elf M 21 Master ML20+ Agwu/Bunzi/Mpaca/Sakpata/Nyame Omen Regal Ambu $425.00
*BEAST* Mithra r15 REMA, r25 Nyame su5+2, af/rel+3 Regal, DI, full malig, Unity+1, 4/4 MoL, ML20-30 SOLD
Elf M 5/5 Legend, 9 99's All storyline done. Malignance, Daybreak, Regal Ambu Ready for idris! SOLD
Mithra REMA BRD + Vajra + Crocea 6x 99s 4/4 Mask of Light, 6x master. Unityr15. 119Abj+1 SOLD
*BEAST* Galka 17 REMA, R15's 10 master, Ambu +2 weapons, Malig Sacro 4/4 MoL,reforged+3 and 2 RoV done mules(Mithra/HumeF) SOLD
Mithra NirvanaAG Fomal Sequence 17 99s, Regal, Reforged +2, Ambusade RoV Complete TPlatemail SOLD
Elf Sequence R15 9x Master 4/4 Mask of Light, Regal + Omean, Ambu Weapons, RoV complete SOLD
Elf Burtgang Aegis Sequence PLD/BLM/WHM/RDM/BLU/COR/RNG/NIN RoV Complete, +1 Abj + GEO Whm mule SOLD
Taru Idris+Yagrush Shamash Robe Daybreak Malig, 10 99s,2x master 110LC + Stage3 shield SOLD
Mithra R15 Masamune, Chango Doji Regal +3 Reforged, 6x master, Daybreak/Malig 3Mask of Light SOLD
Galka 22 99sChango Aegis Excal Dagon regal tplatemail 8master+1 souv/adhe/amalric/argsy RoV complete SOLD
Taru R14 Death Penality Nisroch Jerkin, 7x Malignance r25 Rostam, +2/3 Reforged +Naegling/Tauret SOLD
*BEAST Hume Epeo Yag REMA Brd + 20 other, 11 master Malignance reforge+2/3 + 4/4 mask of light SOLD
*BOSS* Mithra 19 REMA 4 Mask of Light, +2 Su5, Nisroch/Udug 7x Regal Malignance +3 reforg 110 Smithing 5/5 Legend SOLD
*SHIELD* Taru Tr. Escutcheon(Gold) REMA BRD +6 more 5/5 Legend 3/4 MoL 110 Gold Daybreak/Malignance SOLD
*SHIELD* Hume F Brew. Escutch(Alch) Aeneas Master GEO THF, +3 RDM Omen RoV 3x Malignance D Ring 3x Legend SOLD
*BOSS*Hume Idris Epeo DP Tizona Yag +6 more Ashera Volte Malignance Daybreak 2x rostam 110 Bonecraft +DI SOLD
Taru Ghorn DDB Carn(Rank15) Marsyas Fomal Aeneas Seq Omen Regal +3 2xMoL 8 master Malig Daybreak SOLD
Taru F Idris Ghorn 10 99s. T. Platemail Reforged +3 RoV Complete. 1 MoL. Ambucasde+2 Master GEO WHM SOLD
Hume M Godhands Kikkou 5/6 Legend, Nirvana(incoming), 110 Cloth+subs, RoV complete, Omen R/EX SOLD
Elf Idris DP Masa +6 More 2x rostam 8x Malignance+Daybrk 6x Master, 2x Mask of Light Omen + Regal SOLD
*BEAST* Hume Epeo/Idris 14 total rema Shamash Regal +3 AF/Relic 7master+ Mule Elf GEO Double Idris! SOLD
*BEAST* Hume Epeo Yag DP Masa and more 4/4 MoL 5/5 Malignance + Daybreak Pristine Ygg for Idris SOLD
Hume Murgy/Crocea/Excal/Mandau/Aegis 9 99s Reforged+3 Regal + Nisroch R/EX 5/5 Malig Daybreak SOLD
Galka Burtgang Aegis Ochain Fomal 19 99s 119+2/3 Omen Ambu+2 4x master 110 Goldsmithing SOLD
*BEAST* Elf M 23 REMA Epeo su5+2 Nyame/Mpaca Shamash, di, Full Malig+DBreak 4/4 MoL Ygnas SOLD
Taru Yagrush WHM + 8 99s, 119+2 AF, Omen/Reisen/Ambu + Bevelers Shield Expert Leather! Perfect Alt SOLD
Mithra Burtgang/Aegis/Ochain/Annihilator 7 99s Omen/Missions Complete/Ambu 110 Bonecraft + Ossifier SOLD
Midrange Galka 9 99 Jobs Rhapsodies complete Captain Omen Ambuscade Reisen R/EX, Great BLU SOLD
Midrange Hume Spharai COR DNC MNK, Defending Ring, Orvail RoV Complete SOLD
*MONSTER* Elf 34 REMA 4/4 light mask Idris Epeo Omen bodies, +3, su5+2 19x master, 5/5 Malign+Daybreak 110 Smithing SOLD
Galka Run/Geo/whm RoV Complete Omen +3 reforged, ambuscade, +1 abj. Cheap $250 SOLD
Mithra 5x 99 Fomalhut + Rostam, 3x master, Malignance. Ambuscade Tauret/Naeg Rov Complete SOLD
Hume 11 99s Lionheart Fomal Aegis 3x Legend, Regal, +1 Abjuration gear, Galka/Mithra MoL + mule SOLD
Taru R15 Masamune, Aegis/Excal/Ghorn SAM+2/3 Omen Ambu, RoV Complete 11 99s SOLD
Mithra 17 REMA, 99 WAR/RDM/PLD/BST/MNK/BLM/THF/DRK/SAM/SCH, Argosy+1 Ambuscade + Aegis, Ochain, Excal 2nd POL ID SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra Plaiters Escutch(Cloth) 23 REMA Idris/Epeo/Yag/REMA BRD + Malig/Dbrk +3 Shamash robe SOLD
Elf 22 99's Aegis Aeneas Apoc Chango, Gleti Nyame Mpaca Sakpata 17x master Omen RoV done SOLD
*TRIPLE SHIELD* Cloth/Leather/Alch 3 pol ID Idris 2x Yag, Nirvana Burtgang Look inside SOLD
Elf 24 REMA Nyame r20 Sakpata r20+Gleti su5+2, rfrg+3 unity+1, malig, crepuscular 105 smith+sub SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra Idris/Epeo/Nirvana/Yag/Burtg +15 more RMEA Regal, 11 Master, T Plate, Exp Bonecraft SOLD
BEAST Hume F 4/4 Mask Light 7-R15 Aeneas/Heishi/Kannagi/Kikou/Mandau/Nagi/Twash/Vajra Su5+2 Shamash Ashera Malignance Daybrea SOLD
Taru Beast 4REMA Bard Tiz/Alm/Seq Blu +9 more 9x mastr dbreak+malig reforged +3 110 Alch SOLD
Mithra SMN Reforged AF+3 RoV Complete , Omen R/EX Master 2100 WHM and SMN SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra 21/22 Master 12 REMA, Regal, Ambu reforged 119 110 Alchemy T-Platemail SOLD
Mithra 5x99 DeathP Fomal Rostam 2x Mask of Light, RoV Complete, Su5, Regal/Ambu + Naegling/Tauret SOLD
*MONSTER* Elf 22 REMA 4/4 MoL 8x Regal Shamash/Nis/Udug 5/5 Malig Daybreak 22x master R15 REMA SOLD
Hume F Burt Aegis Anny Chango DP Fomal Lion Rag(and more) 4/5 Legend +3 reforge 4/4 MoLight, Malign, Regal Rostam SOLD
Mithra Idris GEO WHM Daybreak RoV done ,Regal +3 reforge, Ambu+2 Malginance Master WHM+GEO 3/4 Mask of Light SOLD
Hume F Epeo REA BRD Nirvana Gastra Twash Doji + more, Reforged +3, omen/regal + malignance SOLD
Hume F Alamce AG BLU WHM GEO SCH master, Yaggy in progress 3/6 Legend Reforged +2/3 SOLD
Hume M 10 99s Nirvana Doji Chango Reforged +2/+3 Ambu+2, 2 master, malig, 1 mask of light SOLD
Midrange Elf F 20 99s, Rov Complete. Omen/Ambuscade, Reforged GEO r/ex Priced to move fast @275$ SOLD
Mithra Anny Apoc Heishi Kikou Lionh Murgy Rag Verethrag Sparai Croc r25, +2 reforged, Regal Ambu+ 4/4 Mask Of Light SOLD
Elf F Nirvana Almace Chango Godhands Lion Mandau Twash Vere +3 Reforge Malignance 110 Goldsmithing +stg4 shied 7x *MASTER* SOLD
Elf F Yagrush 99 WHM WAR BRD GEO BLM THF COR Master GEO COR BRD RoV complete, Reforged+1. Ambuscade SOLD
Hume 13 REMA, REM BRD, Yaggy Regal 5x master, Dbreak/Malig Ambu+2/weap Reforged+3 4/4 Mask of Light SOLD
Oldschool Hume 18 99s Apocalypse Almace Ochain Ukon Vere 95 Smithing and subs cheap $250 SOLD
Hume F22 99s Idris Marsyas Daurdabla Ghorn, 4x master, 110 Gold+Stg3 shield, Omen Ambu Reforged RoV SOLD
*MONSTER* Elf Os. Escutcheon(Bone) 29 REMA, 2x Rostam 14xmaster, Omen Body TPlate 4/4 MoL Full Malig + DBreak SOLD
Hume F MASTER PLD Aegis Su5 Neck Souvern+1 WoTG/ToAU/RoV Complete CHEAP SOLD
Hume F 12 99s Amano 119ag, Kaykaus/Souvern/Adhemar+1, Omen. Ambu, RoV Complete! SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Masa Nirvana +13 REMA 17xmaster 4/6 Legend Daybrk Malig Exp Gold Su5 +3 reforged SOLD
Hume Ukon Vere Kannagi 22 99s, WHM + WAR master, great WHM RoV, reforged, su5, daybreak SOLD
Mithra 6x 99 RDM GEO BRD Master, Crocea Mors Reforged +3, Daybreak Malig, RoV Complete SOLD
Mithra Idris Aegis Ochain Doji Rag Aeneas 18x 99s 10master RoV, dring malig omen SOLD
Mithra Carn/DDB/Ghorn/Marysas Shamash Robe + Ashera Harness, T Platemail,+3 su5, 5x Regal, SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra 18 99s R15 DP/Gastra/Anny + Vere/Doji/Fomal/Rostam Nisroch Regal su5 Reforged +3 Malignace 5/5 SOLD
*BEAST* Elf 9 REMA (4)R15's Shamash/Ashera/Dagon/Regal 7x master, 8/5 Malignance Daybreak CPalug Su5+2 3/4 MoL SOLD
*BEAST* Elf REMA Brd + 7 more 10x Volte Ashera H, Regal reforged+3 Malig 4/4 Mask of Light su5+2 SOLD
Elf F 7 99's (Stage4 Alchemy Shield only Spirit left) WHM Master Dagon, +1 Abj Dring RoV Complete SOLD
Beast Mithra 14 REMA, 17 Master Abj+1, reforged su5 Omen R/ex Tplate 110 Alch RoV done SOLD
Elf Ghorn Daurdabla Marysas 99 BRD/THF/BLM 1x Master RoV done, Ambu+2 Reforged+1 SOLD
Mithra Idris Aegis Almace Doji Fomal Lionh Seq Rostam reforged +3 regal nisroch su5+2 2/4 Mask of Light SOLD
*MONSTER* Elf 30 REMA Tr. Escutcheon(Gold) 4/4 MoL 12x master Omen bodies Full Malig Su5 Reforg+3 SOLD
*SHIELD* Elf 14 99s, 10 REMA Brewers Esch. Omen Su5 reforged+3 Malig/Dbreak 5x Master Dring SOLD
Elf F 11 99s Aeneas Caladbolg Smythe's Shield 8x master dring adhemar+1 RoV done SOLD
*BEAST* Hume M 15 REMA 4/4 MoL Reforged+3 Regal/Dagon Malig/Daybreak/C.Palug 13 master TPlatemail + Yagrush Mule SOLD
*INSANE* Hume 22 REMA 15@r15, 16 su5+2 @r25, Shamash/Dagon/Volte/Malig DI, 5/5 Legend 22 MASTER Adoulin+1 SOLD
Hume 16 REMA 18 99s reforged 109/119 Defend ring 95 Goldsmithing. Great comeback account SOLD
Hume F 12 99s Aegis/Excal/Farsa/Gandiva/wash/Ukon 100Wood, 110Fishing + Ebisu, Comeback Account! SOLD
Elf M BurtR15 Aegis ChangoR15 Rag Trish 16 99s, TPlate Dagon Su5+2 7x master Malig 3/4 MoL SOLD
Taru Ghorn Daurdabla 6x 99, 104 Smithing, 100Fish Ebisu Reforged 109/119, Great comeback account SOLD
*MONSER* Mithra Epeo/Idris +34REMA Shamash 19 Master 5/5 Malig Full Ambu+2 Daybreak 3/4 MoL 110WW SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Idris REMA Brd, Smythe Eschut DP Tizona/Almace/Godhands/Nirvana +3 su5+2 Malig 8x *MASTER* 110 Smithing SOLD
*BEAST* Elf 25 REMA, 4song r15, Rostam Ashera/Dagon/Nisr +3 dbreak 5/5 Malig, Stage4 Bonecraft, 18 MASTER SOLD
Taru SAM/BLM/BLU/RDM/SCH Fusenaikyo Reforged +2/+3 Omen, Amalric+1, Rov Complete 5x Master SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra 21 REMA Shamash/Ashera/Nisroch 6/6 Legend Epeo 4/4 MoL Full Malignance, Volte, Af/Relic+3 14 master SOLD
Elf DP/Masa/Cala @R15 +6 REMA Full Malig su5+2 Rostam x3 Gandrg Moral 6x master RoV complete SOLD
Elf Epeo/Idris/Apoc/Tizona AG 4/5 Omen body Tplate, 10x Master, SoA+1 RoV + 19 AMAN mules SOLD
Taru REMA BRD + 18 more, +2/+3 reforged, regal malig, 8x master 110WW/Fishing Ebisu + 4x mstr mule geo/whm/cor/smn SOLD
Hume REA Bard Tizona Almace Doji Rag Sequence Masa 6x Master Shamash +2/+3 Su5+2 2/4 Mask of Light SOLD
Hume 41 REMA 20x master, Omen Regal, Reforged+3, Abjuration+1, 110 ClothC, 110 Fishing. Full Capped SR Gear! SOLD
Elf Burt Aegis r15Masa Nirvana + 18 more, 15 master, 4/4 MoL, 6/6 Legend, reforged+3/omen/ambu SOLD
Hume F Idris COR THF GEO Master +3 reforged RoV done, Omen/Ambu+2/Malignance Dbreak dring SOLD
*THE BEAST* Hume M 32 REMA 15@r15 Epeo/Idris 3x Rostam Musa/Croc 14 su+2 neck,Insane reforged+3, 14 Unityr15 + 5/5 Malig+Ody SOLD
Hume F 8 99s Godhands/Trishla/Gungir +2/+3 Udug, Regal, MMoL, Unityr15, Malig, RoV done SOLD
Hume F 22 99s CaladR7 MasaR5 Aegis/Ghorn/Ragn RoV done, +1 Abj, Su5+2 neck, +2/+3,Ambu JSE SOLD
Alchemy/Gold Escutcheons 3POL Epeo Idris REMA BRD 2x yag, r15, omen bodies, Malig/Daybreak INSANE package SOLD
*MONSTER* Elf 19 REMA@r15 5 su5 Wep@r25, 13 su5+2 neck@r25, Full Malig, Unity@r15, Idris/Epeo, DI,+3 Af/Relic + Idris Mule SOLD
Hume 15 99s REA Bard 6/6 Legend Aegis/Burt/Chango/Fomal/Twash +3 Regal Malig 2/4 MoL SOLD
*SHIELD MONSTER* Taru Smythe Esch, Idris DP Fomal +5more Ashera Harness Volte, Malignance 4/4 Mask of Light SOLD
Hume F 20 99s Leather(Bev) Eschutcheon Idris Nirvana Godhand Aeneas Croc +3, Regal, 14x DI 8x master, Ygnas, T. Plate SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Ossifier Eschu(BC) Epeo/Idris/Yag/Nirvana/DP+more +3 Regal 4/4 MoL ToAU+1 Ygnas 5/5 Malignance SOLD
*BEAST* Elf 17 99s,14 REMA (Epeo) Su5+2, 3x Rostam+Croc Reforg+3, Regal, GS 121, 4/4 Mask of Light SOLD
Hume F 16 99s REMA Bard Aenea Nirvana Fomal 13 master +2 Malign Dbreak Regal Ebisu 110fish SOLD
Taru F Yagrush WHM 6 99s, 3x Master. RoV Complete. Ambu+2, Daybreak Malignance Kaykaus+1 SOLD
Taru RDM/GEO/COR 6 99s Rov Complete, Captain, Omen Abj+1, Malig dring great mule SOLD
Elf M Tank Burtgang Lionhart Aegis Ochain Fomal Apoc Souv+1 Ambu+2 Unity+1 Malig 8x master SOLD
*BEAST* Hume F Cala/Lib/Tiz/Vere@r15+more Su5+2 neck, reforged +3, volte, 119Abj+1,Ambu+2,Unity@r15 SOLD
Midrangd Elf M BLU WHM BST THF Rov Complete base af/relic great starter account SOLD
*BEAST* Hume M REMA BRD + Yaggy/Ukon?masa/Kikou/Aegis+more +3 reforged 4/4 Mask of Light, Dbreak Malig dring SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Idris/Epeo/REMA BRD/DP/Lib/Nirvan +more Su5+2, 12x Volte, 4/4 MoL, Regal/Omen DM Aug SOLD
Hume M Aegis/Ochain/Burt/Godhands/Mand/Spha+Emps 5x master RoV done + Hume F WHM mule SOLD
Hume Epeo Aegis Ochain Vere Godh Kenko Tizona +3 regal Abj+1 Malig/Dbreak 6/6 Legend Ygnas SOLD
Mithra BRD WAR BST COR RNG RDM, DDB/Carn/Mars/Ghorn +Gandiva +3 Omen Abj+1 su5+2 Rov done, 50k bead SOLD
Taru COR MNK GEO WHM Missions Complete, Regal, Master, Ambu great mule SOLD
Taru GEO WHM RDM MNK Shamash Robe Reforged+2/+3 RoV/WoTG complete master, 5/5 Nyame SOLD
Taru F WHM RoV done, Master Dbreak/Malig Reforged+2, DI, perfect WHM mule SOLD
Taru F 12 99s GEO main reforged+3 ambu/unity, GEO/WAR Mstr, Dring 50k beads ready SOLD
Taru M+F Vere15 Chango Anny/Fomal/Croc/Gandr +3 refrg +2necks, malig + 8 REMA/12Master Taru F mule SOLD
*BEAST* Elf Bv Escut(LC) R15 REMA t4 Odyssey, 9 Volte, malig reforg+3, su5+2/weap Ashera Regal 6/6 Legend SoA+1 Nyame 5/5 SOLD
*UBER* Mithra 29 REMA, Full Ody clear+R/EX. 4/4 MoL. Insane+2/+3, DM Aug,DI,Malig 21 Master Epeo/Idris/REMA BRD SOLD
Hume F 21 REMA 4/4 MoL 110 Bone+ossifier Malig Cpalug +3AF/Relic su5+2 9x master Omen R/ex, Unity+1 SOLD
Elf 22 99s Carn/DDB/Ghorn/Mars/Aeneas/Idris/Fomal/Heishi Shamash/Ashera Plaiters Shield 4/4 MoLight SOLD
*BEAST* Hume 22/22 Master Tr. Escutch(Gold) Idris Epee+11more 4/4 MoL, Ashera/Shamash +110bc/ww SOLD
*BEAST* Hume 22/22 Master Epeo/Idris/Burt/Cala/Dp/Yag/Nirvana+more Odyssey R/EX 4/5 Omen body Regal +Smythe Shied 4/4 MoLight SOLD
Hume F RDM+WHM RoV+WoTG complete, Malignance gear, basic healer account SOLD
Hume M 9 99s VereR15 Godhands Fomal +2/+3 Omen Malig/CPalug 5x master RoV done SOLD
Taru Epeo/Idris Fomal Lionh Mars Masa Nirvana Trish 6x master 4/4 MoL 110Alch+Stage4 Shield Ashera SOLD
*ELITE* Hume M Plaiters Eschut(CC) 17 REMA 3/4 MoL 5/5 Omen body, Regal su5+2, rfrg+3 Taru Yag whm SOLD
*MONSTER* Mithra 14 99s R15 REMA Su5+2, Rostam Ganrdrig Full Odyssey Malig +3 Omen, DI, 4/4 MoLight SOLD
*BEAST* Elf M 26 REMA 4/4Mask of Light. r15, Cloth Escutch. su5+2, +3, Malig Unity+1 15 master, + Mithra Yag Mule SOLD
Elf Aegis Kikoku Almace Twash Fudo Gleti/Mpaca/Nyame/Sakpata Omen Body, Malig Unity+1 110WW SOLD
*INSANE* Hume 48 REMA, 13@15, Odyssey, NyameRP6 SakpataRP14 5/5 Omen body, 13 su5+2 neck, Malig DM Aug SOLD
Elf M 4 99 MNK THF BLU RDM RoV Complete Escha/Ambu Mid-Range gear 4/6 Legend SOLD
*UBER* Hume 22/22 Master 33REMA 14@r15 Nyame Odyssey su5+2 Reforged +3, Omen, Malig, 6/6 Legend SOLD
*MONSTER* Taru 20 REMA, r15, su5+2,22Master, Relic/AF+3 Regal/Omen/Malig, 4/4 Mask of Light + 4song BRD mule SOLD
Hume F 13 REMA 10@r15 Odyssey Nyame +3 su5+2, Regal/Ashera, Malig DI 10x master 4/4 Mask of Light SOLD
Hume M 27 Rema Epeo. 3x Rostam, 22 99s 13master, 4/4 MoL, Su5+2, tons of +3 reforged, OmenR/EX+bodies Full Malignance SOLD
Hume F Bard master 99Daurdabla Ghorn Marsyas Ambuscade, Omen Reforged+2 RoV complete SOLD
Galka R15 REMA Odyssey Nyame@r20 Sakpata/Mpaca/Gletti, r15 Unity, malig 11x master, 100k+ Segments SOLD
*BEAST* Elf 10 REMA (4)R15's Shamash/Ashera/Dagon/Regal 7x master, 8/5 Malig Dayb CPalug 6/6 Legend SOLD
Taru M 14 99s DeathP Fomal Nirvana Lionh Croc/Rostam Reforged+3 5/6 Legend, Regal, Malig 3/4 MoL SOLD
Mithra 11 99s, Yagrush Idris Fomal 4x Master Rov done, dbreak/malig, regal, DI SOLD
*SHIELD* Double Eschut(CC+Alchemy) + , Hume 6 Rema, Gleti/Awgu/Nyame/Sakpata + Ebisu 7x Master SOLD
Mithrai 6 99s Idris DDB Su5+2 +3 reforged Omen Ambu +1 Abj RoV done Smythe Ecu. Dbreak SOLD
Taru 3 99s WHM Yagrush +3 AF/Relic Omen RoV Done, 119Abj+1,DI Unity+1 Malig DBreak SOLD
Hume F 10 99s REMAA Bard Nirvana Rag Reforged+2/+3 su5+2, Omen,Ambu,Di,Unity+1,Malig, 3x Master SOLD
Hume M 19 REMA R15Masa/DP+more Af/Relic+3 Su5+2 Shamash/Regal/Volte RoV done Unity+1, 10x MASTER! SOLD
Hume F 11 99s R15DeathP, Doji, Rostam Su5+2 reforged+3, Omen Ambu 5/5 Malig 3x master SOLD
Taru REMA BRD Idris 4x Master,. Full Nyamne+Ranked Sakpata Regal reforged+3 Mask of Light 4x master SOLD
*SHIELD* Galka Sm. Escutcheon R15 REMA 6/6 Legend, Nyame Sakpat +3 Ashera Full Malig Regal DM Aug SOLD
Taru 18 99s, 14 REMA (full brd) r20 Nyame, Sakpata 4/4 MoL +3 Regal, full Malig+Daybreak, DomainInv, 6x Master SOLD
Hume 17 99s ML12 Chango Apoc Arma Rag Ghorn Excal Su5+2 Full Malig 4/4 MoL 8x master regal, +3 SOLD
*MONSTER* Hume M 63 REMA WoodW Escutcheon, 22 Master LuSh/Ebisu+1, +3 Regal, Omen Body, 4/4 MoL SOLD
*SHIELD* Elf F Tr Escutcheon(Goldsmithing)+70subs 99 THF WAR, Gandring Su5+2 Omen RoV complete SOLD
*SHIELD* Galka REMA BRD + r15DP/Fomal/Rostram COR Smithing Escutcheon Su5+2 reforged +3, Galka MoL SOLD
*BEAST* 2 Shields(Alch+Bone) 37 REMA 10@r15 Nyame su5+2 +3 Full Malig, Ygnas 22mstr + REMA Malig Mule *INSANE MUST SEE* SOLD
Hume F 22 99s REMAA BRD + Heishi/Kenko/Rag Rostam/Xiu reforged +3 ashera malignance SOLD
Mithra WHM THF SMN PUP Yagrush Bunzi Mpaca su5+2 Ody clears +3 reforged 3/4 MoL Malig Regal SOLD
Hume M 11 99s 4/4MoL R15 Masa+Nirv/Doji/Fomal/Aneas Malig +3 Volte, Ambu, Dom, In, 7x master SOLD
Hume Aegis/Ochain/Anny/Excal/Chango/Fomal/Gand/Gastra/Guttler su5+2 Malig Refrg+3 3/4 MoL Ashera SOLD
*MONSTER* Elf 40 REMA + Gold Shield 6/6 Legend, Full Malig 20x Master, +3 su5+2 Rostam, 4/4 Mask of Light SOLD
*BOSS* Mithra 21 REMA, r15,Pl. Escut(CC), r20 Nyame/Gleti/Sakpata 3x Rostam su5+2.+3, 7x Volte, DI, 5/5 Malig SOLD
*BEAST* Taru 22 ML20-30 29REMA Nyame@r19 A3 Ody ranked su5+2 Rfrg+3 Omen body4/5, 8x regal, Crep Cloak/Helm+4songBRD GS Mule SOLD
*2 POL* Hume R13 Masa + Galka GEO/SMN/PUP Aegis/Nirvana su5+2 reforged +3, Great ML setup SOLD
Elf 14 99s ML10+ REMA BRD, Masa Cala+more Ashera Shamash Full OdyA3/4 su5+2, malig, regal 2/4 mol SOLD
Galka GEO PLD 5/5 Nyame Sakpata 3x Master, reforged +3, ambu+2 RoV done Regal SOLD
Elf REMA Bard + Yag Whm Gastra Reforged+3 su5+2 Regal Ambu+2 3x master, RoV, Malig SOLD
Hume F Idris/Epeo+6rema Nyame Gleti Agwu su5+2 Croc/Musa/Xiu/Zomo +3 Malig Unity+1 ML20 SOLD
*BEAST* Elf Gold Escu Shield REMA BRD Idris Nirv Tizo+more Odyssey 5/5 Omen Body su5+2 4/4 MoL su5+2 SOLD
Mitha Master RDM RUN Nyame su5+2 Reforged+3 Regal Malig Dbreak 3/4 MoL ML20+, Resurgance SOLD
Hume F 3x 99 REMA ML30 BRD Bunzi 5/5 reforged+3 su5+2 galka MoL Resurgance SOLD
Taru 3x 99 GEO ML28 reforged +3 su5+2 RoV complete 2/6 Legend 110wood+subs SOLD
*SHIELD* Elf Cloth Aeneas/Anny/Doji/Godh/Gung/Kik/Rag/Seq Mpaca Nyame Regal Unity+1 SOLD
Hume F COR + RDM r15 DP Malig dbreak +3 su5+2 Omen+regal RoV Complete Unity+1 SOLD
Hume M SAM/MNK/THF Masamune r15 reforge Nyame Omen DI ambu Rov Complete 1 MoL SOLD
Taru M COR DeathP@r15 2x Rostam su5+2 refrg+3 1MoL, Regal/Ambu+2, Malig Naeg/Tauret 91 smithing SOLD
Taru 21 99s 6 REMA 10xSu5+2 Croc/Rost/Xiu/Gand Nyame/Sakpata Ambu+2/Weapon/JSE Regal DI r15Unityu SOLD
*SHIELD* Hume REMA Brd +nirv/apoc+more su5+2 refrg+3 110bone 7x master+ Taru mule 110 smithing shield SOLD
Elf Nyame r16+ REMA Brd Ody A3 r15 DP/Masa/Vere 10x mstr 5/6 legend 5/5 malig 4/4 MoL Rostmam su5+2 SOLD
Mithra REMAA BRD Cala/Vere/Masa+more su5+2 Regal abj+1, di, full malig dbreak 4/4 mol 5/6 Legend SOLD
Hume F DDB/Ghorn 11x master 3x legend RoV, Tplate, Dring, Regal DI, C. Palug, Ready for Mythic! SOLD
Carn Marsyas DDB Ghorn Hume F 3x master GEO/WHM/BRD Omen, Reforged, Perfect Mule SOLD
Galka 13 99s Burtgang Excal Aegis Ochain Bravura RoV complete Souvern+1 SOLD
Mithra Chango/Heish/Kikou/Ragnarok/Sequence 16 99s Ambu+2 Omen RoV Reisen SOLD
Hume 16 99 Anny/Mandau/Ochain/Rag/Yoich/Almace/Gand/Kannagi Su5+2 RDM +3 reforged RoV done, Malig+DBreak SOLD
Hume F 13 REMA R15 Masa/Vere+more Odyssey, Unity+1, Malig su5+2 refrg+3, omen Vora Resurgence R/EX SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Carn/DDB/Ghorn/MarsyasAeneas/Lheart/Nirvana/Rag/Twash 4xMaster, Regal, Bonecraft lvl3 Shield SOLD
Mithra 3x 99 Cor ML27 DP/Fomal/2x Rostam reforged +3 Omen, Ambu, Malig RoV+Resurg Adhmar+1 SOLD
Taru Nirvana 19 jobs, 3x Master, 110 Leather, Omen/Ambuscade, Apogee+1 Expert Fishing SOLD
Hume Idris Aegis Anny Mandau 110 Fish/Alchemy +2 Ambu +1 Abjuration gear + mule account SOLD
Taru F WHM/SCH/NIN Yaggy WHM +3 reforge volte su5+2 Daybreak/Dring Rov+Resurgance SOLD
Taru Ghorn DDB Aegis Ochain Rag Omen Ambuscade 3x Master, 20 jobs Great Mule or Main SOLD
Midrange Hume GEO 7x 99, Ambu Unity, RoV complete master GEO SOLD
*BEAST* Taru 15x RMEA Reforged +2/+3, Omen R/EX, Ambu+2, Gold Shied Stage4, 4x Master SOLD
Hume Mandau Almace Annhilator Gandiva Kannagi Vere 15 99s 100 CC 110 Fishing SOLD
BEAST Hume Tizona/Almace/Aegis/Ochain/Spharai/Masamune 3x Legend! 110 Cloth + Stage 4shield SOLD
*BEAST* Galka 21 REMA, 4/4 Masks of Light, 8x master, Su5, Regal, 110 Gold + 100 smithing WOW! SOLD
Midrange Elvaan 9 99s T Platemail, Ashera Harness, Nisroch Jerkin BLU COR Master 124 Goldsmithing SOLD
*MONSTER* Hume Joiner's Escutcheon Idris AG +9 REMA, 10x Master, Reforged +3 Ebisu+1 + Alchemy Mule SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Almace Twashtar AG, Aeneas Fomal Sequence, 9x MASTER, Rostam R25,reforged +2/+3, HQ Abjuration SOLD
Hume Ragnarok(AG) WAR/WHM/HF/SAM/BLU/GEO/COR 110 Goldsmithing Rov Complete SOLD
Galka Su5 Crocea Mors Kikou Shamash Robe/Ashera Harness Omen R/EX Master RDM RoV Complete SOLD
Hume Female GEO BRD SMN THF BLM 3/6 Legend Master GEO RoV Complete, Af119+2, Captain 107 Goldsmithing SOLD
Hume F Master BLM 99 THF GEO SMN, Smythes Shield 110 smithing, Amalric +1, Dring RoV Complete. SOLD
Big Sexy Galka 9 99's Nice WHM, RoV Complete Ambuscade 65 Trust, Reisen, Great mule! SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Rostam R23 + 9 Aeonic 3x master, 14 99's regal, Ambu, RoV Complete wow! SOLD
Taru Aegis(AG) Amano(AG) Kikoku(AG) Excal 75 SAM NIN GEO THF, Ambuscade +1, Dring RoV Complete Great Mule SOLD
*BEAST* REMA BRD Doji/Seuquence 9x Master, Tons+2/+3 reforged 5x Regal. 110 Smithing, Smythe's Ecu SOLD
*CRAFTER* Smythe's Escutcheon *FINAL SHIELD* 110 Smithing, All subs 70, 80 synergy, 99 WHM SOLD
Taru Lionhart 10 99s, Master RUN, RoV Complete, +1 Abjuration, +2 AF, Regal 110 Smithing SOLD
*MONSTER* Taru 30 REMA R15 DeathP/Cala 2x R25 Rostam, 20/22 Master, Ashera/Shamash/Dagon Reforged +3 8/9 Regal WOW SOLD
Mithra TizonaAG Nirvana BLU SMN WAR Regal Su5+2 neck, RoV Complete, +1 Abjuration SOLD
Hume Beast Nirvana Apoc Rag Sphar AG Ghorn/Marsyas/DDB 5/5 Legend 5x Master SOLD
Elf Burtgang Aegis Sequence PLD/BLM/WHM/RDM/BLU/COR/RNG/NIN RoV Complete, +1 Abjuration + Whm mule SOLD
Hume F Nirvana Carnenhan Ghorn Ragnarok RoV Complete Apogee+1 Omen Reforged SOLD
Hume Female Aeonic Sam Master PUP, Ambuscase, Omen, Regal RoV Complete +1 Abjuration SOLD
*BEAST* Hume M 16 Relic 5 Empy 5 Mythic 12 Aeonic 22/22 Master Su5 Regal +1 Abj + 2 mules with multiple Master SOLD
Mithra Idris DDB(85) 9 99s, 110 Smithing+ subs, RoV Complete Af119+2 Omen Ambu SOLD
Elf DeathP Anny Aymur Farsha Masa Raga Yoich, Omen, ambuscade, rov complete, master bst 109 Cooking SOLD
Elvaan Aegis Almace Amano Apoc Arma Excal Kannagi Kiko Masa Yoich RoV Complete Reforged Expert Woodworking SOLD
*BEAST* Taru 17 REMA 3/4 Mask Of Light 9x master, Reforged+3 Omen Hjarrandi TPlate 110 Alchemy SOLD
Hume Female 110 Goldsmithing with Toreutic Escutcheon, Master DRK 119 Apoc +T-platemail SOLD
4in1 Hume F 4/4 Mask o Light Masamune r15 9rema 4master+ Taru yaggy whm + Hume REMA bard Omen bodies SOLD
*BEAST* Hume Idris/DeathP/Almace/Aegis/Burt/Ochain/Trishula +3 Omen, RoV Complete 15x master, OO SOLD
Hume Female 2x master SCH GEO + Ashera Harness, Entry level Account SOLD
Elf 99 Geo/BLM Master 2100 GEO RoV Complete Reforged AF Omen + Ambuscade Quick Buy Price SOLD
Mithra Death Penality/Doji 18 99s Master COR RoV Complete Captain Reforged +2/+3 Omen SOLD
*BEAST* Taru Idris Epeo Ghorn Twashtar Aegis +more Reforged +2/3 Regal Omen R/Ex 4x master SOLD
*BEAST* Hume 16 REMA 22 99s, 8 Master, Loaded Omen/Ambu/+2/+3, RoV Complete SOLD
MONSTER* Hume 20 REMA 4/4 Mask of Light, Epeo/Idris, 5x Regal, 9x Master, +3 Reforged, +3 Mules SOLD
Chango Elfvaan 11 99s 6x Master, RoV Complete, Omen R/Ex SOLD
*BEAST* Elvaan 13 99s, 8x Master, 9 REMA, Rostam25 Reforged +3 Omen/Regal 110 Smithing SOLD
*BEAST* Taru AG Almace/DP/Rag/Tizona/Twash + Aeneas +2/+3 Relic/Af HQ++ Regal/Volte 10K+ JP SOLD
Hume Nirvana DeathP 7x Aeonic 8x Master, 4/6 Legend, Adhm+1, Omen+3, 100 Cooking, WOW! SOLD
MONSTER Elf F 21 REMA, 8 Glow, 21/22 Mastered, Off-Chart HQ, Capped Crafts, Just WOW, Once in a lifetime account SOLD
Midrange Elf M 10 99's Adhmer/Apogee/Argosy+1 Omen, Regal, Ambuscade RoV Complete SOLD
*MONSTER* Mithra 30 REMA 6/6 Legend, 4/4 MoL su5+2 refrg+3 malig, omen, DMaug, Unity+1, 119Abj+1 SOLD
*BEAST* Lionheart/Aeneas/Fomal Aeonic FHume ,2x Master, 4 110 crafts Bone/Leather/Wood/Cloth SOLD
Taru F Yagrush Ghorn DDB Marsyas Sequence Aeneas 5x Regal 22 99s, 10k+ JobP. Ashera Harness 110 Cookiing SOLD
Hume AG Rag Spharai, Apoc DDB, Ghorn, Cala Omen, Ambuscade+2. RoV, Tplate. 4x Master Ebisu Rod SOLD
Taru Midrange 15 99s, over 5000jp, Spharai, RoV complete, Ambuscade 2x Legend SOLD
*MONSTER* Elvaan F Idris/Nirvana/Yagrush/Gamb/Mjoll + 7 Aeonic, 120+Cooking, 100Trust, Regal, +2/+3 SOLD
Elvaan Idris Masamune*AG* Fomal Annhilator*AG* Ochain 16 99s 119 +2/+3 Regal, Omen, +1 Abjuration WOW! SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra 26 REMA Idris/Epeo 4/4 Mask of Light Su5 +2 necks Rostam Crocea Reforged +3, 110 Clothcraft SOLD
Super Bard Marsyas Ghorn DDB 99 Elf Master BRD/GEO 9 jobs, RoV Complete. Ambuscade +2 Perfect Mule SOLD
Hume Annihilator Almace Master BLU 11 jobs, 119+1 Ambuscade+2, Regal. RoV Complete! All Around account! SOLD
Hume Tizona AG/Ragnarok/Mandau 20 99s, Escha Gear Ambuscade +1 RoV complete, Expert 103 Fishing SOLD
Elvaan Annhilator/DDB(90)/Ghorn/Gutler/Mandau/Ochain 11 99s Reforged 119 Dring 59 Trusts SOLD
Mythic Nirvana Female Taru SMN/BLU/WHM/GEO/MNK Apogee+1 3x MASTER, Ambuscade+2 110 fishing SOLD
Big Sexy Galka Idris/Aeneas/Bravura/Doji/Godhand/Sequence/Sphar/Ukon 18 99s, 10x Master, 110Bone+subs SOLD
Hume 10 99s Aegis/Masamune Master COR/WAR, Tartarus PMail, Omen R/EX, Ambuscade +1 SOLD
Aegis/Ochain/Excel Elvaan 22 99s, Master WHM, RoV Complete, Ambuscade +1, Ebisu 100+ Gold/Wood SOLD
*BEAST* AG Almace/Apoc/Masam/Ragnarok/Kikoku Aegis Elf 19 99s, 8x Master, 119 HQ+1, Ambuscade+2 SOLD
*MONSTER* 7x Relic AG 1x Emp 9x, 8x Aeonic 22 99s, Over 20k JP, Hume Smythe's Shield, 5x Regal Omen+3 SOLD
Elvaan Beast Aegis Ochain Kannagi Nirvana Sphrai Ukon 4 Aeonic, 5x Master, Regal Ring, Omen 18 99s SOLD
Taru BEAST Idris BurtgangAG Nirvana Aegis Ochain 4x Aeonic, 7x Master, Loaded R/Ex, 3x Regal Gear SOLD
*BEAST* Idris/Epeo/Aegis/Anny/Nirvana/Ochain/6x Aeonic Hume 10x Master, +2/+3 119, Omen Rex 110 WW SOLD
Taru F Afterglow Tizona Almace 7 99s, Amalric+1, Ambuscade+1, Vetern Gold, 2x Master SOLD
*MONSTER* Taru 8 Relic 13 Aeonic 4 Mythic 5 Emp, 36,000 JP! Idris ready. 21 99s. Omen+2/3 WOW!! SOLD
Hume F Terpsichore Ragnarok 110 Clothcraft 15 99 jobs 3x JP Master, Omen + Ambuscade R/EX Soa Complete SOLD
Mega Taru 7x Master Tizona/Almace,Nirvana, Anny/Aegis/Ochain 4x Aeonic HQ++ Alchemy 105 SOLD
MONSTER Mithra 2 Mythic, 3 Relic, 2 Empy, 4 Aeonic 6 AFTERGLOW + 9x Master, HQ+1 Abjuration, Goldsmith SOLD
Hume Aegis/Carnw/DDB/FomalH/GHorn/Mandau/Marsyas/Ochain/Rag/Sequence 6x Master, Shamash Robe, Regal Ring SOLD
Taru Afterglow Apoc/Rag Dojikiri/Trishula 21 99s over 18,000 JP. Argosy+1 Omen Ambuscade+2 Loaded! SOLD
Ultimate Mule Hume Idris REMA Bard 10 99s, 3x Master, All Omen, +3, 110+ Smithing/Alchemy/Leather WOW! SOLD
Mythic/Aeonic Taru Tizona AG Sequence 22 99s Ambuscade+2/Omen/Escha, Heavily Augmented SOLD
Taru Idris/Tizona(AG)/Anny/Mandau/Ragnarok/Spharai 16 99s 3x Master Adhemar+1/Amalric+1 SOLD
Afterglow Mithra Absolutely LOADED Aeonic/Relic/Mythic 6x Master, Souvern/Argosy+1, Omen R/EX Alchemy 110 Tarnaus Platemail SOLD
*BEAST* Epeo/Aegis/Anny/Nirvana/Ochain/6x Aeonic Hume 7x Master, +1 everywhere, All Omen Rex 110 WW SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Daurdabla/Ghorn 99 Hume BRD WHM MNK RoV Complete Leather 124 70subs, Ambuscade+1 SOLD
Hume F DDB/Ghorn 8 99's 110 Gold +2 Shield subcrafts, HQ Kaykaus+1, RoV Complete! Perfect Mule SOLD
REM Hume Female AG Almace+ Aegis/Ochain/Excal/Sphari RoV Complete, over 12,000 JP. All 99s SOLD
*MONSTER*AFTERGLOW 6 Mythic/1 Aeonic/7 Relic/2 Emp all 99s, 6000+ JP, Regal Gear110 Smith/Bone/Alchemy/Cook, Ambuscade++ SOLD
Mythic/Relic Hume M Burt/Amano/Aegis/Ochain/Rag/Kannagi Souvern+1 Emicho+1 Omen Ambus+2 110 Smithing SOLD
Aeonic/Emp Hume Aeneas Fomahaut Sequence Almace 22 99's 2x Master, 6/6 Legend Reisen/Escha/Ambusc SOLD
Aeonic Taru Lionhart 7 99s, 2100 GEO/RUN, Omen/Regal Gear, Super tank, Riesen 119 R/EX +WoC/HELM Drops SOLD
Taru AG Almace/Tizona + Sequence/Fomalhut/Lionhart/Failnot Omen R/EX + Regal 4x 2100 Master Expert Alchemy SOLD
Yagrush(AG) Aegis/Twashtar/Almace Taru 20 99's Omen, Master WHM, RoV Done, Ambuscade+1/2 SOLD
*RELIC* Ragnarok Taru 10 99s, Omen/Vagary/Ambuscade Tartarus platemail af1+2, + GEO mule SOLD
*BEAST* Afterglow Mithra 10relic,1 Mythic,4Emp 22 99s Amalric+1, Omen R/EX, BLU/BLM/SCH/COR Master 2100JP SOLD
*BEAST* Burtgang(119)/Daurdabla(99)/Ghorn/Aegis/Ochain Elf F Souvern+1/Dring/Ambuscade+1 110 Alchemy + Subs SOLD
*BEAST* AG Almace/Terpicorde Sequence/Fomal/Aeneas/Lionhart Elf 8x 2100 Master, Regal Ring/Neck, 4/5 Adhemar+1, Omen R/EX SOLD
Midrange Hume 7 99s. RoV done, Telos Earring, Reforged/Reisenjima Aug 119 Master BLU + 110 Bonecraft with 70 subs SOLD
*MONSTER* 6 100+ Expert Crafts Burt/Aegis/Ochain/Rag/Anny/Ghorn/DDB Hume + 3 Mules SOLD
Mythic Nirvana Mithra 8 99s, SMN/THF/BLM/BLU Master. RoV complete, Cloth 101, SR++, Ambuscade+1 SOLD
*BEAST* (119)Burtgang(AG)/Vajra(AG)/Librtr(AG0/Tizon/Mandau/Sphar/Rag/Anni/Apoc/Aegis/Ochain Hume MASTER,110Smithing 102 Cook SOLD
*Mythic/Relic/Emp* Hume Burtgang(AG)/Aegis/Ochain 12 99jobs **Master 2100** PLD,SMN,BLM Golds 91 Dring SOLD
Midrange Hume 119 Gutler BLU/BST/WHM/RDM/NIN/THF/GEO RoV Complete. Ambuscade+1 Cooking 100 SOLD
Midrange Mithra 21 99's 3/6 Legend, 6000+JP Ambuscade/Reisen/RoV Complete. Omen EX Dring, Master GEO SOLD
Elf Female THF GEO WHM MASTER RoV Complete. SR/Escha/Omen - Yagrush In-Progress SOLD
Midrange Elf 20 99s 2100JP Blu, Amano Ambuscade+1/+2, All Escha gears augmented Dring SOLD
MYTHIC* Burtgang/Excal/Aegis/Ochain Hume Female Master PLD,RUN RoV Complete! Ambuscade+1, Ebisu 110Fish 97 LC SOLD
*BEAST* Aymur/Koga/Mandau(AG)/Yoich/Anny/Ochain Taru 21 99s, 3x Master, Ebisu+1, 6/6 LEGEND! 110 Leather+Subs SOLD
Tarutaru Male 14 99s' 119 Amalric/Admeher, Defending Ring, RoV complete, 5/5 Vagary. SOLD
Mithra 99 GEO COR WHM BRD 3x 2100 master RoV Complete Reforged 109/119 Cheap! SOLD
*ELITE* Epeo/Tizona/Burtgang/Sequence/Aeneas/Aegis/Ochain/Almace Hume 13k+JP AF119+2, Omen R/EX, WOW SOLD
*UBER* Idris/Yagrush/Sequence/Lionheart/Aegis/Ochain/Rag Mithra 19,000+ JP, Omen/Ambuscade Insane EX SOLD
Combo 3POL ID - 1SE ID Elf/Hume/Galka Ghorn/Annhilator/Spharai/Aegis/Excal Perfect multi-box setup! SOLD
*Mule* Female Hune 14 99s 2100jp GEO/RDM COR 1700+JP RoV Complete, Aug'd Reisen, Max'd SR gear SOLD
*BEAST* Burtgang(119)/Daurdabla(99)/Ghorn/Aegis/Ochain Elf F Souvern+1/Dring/Ambuscade+1/Expert Alchemy 110 SOLD
*BEAST* 8 Relic, 3 Mythic, 5 Emp Hume 22 99s, 110 Smithing+all subs, RoV done, Master 9000+ Job Points SOLD
*BOSS* Tizona/Annhilator(AG) Aegis 15 99s Hume, Ambuscade+1, Master BLU SCH, Omen, 110 Goldsmithing SOLD
*Relic* Aegis/Alamce/Verethragna Elf 100 Goldsmithing Defending Ring -dated 1yr, Cheap SOLD
*MYTHIC* Yagrush Taru 17 jobs Omen RoV complete, Master BLU THF, Ambuscade, 119 Abjuration EX, Gearswaps Included SOLD
*BEAST* Afterglow Almace/Death Penality + Sphrai/Annhil 119, Elf 15 99s, 2100jp Master EliteREX, Ambuscade+1 Gearswaps Incld. SOLD
*BEAST* Afterglow Apoc/Amano + Nirvana/Excal/Aegis/Mandau/Ochain Hume 22 99s, +1, Omen R/EX, MASTER SMN/SAM/BLM +GearSwaps SOLD
*EPIC* 4x AG Aymur Burtgang Conqueror Ukon + 7 119 relic + 5 emp HQ+1, Reisen Aug, Master Expert WW/Alchemy 100+ SOLD
*RELIC* Spharai Hume 10 99s, Rao+1 gear, RoV Complete, Resein gear+augments SOLD
*Elite* Afterglow Alamace/Mandau 7 relics, Ochain 22 99s Mithra Amalric+1 2100jp BLM SCH BLU. HQ++ SOLD
*RELIC* Hume PLD/BLU/WAR/RUN/COR/MNKAegis 5/5 Souvern+1, RoV Done! 119 Abjuration GearEndgame ready! SOLD
Ragnarok(AG) Aegis Hume PLD/DRK/BLU/WHM 2100JP-BLM, Ambuscade and Omen drops, Reforged RoV Complete SOLD
*AFTERGLOW* Burtgang/Ryunohig/Glanz/Mandau/Annhilator/Aegis/Ochain/Gungir Hume 2100 *MASTER* 110 LC/Fish+Ebisu 70 Subs SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* Burtgang/Annhilator/Rag/Apoc/Aegis/Ochain/DDB/Ghorn Hume 20 99s, Expert BC/Fishing + Ebisu SOLD
Mule rov chapter 3, reisen access, elf WHM/BLM/GEO/SCH/RDM Merits, Basic EX, CHEAP SOLD
*BEAST* AG Burtgang/Conq/Aymur/Liberator +8 relics+5 emp Hume RoV, Reforged 119, Amuscade, MasterJP, 100+ Wood/Alchemy SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Aegis/Ochain Elf M 7 99's *MASTER* BLM, Escha Abjur/Merlinic/Herculean R/EX RoV Done! SOLD
*EMP/RLC*(119)Yoichi/Ghorn Elf 13 99's, Loaded BLU(MG)+BLM, RoV done, 110 WW+Subs,Ambuscade EX SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* (119)Apocalypse+3 emps Mithra 10 jobs, 33 trusts, RoV 3-34, Good Midrange, Meritted SOLD
*MYTHIC/EMP*(119)Burtgang/Ochain Hume F 11 99's RoV done, 119 Reforged/Abjuration+1, SR, DRING, Ambuscade SOLD
*RELIC* (119)Aegis/Mandau/Rag/Amano/Spharai/Anny/Yoich/Apoc/Kikou Taru RoV. All Jobs 99! 110 Cook+Subs 70, Over 8500JP+ SOLD
*BEAST* Idris(119)Manddau(119)Twashtar*AG*(119) Hume F 11 99s, RoV done, 5000+ JobPoint, Insane R/EX, Ambuscade+1 SOLD
*RELIC* Galka + Taru Aegis Dring Souvern PLD/THF/BST/BLM Ambuscade/Reisen 119 Ex + Taru BLM SOLD
*MIDRANGE* Elf 11 99s Expert Goldsmithing, Rhapsodies Complete. Escha/Reisen gear, Shapers, Dring SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Aegis(99)/Ochain(90)/Almace Elf All jobs, Reforged 119, SR, 6/6 Delve, Dring, Dunna SOLD
*MONSTER* Mithra Relic(4)/Emp(3)/Mythic(2)/Aeonic(1) All 99s, MASTER 2100JP, 119Reisen/Ambusc, 110 Smithing, AFTERGLOW SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* Tizona/Almace/Aegis/Ochain/Excal/RagAnnhilator Taru 15 99's Reforged 119, Herculean, Unity+1 SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Aegis/Ochain/Apoc Hume F 9 99's, RoV 3-35, 119 Reisen/Abjuration/Ambuscade SOLD
*MULE* Taru Female WHM BLM THF 99 Rhapsodies Ch 3, 15m+ Cruor SOLD
*UBER* Aeonic-2/Mythic-2/Relic-6/Emp-4 Taru 22 99's MASTER 9500+ JP, HQ R/EX (HELM/WOC), +1 Unity, LOADED! SOLD
*EPIC* Tizona(AG)/Almace(AG)/Vajra(AG)/Koga/Glanz/Amano/Yoich/Annhil Elf *MASTER* Reisen/Ambuscade 110 Gold SOLD
*AFTERGLOW/MASTER*(119)Conqueror/Ukon/Excal/Aegis/Ochain Hume 119 HQ Abjur, RoV + Mythic DRK Mule(2nd POL) SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Aegis/Ochain Taru BLM/PLD/GEO/NIN/DRG 119 AF/Abjur, RoV Complete, Reisen Gear SOLD
Mule Taru GEO/BLM, RoV Complete, 109/119 gear, All Dynamis, All Access SOLD
*MASTER* Mithra GEO/WHM/BLM/MNK 4/6 Legend, 6/6 Delve, GEO 21jp, RoV/SoA complete. Ambuscade SOLD
*RLC* Annhilator/Aegis/Ragnarok Hume 18 99s, SR/Unity+1, RoV Complete, 119 Abjm 110 Goldsmithing/80 Synergy SOLD
*AFTERGLOW* Burtgang/Almace/Aegis/Ochain Hume, Amuscade, 119 Reforged, JobPointed. Dring Crafts, RoV Complete SOLD
*AFTERGLOW* Almace(119) Hume F BLU/BLM/WHM/BST/NIN/GEO/THF/DNC/MNK . 119 Abjuration Gear/Amubuscade/JP/SR/Merlinic WOW SOLD
*MULE* Mithra WHM/BST/DRG/DNC/RUN/BLM/THF/BRD/NIN/SMN 119 gear, All Access. Emicho, TH gear, Skirmish 119 SOLD
*RELIC*Amano Hume All jobs 99s. LEGEND ALL Coalition (Idris Ready), Rhapsodies of Vandiel Complete, 119 R/EX SOLD
*MONSTER* (119)Idris/Yagrush/Carnwenhan/Ghorn/DDB Triple POL ID. Insane decked Elf/Mithra. 97 Cooking WOW! SOLD
*AFTERGLOW*(119)Almace/Excal/Aegis/Ochain/Spharai Hume F 22 99s, 2100JP Master BLU, Reisen 119 R/EX + Geo Mule SOLD
*AFTERGLOW/MYTHIC/RELIC/EMP* (119) Burtgang/Ukon/Rag/Apoc/Amno/Yoich/Aeigs/Excal Elf 10 99s 2100 JP Master SOLD
*ERGON/RLC/EMP* Epeolatry/Ragnarok/Mandau/Aegis Hume 15 99s. Legend Rank, 119 R/EX, 109 Leather+80 Synergy SOLD
*MULE* Taru Female GEO/BLM/SCH/THF Rhapsodies Done, All Access, Reforged, Vagary 119 R/EX SOLD
*INSANE* Aeonic/Relic/Empy Hume 18 99s, Elite R/EX. Tartarus PMail, 2100 JP!, Ambuscade Expert Cloth + Mule SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP*(119)Vajra/Mandau/Ukon(95)Aegis(90)Ochain Hume 11 99's Reforgd 119 R/EX Alchemy+Ebisu SOLD
*AFTERGLOW* Aegis/Excal/Ragnarok/Bravura Hume 17 99s. Dring/Escha/Reforged, 110 Cloth+Alchemy + 100 Leather/Cook Mule SOLD
*TRIPLE (119) MYTHIC* Burtgang/Death Penality/Kenkonken/Aegis/Ochain Elvaan 19 99s,110 Gold, RoV done SOLD
*BEAST* (10) 119 relics, Taru 22 99s, SCH+BLM 2100 JP. Insane R/EX. RoV done, Expert Cooking+ subs SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP*(119)Koga/Mandau/Yoich/Annhil/Spha/Ukon/Aegis/Ochain Hume HQ 119 SR/RoV/Reisen + Elf F mule SOLD
*RELIC* (119) Mandau, Mithra, 11 99's, Job Point'd BLM/THF/BLU, Escha, Aug'd Reisen, RoV done! 110Bonecraft SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Ghorn/DDB Mithra BRD/GEO/WHM/RDM/BLM/THF/SMN/COR/BST , RoV Complete, Aug'd R/EX, 100+ Cooking, Perfect Mule! SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Aegis/Ochain Elf PLD/BLM/BST/BLU/THF Souvern/Colada/Merlinic/Lathi, RoV complete!! *3 other 99 chars* SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Amano(119)/Masa SAM/WAR/RDM/BLM/BLU Midrange af3+2, all expansions, RoV started, crafts SOLD
Taru Ochain/Ancile RoV Complete! 61 Trusts, Reforged, Reisen, 119 Abjuration, Dring,Unity 8 99s! SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Aegis/Ochain/Ghorn/Apoc Mithra 20 99's, D.ring. Escha/Reforged/SR, Job Pts, + 110 Smithing SOLD
*MULE*12 99's Nice BST/THF with JP Elvaan RoV Complete, All access, Escha gear, Reforged 109/119 SOLD
*EMP* Ochain/Almace Galka 16 99s. Decked PUP(rare), Reforged AF/Relic, RoZ Ch. 3. 100 Cook SOLD
*MULE* Ghorn/Ebisu Hume BRD/WHM/BLU/WAR/BST/THF Af3+2 all expansions, 6/6 Delve clears SOLD
*BOSS/MASTER* Aegis/Ochain/Anny Mithra 17 99s, Master PLD/BLU/SCH(2100 JP). 119 Abj gear, RoV, t3 Escha SOLD
*RLC/MYTHIC* Kogarasumaru/Annhilator/Mandau Hume M SAM/WHM/PLD/BLU/BLM/THF/RNG, Reforged, 3/3 Vagary SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC*(119)Ryunohige(99)Aegis Hume 14 jobs Reforged/Salvage+1, D Ring, 2.5m Plasm + Crafts SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Aegis/Ochain/Excal Hume F, D ring, Burtgang Alex Complete, Escha, Reforged 119, 97 Leather SOLD
*BEAST* (119)Annhil(99)Aegis(90)Ochain Elf 19 jobs. Eacha, RoV Ch3, Reforged, Dring Decked GEO/PLD/RNG SOLD
*RELIC* Aegis/Kikou(119) Hume 22 99s. Rhapsodies COMPLETE! JobPointed! SinnisterReign R/EX! SOLD
*CRAFT/RLC* (119) Annhilator Elf 8 Expert 100+ Goldsmithing+Woodworking Reforged gear, RoV progress, SOLD
*MASTER* Mithra THF/BLM/PLD/BRD/NIN Escha Reisen, RoV Complete. Insane Augs 2100 JP Aeonic READY SOLD
*RLC/EMP*(119)Mandau/Annhilat/Sphra/Rag Elf, 22/22 99s! Reforged, Delve, Dring Expert Cloth+Ebisu + WHM Mule! SOLD
*RELIC*(119)Apoc/Annhilator 18 99s, Decked GEO/BST, Escha Abjuration, Reforged 119, Good JobPoints SOLD
Mithra THF/BLU/SMN/MNK/DRK/SAM/RNG - Escha Access - Acro/Taeon, Great midrange SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC*(119)Liberator/Sphrai/Apoc/Rag/Annhilator Hume 18 99s, Reforged AF/Relic, Slvg+1, Ebisu, 110Fish/80 Synergy SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC*(119)Burtgang/Excaibur/Aegis/Ochain/Ragnarok Hume 17 99s, Reforged 119, Dring, 6/6 Delve SOLD
*RELIC*(119)Mandau/Spharai/Ragnarok Mithra 17 jobs Rforged, Full Delve, SoA complete. JobPts + Ebisu 110 Fishing SOLD
*TOP50*(119)Kogarasumaru, 8 Relics, 7 emps Hume 22 99's. 105 Goldsmithing, Subs, Dring Elite R/X, Ebisu, WOW SOLD
*ERGON/RLC* (119)Idris/Mjollnir(85)Rag Hume 12 99s, Reforged 119, SoA done, Dring, 103 BC, 400+JP SOLD
*RLC/MYTHIC* Kogarasumaru/Annhilator/Mandau Hume M SAM/WHM/PLD/BLU/BLM/THF/RNG, Reforged, 3/3 Vagary Synergy SOLD
*RELIC* Apoc/Rag Hume F DRK/BST/SCH/PUP/RUN Acro/Taeon Vagary/Delve Clear Decked BST! CHEAP! SOLD
*BEAST*(119)Koga/Vajra/Mandau/Aegis(90)Ochain+Spharai Elvaan10 99s, Dring, Acro/Taeon, Vagary, Reforge, ELITE SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC*(119)Koga/Yagrush/Mandau Elvaan M 16 jobs. 6/6 Delve, Acro/Taeon, SoA. 3/3 Vagary, JP, Ebisu Ready! SOLD
Hume F 10 99s DRG/BLU/THF/BLM/COR/NIN 6/6 Delve Acro/Taeon, Adoulin Complete Great Comback account SOLD
Elvaan Midrange 10 jobs. Aceo/Taeon, Full Delve/Vagary clears, D-ring, Rhapsodies and Reforged SOLD
*BEAST* 119 Yagrush/Annihlator,Rag/Ukon/Twash Mithra AA/DM, Reforged++, JPs all 99s, 106 BC+Subs SOLD
*UBER*(119)Idris/Tizona/Annhil/Kikou/Aegis(90)Ochain Hume 16 99s, Dring,Reforged Vagary, Capped JobPts, Crafts 100+ SOLD
*BEAST*(119)Koga/Yoich/Amano/Mandau/Kikou/Aegis/Ghorn(90)Ochain/DDB Elf 21 99s, Reforged R/EX! Ebisu+Expert Cooking! SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Aegis/Mjolinir(95) Elvaan F 21 Jobs, Reforged AF/Relic, Delve, Cooking 100, Great Midrange SOLD
RLC/EMP* (119)Mandau/Annhilator(99)Gjallerhorn(90)Daurdabla Taru 14 99s, Reforged AF/Relic, Full Delve, JP,WOW! SOLD
*MONSTER* (119)Koga/Burtgang/Ryunohige/Ochain/Aegis/Annhilator Elf, MAXED R/EX+110 CRAFT, 1000+ Job Points SOLD
*BEAST*(99)Ghorn/Daurdabla(119)Annhilator+Emps Elf F 19 jobs. Elite++ R/EX(119/109) 100+ Alchemy/Cooking SOLD
*RLC/EMP*(119)Mandau/Ragnarok/Apocalypse Hume 16 99s Reforged AF/Relic, 6/6 Delve, High-End R/EX SOLD
*UBER*(119)Burtgang/Ryunohige/Annhil/Aegis/Gung/Kiko/Mandau/Ochain Hume INSANE R/EX! Capped 110 LC+Subs 70+Ebisu SOLD
*RARE MYTHIC* Yagrush(119) Elvaan WHM/SCH/BLU/MNK/BRD Reforged AF/Relic, AA/DM +1, Ebisu, Khepri Jacket SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC* (119)Conqueror/Annhilator/Mandau/Rag/Ghorn/DDB Mithra ELITE R/EX(119) Taeon/Reforged Close to Vajra SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* (119)Laevateinn/Masamune/Kannagi/Yoich/Sphrai/Aegis Taru M 13 99s Elite R/EX+100LC SOLD
*RLC/EMP* (119)Annhilator/Spharai/Yoich Mithra ALL 99's Reforged 109/119 Relic, 6/6 Delve 5m Plasm 104 Wood, 99 Cook SOLD
*RELIC* (119)Annhilator Elf Aug'd Acro/Taeon Reforged Emp/AF/Relic 119, 14 99s, Full Delve, D Ring SOLD
*MYTH/RLC/EMP*119 Glanzfaust/Annhilator Elf Reforged(119), Dring + Ghorn/DDB 105 Leather Mule SOLD
*MYTHIC*(119)Terpsichore/Twash/Annhil/Rag/Mandau/Aegis/Ochain Taru Reforged119 Acro/Dring/Goldsmithing + Mules SOLD
*RLC/EMP*(119)Apocalypse/Rag Mithra 7 99's. Elite DRK+RDM, Reforged 119, Acro/Taeon, SoA Ring. Over 500JobPts! SOLD
*BEAST* (119)Burtgang/Amano/Yoich/Rag/Apoc/Ukon/Aegis/Excal Elf 10 99's, DRing, 119 AF/Relic 6/6 Delve SOLD
*EPIC*(119)Burtgang/Conqueror/Annhil/Mandau/Rag/Excal/Ukon/Aegis/Ochain/Ghorn Hume F Perfect R/EX Dring + Loaded Hume F Mule SOLD
MAGE/CRAFTER Taru WHM/BRD/RDM/SCH/SMN/DNC/COR Reforged AF/Relic, 105 Goldsmith, 6/6 Delve, 1m+ Plasm SOLD
*MYTHIC*(119) IDRIS Mandau/Annhilatorl/Apocalypse/Rag Hume 11 99s, 109/119 R/EX, Dring, Legend Rank Full Delve 6/6! SOLD
*RLC/EMP/EBISU*Annhilator/Spharai/Ochain/Ancile Hume 22 99s, Reforged AF/Relic,Dring 100 Expert Goldsmithing/Fishing SOLD
*EMP/RLC/EBISU*(119)Mandau/Excal(99)Aegis/Ghorn/DDB Elf 12 jobs, Dring, 109/119 Reforged, Full Delve SOLD
*RELIC* (119)Annhilator Elvaan Aug'd Acro/Taeon Reforged AF/Relic 119, 14 99s, Full Delve, D Ring, Max'd Job Points SOLD
*BOSS* Aegis/Ochain/Amano/Annhilator Galka 22 99s' Acro/Taeon/Reforged/Dring, Elite Mage+Melee Ebisu SOLD
*MEGA MAGE*(119)Carnwenhan(99)DDB/Ghorn Taru F 10 99s 109/119 Reforged, 6/6 Delve, Ebisu, Elite,JobPoints SOLD
RLC/EMP* Mandau/Spharai/Ragnarok(119) Hume 8 99s, Reforged 109/119, 6/6 Delve, NeoNyzl Great DD/WHM SOLD
*BEAST*119 Koga/Yagrush/Annhil/Excal/Aegis/Ghorn+Ochain/DDB Mithra 17 jobs SuperHQ R/EX, Reforged 119, DRing, HQ Augments SOLD
*BEAST*119 Annhilator/Ukon/Ragnarok/Amno Ochain Taru 15 99s HQ 109/119 R/EX Full Delve, Salvage+1, Alchemy DRing Ebisu SOLD
*BEAST* Burtgang/Aegis/Ochain/Brav/Excal/Rag/Annhl/Apoc Elf All 99s, 109/119 REx, 100+ CC/Smith/WW/Fish SOLD
*EMP/RLC*(119)Almace/Annhil/Mandau/Spharai/Aegis,Rag/Ochain Hume, 109/119 R/Ex, Expert Gold/Fising SOLD
*MEGAMULE*(99)Ghorn/Daurdabla Hume F 7 99s, Reforged 109/119, 6/6 Delve, Salvage+1, AA/DM Perfect! SOLD
*UBER*(119)Burtgang/Annhil/Aegis/Rag/Apoc(90)Ochain, 5 100+crafts, Most Elite R/EX ever,3 ELITE mules, INSANE! SOLD
*RELIC* (119) Apocalypse Elvaan M 15 99 jobs, 6/6 Delve, Reforged 109/119 AF, NiNyzle, Perfect Midrange SOLD
*BEAST* Koga(119)Excal/Annhil/Mandau/Kikok/Rag/Yoich/Aegis/Brav Hume 22 99s, 105 Goldsmithing DRing, Reforged 119 Elite R/EX SOLD
*MULE/CRAFT/EMP* Hume 12 jobs, 2 Emps, 3 Delve clear, 109 Reforged, VW 100 Expert Clothcraft/Subs SOLD
*EMP/RLC*(119)Vere/Spahrai/Claustrum,Aegis/Ochain/Annhil/Brav/Kikou Mithra 18 99s, D.Ring,110Leathercraft, 70 subs LOADED! SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Vere/Gand/Masa Mithra 19 jobs, Decked COR, 110 Fish, Great Midrange, WOW! SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Mithra WHM/BST/DNC/BRD/SCH/SMN/COR Full Delve, 119 gear, Ebisu 110 Fishing SOLD
*EMP/RLC*(99)Gjallerhorn/Daurabla(95) Taru 12 99s, Reforged AF/Relic, Rems, 104 Smith+71subs SOLD
Midrange Elvaan WHM/SCH/BST/GEO/SAM/MNK/BLM Reforged 119, 6/6 Delve, Elite R/EX, Decked Mage/SAM Gearsets! SOLD
*BEAST* (119)Ryunohige/(99)Ghorn/(90)DDB/Emp - Hume Reforged AF/Relic(119) Dring 15 99s. 16k Alex away>>>> Kogarasumaru SOLD
*EMP/RLC* (119)Annhil(90)Vere/Masa/Ochain/Alm/Ukon Hume M 19 jobs Delve MB,Reforged AF Ebisu + Fishing Mule SOLD
*RELIC* (119)Annhilator/Mandau Hume 7 99's Reforged AF/Relic, AA/DM Capped TH,Hagondes+1, Delve 6/6, 70 Synergy SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* (119)Burtgang, Aegis/Anhilator/Ochain Taru F, Reforged+, Defending Ring,Expert Gold + Mage Mule PL SOLD
*BEAST* Mithra #1 on Server, 13 Relics(119/99) 6 emps, Dring, Reforged Everything + Hume F mule(Aegis/Apoc) + Ghorn/DDB Mule SOLD
*UBER*(119)Liberator/Apoc/Rag/Spharai/Annhilator Hume 18 99s 4emp AA/DM Reforged++ 101 Wood/110 Fish, Ebisu SOLD
Cheap Hume 99 WHM/MNK//RDM/THF/BLM/BRD/BST/BLU/SCH Af3+2 100$ buy out SOLD
*PERFECT MULE* Elf GEO/RDM/BST/SAM/COR/MNK/THF/NIN, DRing, BB, Reforged, 6/6 Delve, AA/DM E/X, Strong Account SOLD
*BEAST* (119)Ryunohige/Ukon/Excal/Gung/Anny/Manda/Sphar/Aegis Taru, DRing, Maxed R/EX, Maxed Crafts + 99 Mule(104 Alchemy) SOLD
*BEAST* (99)Ghorn/(99)Daurdabla Hume F 22 99s Reforged, Dring, Ebisu, AA/DM, 6/6 Delve MB, Job Points + Taru Mule SOLD
*BEAST* (99)Ghorn+Daurdabla+5emps Elf F AA/DM Reforged AFRelic, 104 Alch+ 107Smithing SOLD
EMP/RLC* (119)Ukonvasara/Annhilator/Ragnarok Elvaan 10 99s, Defending Ring, Reforged AF, 107 Alch/110 Fish + Ebisu SOLD
*MULE/CRAFT* Hume WHM/SCH/RUN/MNK/THF/NIN/GEO, Full Delve Clear, AA/DM, Reforged AF/Relic 100 Goldsmithing, 80 Synergy SOLD
*BEAST* (99)Daurdabla(99)Ghorn(119)Annhilator Elf F, 16 jobs, 4 emps, Reforged AF/Relic, Ebisu, 100 Alchemy SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* (99)Ghorn/Mandau/Apoc/Gung+DDB+emps Elf all 22 99s Laedr, NNyzle, Delve MB 98cook +Ebisu SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Mandau/Spharai/Ragnarok(119) Mithra 20 99s, AA/DM, Reforged AF,Blackbelt, Full TH Ebisu Rod SOLD
*BEAST*(119)Apoc/Annhil/Rag/Spharai(99)Ghorn Hume 22 99s Full Reforged Sets, 6/6 Delve Defending Ring, DM/AA gear SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Mandau(119)Ghorn/DDB+emps Hume 18 99s, Dring, Reforged AF/Relic 119, 110Bone/70subs +105 Smith mule SOLD
*RELIC* Annhilator/Mandau(119) RARE Taru F 6 jobs, Reforged109/119, NeoNyzle, AA/DM, Delve, AF3+2 *CUTE* SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Apocalypse(99)/Aegis(95)/Ukon/Almace/Masa Elf 12 99s, Dring, +1 gear, Armada,All Expansions Cheap! SOLD
*INSANE* 6x(119)relic, (119)Ukon, Elf 17 99's HQ+, Dring,Af/Relic Reforged. Incusrion Ebisu 98CC + 109LC Mule SOLD
Taru M Cutie WAR/WHM/MNK/PLD/SMN/DRG/COR 109/119 R/EX DRing, Reforged, Delve. Perfec SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* (119)Burtgang/Excal(95)Aegis/Rag(90)Ochain Hume AA/DM 109/119 AF 104GS+ (119)Mandau/Ghorn Mithra Mule SOLD
*EMP/RLC* (99)Amano(90)Ochain/Verethragna/Kannagi Kikou(75), Elf 15 jobs, Salvage+1,NiNyzle, Delve R/EX Ebisu 110 SOLD
*EMP/RLC/EBISU* (119)Masamune/Mandau + Yoich(75)/Twash/Kanngi(90) Hume M,11 jobs, Reforged AF Dring, Delve MB R/EX Ebisu SOLD
*BEAST MYTHIC*(119)Burtgang/Apoc(99)Aegis(90)Ochain/Vere/Almace/Kannagi Mithra 16 jobs Dring, ReforgedAF+ Gold 102 80 Synergy SOLD
*BEAST* (119)Annhilator(90)Ukon(85)Vere Taru, 20 99s, Full Delve MB,BlackBelt, Insane Mage gear, Reforged 119 + Galka WHM/THF SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP*(119)Glanzfaust/Annhilator Elf 6/6 Delve,Reforged/DRing Ebisu + Mule Ghorn(99)/DDB(90) Ebisu/105 Leather SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* (119)Ryunohige/Annhi(99)Rag/Apoc(90)Ochn(85)Almace Taru 13 jobs Reforged+1, Full Delve R/EX, Slvg+1 Ebisu! SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Apocalypse/Annhil(119)Ragnarok(95)Vere/Masa Elf DelveR/EX, Tinhaspa, Qaaxo, Reforged+1 SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Apocalypse(119)Verethragna(95)Ochain/Cala/Kanngi Elf, 13 jobs, Delve R/EX, DRING, Reforged+1, NiNy, Crafts SOLD
*MYTHIC/RLC/EMP* Carnwenhan(119)Ghorn/Daurdabla(99)Mandau+Emps 21 99's Super HQ+1 106 Smithing/Subs, Ebisu 110 Fisher BEAST SOLD
*BEAST* Excal(119)Aegis(99)Apoc/Ochain/3 more Emps Elf DRING, Reforged+1, Ebisu 110Cook/80Synrgy+Mithra Healer Mule SOLD
*EMP* (90)Ochain/Daurdable Elf, Defending ring, Reforged 109/119, Delve clears, 8 jobs Up-to-date SOLD
*EMP/RLC/EBISU* (119)Yoichinoyumi(95)Amano(85)Kannagi Elvaan, DM/AA NeoNyzle, Delve, Slvg+1, Decked R/EX Ebisu Fishing Rod SOLD
*BOSS* (99)Apocalypse/Ragnarok/Aegis(90)Ukon/Masa/Kannagi Hume F Defending Ring, Reforgd AF, NeoNyzle, HQ Augs Ebisu + Mule SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Apoc/Annhil(119)Rag(95)Vere/Masa Elf DelveR/EX, Tinhaspa, Qaaxo, Reforged+1, Salvage+1,BB SOLD
*SUPER HQ*(119)Mandau/Armaged/Annhilator(90)Ukon Taru Khepri Jacket/Gamash/Wrist/Bonnet. HQ Everything 109 Bone/70sub SOLD
Hume BLU/THF/MNK/BST/SCH af3+1/2, PDT Axes Abyssya Great Mule *CHEAP* SOLD
*BEAST* Verethragn/Sphar(119)Ochain/Aegis/Annhil/Kikou/Bravuar/Claustrum Mithra Dring, Ebisu, Leathercraft 110/70 Subs RARE! SOLD
*UBER CRAFTER* Taru 109 Bonecraft + 108 Leather + 107 Wood + 99 Smithing + 94 Cook, Aprons/Torques/Stalls WOW! SOLD
*MONSTER*(119)Spharai/Amano(99)Ghorn(90)Masa/Durable Hume Forged Drin, Salvage+1, Delve109+ Ebisu 99Clothcraft +mule Taru SOLD
Taru Awesome mule WHM/BRD/BLM/BLU/SCH/THF af3+2 Magian, Neo Nyzle, Bonecraft SOLD
*RLC/EMP/DLV*(119)Yoich(90)Ochain/Gandiv/Almc/Kangi Hume 12 job, Forged+1, NeoNyzle! Oat l119, Full Delve Clears, WOW! SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Apocalypse(99)Vere/Ukonvasara/Kannagi/Caladbolg Hume 12 job, NiNyzle, Delve, af3/2+2. Armada++ SOLD
Hume Midrange WHM/RDM/PLD/BST/NIN/MNK/DRG/BLU/PUP Oatixur 119, Yaoyotl, Brunello, Delve MB clear, All Expansion SOLD
*EMP/RLC/DLV/EBISU* Aegis(95)Ochain(90)/Tons o Delve Mithra 10 jobs Forged+1 119,BB, Neo Nyzle, Shapers Shawl, ELITE! SOLD
*RLC/EMP/DELV*(99)Aegis(90)Ochain, Delve 119, Oatixur. Elvaan,Forged+1, Defending Ring,102 Goldsmithing, Ghorn mule SOLD
*RLC/DELVE* (95)Aegis110+ Delve gear Hume 16 jobs, NeoNyzle. Slvg+1, VW/Af3+2 100 WW/80 Synergy SOLD
*EMP/DELVE* Armageddon(90)Tons of Delve, Hume F 10 jobs, Neo Nyzle,Armada, Kheper, 100 Alchemy 90Leather WOW SOLD
*EMP* Almace Hume Female Midrange, Af3+2/VW, 15 jobs 90+, Great Mule SOLD
*RELIC/DLV/EMP* Apocalypse(95)Oatixur,Bbath Axe,Aphotic kukri,Bereaver,Vere/Cala Elf, Dring, 106 cooking,LOADED R/Ex SOLD
*BEAST* (95)Aegis/Amano/Sphar/Gung/Mandau/Rag/Apoc/Yoic/Delve L119/5 emp 18 jobs Hume, NiNyzle/Slvg+1/Delve119/Crafts INSANE! SOLD
*BEAST* Tsurum/Oatixur ALL DELVE/Ukon/Gandiva/Armageddon Hume 19 99s, Best-of-Best R/EX, 100+ Cooking,Full Neo Nyzle, INSANE! SOLD
*RLC/EMP/EBISU* Apoc(99)Aegis(95)Ochain/Almace Hume 20 99s, 15/15 NiNyzle, 100 Gold/110 Fishing/80 Synergy WOW! SOLD
*BEAST*(99)Rag/Apoc/Mandau+BBath Axe,Kerehcatl,Oatixur,Atoyac+2 emps Hume 15 99s, Delve/VW/NiNyzle LOADED SOLD
*MAGE MULE* WHM/RDM/SCH Hume F, Delve, Af3+2, VW, Delve Stun/healing/refresh sets SOLD
*EBISU* Taru BLM Ebisu Fishing Rod, Noddy+Puffin Money Maker! SOLD
*RELIC/MULE* Gjallerhorn(95) Elvaan Female BRD/WHM All Expansion, af3+2, af2+2, Gendewitha, Lifestorm Durabla Progress SOLD
*EBISU* Taru WHM/RDM/BLM/BST 100 Fishing 91 Cooking, Morrigans, Ebisu Fishing Rod SOLD
EMP/RELIC/DELVE* Apocalypse/Almace/Cala/Ochain/Farsa/BBath Axe/Oatixur Taru 17 99sWhirlp, Yaoyotl, Salvage+1, NiNyzle SOLD
*EBISU* Hume WHM Fishing 110 Bonecraft 107.9 Gold 70 Leather 70 Cloth 70, Shapers Shawl SOLD
BEAST* (99)Ragnarok/Apocalype(95)Mandau/Aegis Mithra D.Ring, Delve Upgraded Weapons/Armor, Slvg+1, NeoNyzle 15/15 ,LC 100 WOW SOLD
*INSANE/MYTHIC*(99)Kograsumaru/Amano(95)Aegis(90*5)Emps Hume 15 jobs All Delve, Slvg+1,Tenryu+1, Whirlpool, Yaoyotl, HQ++ SOLD
*RLC/EBISU/DELV/EMP* Annhilator(95)Bereaver(r7)Ochain(90)Hume Quan Helm/Mani, 15/15 NiNyzle, 4/5 Enif 110 Exp Fishing SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* (90)Twashtar/Verethragna/Armag(85)Almace Elf 19 jobs, Neo Nyzle, BB,100 BoneC, 100 Alchmey 100 Fish, 70 Synrg SOLD
*FF14/11* Elvaan 8 jobs, Rigor monk, delve gear, af3+2, Mule Taru F WHM/SMN/GEO+FF14 46 Gladiator SOLD
*RELIC* Ragnarok(99)/Mandau(95)Bereaver Mithra 12 jobs, 13/15 NiNyzle, Laedr, Armada, Kareiyh, Crafts, SoA R/EX SOLD
*BEAST* (99)Apoc/Mandau/Rag, Ixtab/Xbalan/Oatix/Izhii/Tamax/Upuk Mithra Full Delve/ Skirmish, R15Armor, Full Neo Nyzle INSANE SOLD
*BEAST* (99)Ghorn(95)Rag(90)Duarbla/Twash/Delve, Mithra 12 99s, Tamaxchi, Uk'ux, Whirlpool, Bretheren,Ixtab, Hala Swor Ebisu SOLD
RELIC/DELVE* (99)Ragnarok(r6)Brethern Axe, Hume 6 jobs Armada, Mikinaak, Neo Nyzle, Af3+2, VW+, All Expansions! SOLD
BEAST* (99)Almace/Ragnarok(95)Aegis,Ochain/Kannagi, Rigor,Bereaver Hume 12 99, ValkB/Armada, Neo Nyzle 15/15, Ebisu, Goldsm SOLD
*DELVE* Bura/Oatixur/Rigo/Beatific Hume 11 jobs Yaoyotl/Maniboz/Mikinaak/Cizin/Karieyh SOLD
*RLC/EMP/DLV* Beareaver/AphoicK/Rag(95)/Kannagi/Ukon Taru 19 jobs, 15/15 Neo Nyzle,Brethren axe, Izamal,Beorc Swor, 99 Smith! SOLD
*RLC/EMP* Amano(95)Yoich/Masa/Vere/Ukon/Armag/Hver/Farsha/ Elf19 jobs,BB,Mikinak Neo Nyzle, Delve 100 Cloth, 80 Synergy SOLD
*EMP* Farsha(85) Taru, Perfect mule BST/BLM/PLD/BRD, Karieyh,Thurandaut af3+2, VW, SOLD
*RLC/DLV/EMP* Mandau/Annhi/Bura/Bearvr/Ophidan/BBAxe/5emps Hume Yaoyotl, Ebisu, Miknaak, BB, Armada, Neo Nyzle, Orvail Robe SOLD
*EMP/RLC/DLV* (R15)Aphotic Kukri(99)Mandau(95)Ragnarok(90)Ochain(85)Alm/Kan/Gan Hume 14 Jobs, R15 Manibozho,Neo Nyzle, 100 LC SOLD
*EBISU* Super Mithra Mule, WHM/THF/RDM/DRK/NIN Full Treasure Hunter, Decked WHM, Arka Staff, 110 Fishing SOLD
*99EMP/DELVE* Ukon(99)/Bereaver/Masa/Kanagi/Armag/Gandiva Elf 12 jobs,Mikinaak, Laedr,Full Neo Nyzle,Kheper Jacket, Ebisu SOLD
*DELV/EMP* Uguisum R15/Masamune(90)/Kannagi(85) Elf 12 jobs, Neo Nyzle, SoA, Karieyh/Enif,Voidwatch Bodies Crafts SOLD
Hexed Gambieras -1 - Free Server Transfer to Any server $750.00
*RELIC/EBISU* Annhilator(95)/Gungir(95) Elvaan110Fish/100Wood/80 Synergy,Phorcy af3+2.VW LOADED! SOLD
*UBER* 4 (99)Relics,Masamune, 6 (90)Emps, Delve Wep, Taru, DRING, Ebisu, Yaoyotl, Nahtirah, Whirpool, Salvage+1, 106 Smith SOLD
*BEAST* Verethagna/Apocalypse/Kikoku(99)Annhil/Kannag/Twashar Hume 20 99s, 15/15 NeoNyz,Slgv+1 2x Ebisu 110 Fish,100 Smithing SOLD
*RLC/EMP/DELV*Annhilator/Mandau(99)Aphot KukR7/Ochain/Ukon/Masa/Kang/Vere Elf F Yaoyotl/Oatixur/Delve Boss/BB 96 Gold/80Syng SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Aegis/Excalibur(99)Ukonvasara/Farsh/Gan/Twash Hume F 11 job, Dring, Laedr, Ebisu, 110 Fishing/100Wood/80Synergy SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Apoc(95)Verethragna(90)/Caladbolg(85) Elf 15 jobs Defending Ring, BB, Full TH 100 Cooking WOW SOLD
*SUPER MAGE* Ragnarok(95)/Hver/Cala Taru 14jobs Salvag+1,NeoNyzle ,Spurina coif , Alch 107, Ebisu 110 Fish/80 Synergy/70 Subs SOLD
*MYTHIC/EMP/REL* Mandau/Rag/Annhil/Twashtar(99)Ukon/Gand/Terpsicorde READYTaru 104 GS, Shprs, Neo Nyzle+Ghorn Mule+Taru WW100 SOLD
*BEAST* Ragnarok/Apoc/Mandau/Annhil/Ukonvasara(99)Vere/Masa/Almace/Kangi/Armgeddon/Gand/Gutler Hume 20 99s, HQ++ Gear102Smith SOLD
*EBISU* Taru WHM/BST 110 Expert Fishing, Great PL, Af3+2 SOLD
*RLC/EMP/EBISU* Mandau(95)Kannagi Hume F 12 jobs, SoA, Manibozho,Mikinak, Full TH, Ebisu Rod SOLD
*EMP/RLC/DLV*(99)Annhilator(95)Excal/Rag/Bereavr.7/Ugur.8/Bloodbath Axee/Ochain, Elf 11 job, 15/15 NiNyzle, Salvage+1 Ebisu! SOLD
*EMP/RLC/EBISU* Ragnarok(99)Ukonvasara/Almace/ArmaG Hume 18 jobs Full NeoNyzle, ValkB, Full TH,SoA, 96 cooking SOLD
*EMP/RLC/DBL EBISU* Annhilator/Ukonvasara/Masamune Elf 14 jobs Armada NeoNyzle HQ BB Ebisu +PL Mule WHM/BLM/RDM/BLU /w Ebisu SOLD
*EBISU* Taru 11 jobs, 103 LC with subs, 110 Fish, Ebisu, SoA, Shapers Shawl, Neo Nyzle SOLD
*BEAST* Ghorn/Amano(95)/Vere/Ukon/Armag/Kanngi/Gandvia/Daurdabla, Elf 20 jobs Dring, 106CC, 100BC, 103GS, 104LC, EbisuRod SOLD
*DELV/EMP* Rigor Baghnakhs/Aphotic Kukri/Soothsayer Verethragna/Armag/Hverg(85) Taru Dring, NeoNyzle, 14 jobs! SOLD
*BEAST* Masamune(99)/Daurdabla(99)/Yoich(99)Ghorn(95)Twash/Annhil(90) Taru 16 jobs Full NiNyzle,Ebisu 100Cook, 80 Synergy SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Amano(99)Vere/Kannagi(90) Elf 9 jobs, SoA, Full NeoNyzle, BB,Karieyh WOW SOLD
*EMP* Verethragna(90)Almace(85) Galka 10 jobs, 100 Smith/Subs, Blackbelt,Movement Speed, Full TH, Magian Weps NICE SOLD
*REL/DELV/EMP/EBISU* Bearver(r15)Ragnarok/Apocalypse(99)Twash/Ukon/Kannagi Hume Dring, + 2 Ebisu Mule. WW/Smithing 100+ SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Amanomurakumo/Yoichinoyumi 95) Twash/Cala/Armag(85)Hume Salvag+1 Full NiNyzle,SoA DECKED SOLD
*BEAST* Ragnarok(99)Aegis(95)Ochain(90)Masa/Fars/Alm/Vere Uguis/Bearver 13jobs, Dring, Armada, BB, VWPro Mikinaak, SoA HQ++ SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Twashtar/Kannagi(85) Hume F, All 99s, Maxed Crafts! 100/100 af3+1, Ebisu, Shapers Shawl, Blackbelt SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* Apocalypse/Ragnarok(99)Kikoku(95)Ukon/Kann(90)Armag(85) Taru D.RING,NeoNyzle, Armada, Valk, Seekers SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* Mjollnir Gambanteinn WHM/BLM/BST/SMN Hume F Super WHM af3+2/VW SOLD
Mithra WHM.BST.NIN.BLU.THF.BLM Perfect Mule af3+1, Abyssya, Basic Account Cheap! SOLD
US *BEAST* Ukon(99)Aegis(95)RigorB/Uguisum/Speleogen/Bearv/Dimmet/Kiji +6 emp Hume 18 99s, NeoNyzle,Slvg+1,Mikinaak,+PL WOW SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Aegis/Excalibur(95)Almace/Armageddon(85) Hume 21 99s, Bloodbath Axe, Ebisu Rod, Karieyh, Neo Nyzlel SOLD
Taru WAR/WHM/RDM/PLD/BST/SMN/BLM/THF/BRD/BLU/DNC/RUN, All Expansion, Goldsmithing/Bone/Alchemy/Synergy Veteran Crafter Dream! SOLD
Hume MNK/WAR/NIN/DNC/BLU Blackbelt AF3+2, Twilight, VW, Full TH Mule/Proc Account SOLD
*BEAST* Annhilator(99)Aegis/Ragnarok(95),Vere/Ukon/Almace/Masa(90) Twash/Gand(85) Elf 15/15Neo-Nylze,103smith, Shapers,14 99s SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Ghorn(99)Verethragna(90)Caladb(85) Elf 20 99s, Full NeoNyzle,Karieyh 4/5, BlackBelt, 97 Fishing, Crafts + PLMule SOLD
*EMP* Twashtar/Kannagi(85) Hume 8 Jobs, Mage/Melee, Seekers Expan, Af3+2, TH Gear, Magian Stave Great Midrange Acc SOLD
*BEAST* Ghorn/Mandau/Yoich(99)Daurdabla(99)Kannagi(85) Mithra Salvage+1/Full NeoNyzle, SoA, 99 Goldsmithing, Shaper Shawl, SOLD
*EMP* Ukonvasara/Ochain(90)Almace/Kannagi/Caladbolg(85) Taru Full NiNyzle, VW+/af3/2+2, Cute! 10 jobs SOLD
*RELIC* Gjallahorn/Bravura(95) Hume, Af3+2/VW/Twilight/Shadow+2 mules 99 Clothcraft 100 Alchemy 99 Fishing Mage/Thf SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Ragnarok(95)Ochain(90)Almace/Kanagi/Gandiva(85) Hume 13 99s Neo Nyzle, full TH,Leathercraft/Synergy 80 SOLD
*MONSTER*(99)Ragnarok/Apocalypse/Bravur(90)Vere/Masa/Kang(85)Gand/Armag Mithra Salvge+1, 15/15Neo Nyzle, SoA, Ebisu 110 Fish SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Gjallahorn(99)Daurdabla/Ukonvasara/Twashtar(90) Mithra Full NeoNyzle, Salvage+1, VW Bodies, INSANE ACCOUNT! SOLD
*MYTHIC/RELIC* Burtgang(90)Aegis(95) Hume Hughin, VW bodies/Legion rare/ex, Full TH, 100 Smithing 80Synergy WOW SOLD
*BEAST* Ragnarok/Apoc(99)Ochain/Cald(90)Kang/Vere/Almc(85) Elf Dring/Slvg+1/15/15 NeoNyzl, SoA R/ex, 3 SoA Weapons, Smithing SOLD
*TOP25* 7 Relic, 11 emps, All 99s, Khepra Jacket, Shapers, BB, Armada, 2 Ebisu, Cook/Golds/Bone/Cloth/Alch/WW Crafts! GODLY SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Aegis(95)Yoich(85)Masamune(90)Kannagi/Armageddon/Almace(85)Elf 19 99s, 15/15 Neo Nyzle,101 Wood, 80 Synergy! HQ++ SOLD
*5 EMP* BEAST Ochain(90)/Ukon(90)/Almace(85)/Farsha/Kannagi Elf 18 jobs Karieyh/NeoNyzle 15/15, SoA! Ebisu Rod SOLD
Galka WAR/MNK/THF/NIN/DNC Abyssya, Perfect Farming Mule! Cheap! SOLD
*EMP/RELIC/EBISU* Spharai/Gungir(95) Farsha/Rhong(90) Elf 20 99s,15/15 Neo Nyzle,106Cloth, AllSubs 70, Synergy80, Fishing 110 SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Verethragna(90)Kannagi(90) Hume 9 jobs,BB Thaumas/Phoryc, SoA, Ebisu Rod! SOLD
*RELIC/EMP/EBISU/SoA* Yoich(99)Armageddon/Masamune(90)Schichishito Elf 10 jobs Neo Nyzle SoA R/EX 100 Cloth, 109 Fishing+Ebis SOLD
*EBISU* Taru Female WHM/BLM/BST Af3+2 Fishing 110, Synergy75, Perfect Mule SOLD
*INSANE* Rag/Annhilat(95)Ukon(90)Kannagi/Masa/Ochain(85) Taru Full Neo Nyzle, Laedr, Legion + Ebisu Mule 110Fishing!! SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Bravura(95) Masamune/Kannagi(85) Hume NeoNyzle, BecDe Faucon, BB,VW/Af3+2, Woodworking Expert 103 NICE! SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Apocalypse/Masamune(90)/Armageddon(85) Mithra 20 99s, VW Bodies, AF3/2+2, Totally Loaded Rare/EX! SOLD
*EBISU* Taru F WHM/BLM/THF/BRD/RDM/BST/SMN/SCH, VW body, Af3+2, Fish Torque 110 Fishing, Great Mule SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Rhongomiant/Hverg/Armagedon(85) Mithra 19 jobs, Neo Nyzle Gear! VW body Loaded+ Ebisu 110 Fish SOLD
*EMP* Verethagna(85) Taru MNK/WAR, Blackbelt, Thaumas, Abyssya VW, HOT! SOLD
*EBISU* Hume WHM/BST, af3+1/2, Magian Stave, Super Money Maker + Crafts SOLD
*EBISU* Super Mithra Mule WHM/RDM/BLM/SMN/BRD/SCH Af3+2 Nares Cap Perfect Ebisu Rod + 99 Fishing SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Ragnarok(99)Annhilator(95)Ukonvasara/Gandiva(90)Almace(85) Mithra, NiNyzle, 98 Smith+Mule SOLD
*EMP* Masamune/Almace/Kannagi(85) Taru M 14 jobs, Af3+2/VW/TwilightPro RareEX SOLD
*EBISU* Taru F WHM/MNK 110 Fishing af3+2 Refresh set Abyssya/Voidwatch Progress, Ebisu + Smithing Mule SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Ragnarok/Aegis(95)Masamune/Ochain(90)Kannagi/Armageddon/Almace/Gandiva(85)Taru Neo Nyzle+Goldsmithing 97 WOW!!! SOLD
*BEAST* Ukonvasara(90)Armageddon/Kannagi/Masamune/Gand(85) Elf Laeradr/Full NeoNyzl/Kheper Ebisu Ready + Smithing SOLD
Taru Female WHM/BST/BLM/MNK/PUP/SMN Af3+2 Perfect Mule! SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Verethragna(90)Armageddon/Masamune/Gandiva(85) Mithra 17 jobs, BB, VW Bodies, INSANE R/EX, 110 Fishing /Ebisu SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Mandau(95)Ukonvasara/Kannagi(85) Hume 9 jobs, Goldsmithing,VW Pro! Mules Smithing+Cooking SOLD
Elvaan NIN/MNK/RDM/BST/SCH/DRG/BLU/DRK/THF Kannagi, Great midrange, Full TH, Abyssya SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Spharai(95) Masamune(85) Kannagi(85) 100 Fishing 19/20 Jobs, BB, Very Awesome SOLD
US *EBISU* Hume - All Access, level 75 jobs, 110 Fishing, Ebisu Fishing Rod SOLD
*EBISU* Hume Female WHM/BLM/RDM/SCH/PLD/MNK/SMN Af3+2,Cure Pot Staff, Twilight, Ebisu SOLD
*EMP* Vere(90) Ukon/Kannagi/Gandiva(85) Elf 13 Jobs, DD Powerhouse NeoNyzle+ Taru Mage Mule 7 Jobs 91 cooking! SOLD
Hume F 19 jobs Thaumas/Phoryc, VW Bodies, af3+2, Emp upgrade items. Very well rounded PRO! SOLD
*EMP* Farsha(85) Taru, Perfect mule BST/BLM/PLD/BRD af3+2, Shinryu, Dynamis King! SOLD
*EBISU* Male Hume Expert Fishing Ebisu, over 1000 Dwarf Pugil, All OP! Perfect Fisher SOLD
*COMBO* Ukonvasara(90) Mithra Phorcy/Full TreasureHunter PRO + Taru WHM/BLM 5mp Refresh set SOLD
*EMP* Ukonvasara(85) Hume WAR/WHM/BLM/THF/BST/RNG/NIN/BLU/COR/DNC . af3+2,Twilight 100+ cooking, mule 100+ Woodworking SOLD
*EMP* Verethragna/Almace/Armageddon(85) Hume 14 jobs, BB, Af3+2 VW gear, Atma of Savior, Cloth 97 + Mule(RDM) 100 Bonecraft SOLD
*EBISU* Taru F 11 jobs, Af3+2, VW, Perfect Mule + Ebisu 110 Fishing SOLD
*BEAST* Aegis(95)Ochain/Kannagi/Verethragna(90)Almace(85)Masamune(80) Elf Tenryu+1 Full Neo Nyzle, Legion R/EX, VW Bodies SOLD
*EMP*Ukonvasara/Masam(90)Taru 5/5 Phorcy,Nares, VWMekira/Anhur/Hekas/Mextli Supermage SOLD
*EMP* Ukon/Armageddon/Kannagi/Masamune(85) Elf 12 jobs af3+2, VW r/ex 100 Woodworking SOLD
*RELIC* Spharai(95) Hume MNK/WHM/BLM/NIN/BRD/SAM/SCH/DNC, BB, Af3+2,Twilight,Magian Weapons, Awesome Midrange + Cooking Mule SOLD
*EMP* Ukonvasara/Caladbolg(85)Masamune Elv 17 jobs, Mekira, BB,WoE+2, Twilight, Af3+2, VW++ WOW SOLD
*MULE* Basic Female Hume WHM and several other 75+ jobs af3+1, refresh gear SOLD
*EMP* Ukonvasara(90) 13 jobs, GOLDSMITHING all subs, 70 synergy. 900+ Playdays SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* Ragnarok(95)Armageddon(85) Elf 19 99's 15/15 NeoNyzle, Legion/VW Rare/EX, 83 Cooking SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* Apocalypse(95)Kannagi(85) Hume F VW Bodies, Full TH, AF3+2 Nice Mage gear, 12 jobs! SOLD
Hume MNK/THF/DRK/WAR/NIN/DNC/BLU Blackbelt AF3+2, Twilight, VW, Perfect Mule/Proc SOLD
*INSANE* Mandau/Ragnarok/Bravura(99)Apocalypse(90) Kannag/Vere/Masa(85) Hume 15 jobs,105LC,106 Fishing, Ebisu,Valkry,Armada SOLD
*BEAST* Yoichi(99)/Ghorn(95) Masamune(99)Twaster(90) Armag/Hver/Almace(85) Taru 15/15 NeoNyzle Ebisu 110Fishing, 100 Cooking SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Bravura(99) Ukonvasara/Kannagi85) Hume 10s 99 Thamaus/Phoryc BB, VW Bodies, Legion R/EX PRO ACCOUNT! SOLD
US *BEAST* Apoc/Sphrai(99)Ragnarok(95)Aegis/Excal(90), Vere(90)Ukon/Masa(85) Elf 15/15 NeoNyzle 20 99s, Sagsinger, Ebisu ! SOLD
*EMP* Ukon/Vere(85) Hume 12 99s Thaumas/Phoryc/Nares BB, Af3/2+2, Salvage, VW Body Full TH! SOLD
*EMP* Verethragna/Twashtar/Armageddon(90)Almace(85) Elf 19 jobs, Fishing, 100Bonecraft/Alchemy VW Body, Blackbelt LOADED SOLD
EU BEAST Spharai/Bravura/Kikoku(95) Kannagi(85) Elf 18 jobs, Mekira/Blackbelt 100 Smithing/Alchemy 80 Synergy PRO SOLD
*EMP* Ukon/Vere(90) Kannagi(85) Mithra 16jobs, Mekira/Toci/Hekas, Blackbelt, Magian Staves + Taru Mule Awesome Combo SOLD
*PERFECT MULE/EBISU* Taru Neo Nyzle 5/5 Nares 5/5 Thaumas WHM/WAR/BLM/RDM/SMN/SCH, af3+2, af2+2, Full meebles 110Fish/100Cook SOLD
Elvaan MNK/THF/BST/BLM/RDM/DRK Blackbelt VW Bod, Mex Harness, Full Treasure Hunter af3+2 T.light Perfect Mule SOLD
*EMP/RELIC/EBISU* Ragnarok/Aegis(95)Ochain(90)Almace/Verethragna(85) Hume Armada/BB/VW/NeoNyzle. 100 Cooking SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* Apoc(95) Verethragna/Caladbolg/Kannagi(85) Mithra NeoNyzle, Borealis, Blackbelt, VW Rare/EXSmithing Mule SOLD
*EBISU* Hume WHM/RDM/SCH 110 Fish/100 Alchemy af3+2, VW + Abyssya, Twilight, PERFECT MULE! + 96 Fish Alt SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Annhilator(95) Ukonvasara(90) Verethragna(85) Calad Taru 20 99's Thaumas, Armada + PL Galka Mule 6 99s Nice SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* Aegis/Bravura(95) Almace(85) Taru M 5 jobs Mekria Body, 100 Goldsmithing 80 Synergy SOLD
Mithra Perfect Mule/ PL WHM and BLM, Abyssya and VW ready Cheap SOLD
EU *EMP/RELIC* Ghorn(95)Mandau(75)Vere/Twash/Kannag/Armag(85) Hume F 20/20 99s. Voidwatch boides + 2 mules SOLD
US *EMP* Ukon(90) Twashtar/Farsha(85) Mithra, Phoryc, Nares, VW bodies, Crafts, 12 jobs SOLD
*EMP* Kannagi(85) Hume 10 jobs, closs to Masa and Ukon. Very nice Rare/EX Great Mule! Toci Harness, Full Treasure Hunter SOLD
US *EMP/EBISU* Masamune/Kannagi (85) Taru 19 jobs,VW Bodies, Af3+2,Mage and Melee Rare/EX Ebisu Ready! CUTE! SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Ukon(90) Kannagi(85) Taru 7 99s, Armada Haub, Full TH, VW+, Ebisu Ready! SOLD
EU *RELIC/EMP/EBISU* Gutler(95)Aegis(80)Farsha(90) Mithra, 18 jobs,100 Alch,110Fish, A10 Chocobo Digger, Mekira, BlackbeltWOW SOLD
US *EMP/EBISU* Armageddon(90) Galka 19 jobs 5/5 Thaumas Legion R/EX, 80 Synergy, PRO! SOLD
*RELIC/EMP/EBISU* Mandau(99)Twash/Vere(90)Kannagi(85)Masa/Gand(80)Hume 20 99s 5/5 Thaumas, Cooking, 80 Synergy, 110 Fishing SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Bravura(95) Masamune(90) Verethragna/Kannagi(85) Galka ArmadaBerk, BB, Full TH, 100 Fishing Super HQ SOLD
*ULTIMATE MAGE* Hvergelmir 99! Elf 15 Jobs. NeoNyzle, BB, Maniacus Sash, Iaso, Full Treasure Hunter. 5/5 Nares! 99 EMP WOW! SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Masamune(90)Almace(85) Hume 20 99's, NeoNyzle, VW Bodies, Ebisu, Alchemy and 80 Synergy SOLD
*EMP/EBISU* Vere/Kannagi/Gandvia/Armag(85) 20 99s Hume F NeoNyzle Cooking 95 Loaded R/EX + Taru F Mule Ebisu 104 Fish104 LC! SOLD
EU *EMP* Taru Ukon(90) Farsha/Armag(85) 20 Jobs, 100 CC, 85 Fish,VW bodies, BB, DECKED *XFER DOWN* SOLD
*EMP* Ukon/Verethragna(90) Taru 16 99s Maxd Valk Bplate, ArmdaHuab, NeoNyzle, BB, All VW Bodies, Full TH Af3+2/af2+2! WOW SOLD
Super Taru Mule WHM/BLM/COR/SCH 5/5 Nares, Thamas, af3+2, Voidwatch Great Mule! SOLD
US *EMP* Verethragna(85) Elf MNK/DRK/BST Blackbelt, PDT axes,Twlilight, VW gear/clears *XFER DOWN* SOLD
*BEAST* Mandau/Aegis/Amano(95) Ukon/Vere/Ochain(90) Almace/ArmaG/Masa(85) Elf NeoNyzle gear, Insane Rare/EX SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Mandau(95) Ukonvasra(90) Elf Full Thaumas/Phoryc Armada Haub/Valk BPlate, Full Treasure Hunter SOLD
EU *RELIC/EMP/EBISU* Spharai(99) Armag(85) Taru 19jobs, BB, 5/5 Thamaus, 3/5 Phoryc, Full TH, VW Bodies, Ebisu Rod 104 Fish SOLD
*EMP* Verethragna(85) Hume 7 Jobs Blackbelt, Phoryc, Thaumas, af3+2, VW Pro SOLD
*EBISU/EMP* Ukon/Vere/Kannagi/Masa/Twash Taru 20x99 BB, Full TH, VW Body, Ebisu, Insane + Ebisu Mule Elf PL *XFER DOWN* SOLD
US Hume Mule WHM/BST/MNK/BLM All Access, af3+2, Shinryu PDT Axes SOLD
*EMP* Masamune(85) Elf 17 Jobs Phorcys/Thaumas 5/5, Nares4/5, WoE+2, Black Belt, Af3+2, Voidwatch Pro SOLD
*EMP/RLC* Bravura(95) Masamune(85) Hume 7 99s, BB, Phorycs, Mekira 100 WW Loaded! *XFER DOWN* SOLD
US *DUAL EMP* Verethragna(90) Armageddon(85) Hume 7 jobs BB af3+2 Epona, Magian Trials, Voidwatch+ Mvtment Speed+ SOLD
*BEAST* Ragnarok(99)Aegis/Excal(95) Masamune/Verethragna/Almace 20 99, 15/15 NeoNyzle 100 Cook 80 Synergy/ 99 Cloth INSANE! SOLD
*EMP* Farsha(85) Taru, Perfect mule BST/BLM/PLD/BRD af3+2, Shinryu, Dynamis King! SOLD
*EMP* Kannagi(85) Hume 9 Jobs Toci Harness, af3+2, Twilight, Full TH, PDT Axes, Very nice! SOLD
*BEAST* Yoichi/Ghorn(95) Twaster(90) Armag/Masamune/Hver/Almace(85) Taru 15/15 NeoNyzle Ebisu 110Fishing, 100 Cooking 15 jobs SOLD
US Hume MNK/WAR/NIN/DNC/BLU Blackbelt AF3+2, Twilight, VW, Perfect Mule/Proc Account SOLD
*SHIELD* Mithra, 22 REMA, Epeo/Idris/Yaggy+more R15 Rostam Ody Nyame Shamash/Ashera Tr. Escutc(Gold) 11master SOLD
*EMP* Masamune(90) Vere/Armag/Kannagi (85) Taru 16 jobs. BB, Full TH, VW Bodies, High Cloth/SynergyPRO! SOLD
US *EMP* Ukonvasara(90) Armag(85) Hume 11 jobs 15/15 NeoNyzle, VW body/Valk Breastplate/Armada 99 Alchemy WOW! SOLD
US *EMP* Ukonvasara(85) Calad(85) Elvaan 17 99s WoE+2, BB, Full VW! LOADED R/EX SOLD
*DUAL EMP* Almace(85) Kannagi(85) Elvaan 13 jobs, Full TH, Decked BLU, Af3+2 VW Pro 90 Cooking SOLD
US *EMP/RELIC/EBISU* 2 Taru M/F Package! Spharai(99) Caladb/ArmaG(85) Thamaus BB 18 jobs Crafts VW Bodies SOLD
*INSANE* Aegis/Ragnarok/Ochain/Almace/Vere/Ukonvasa/Masa/Farsha/Kannagi Elf Armada, BB, VW bodies,20/20 jobs 95+ 100 Smithing SOLD
EU BEAST Spharai/Bravura/Kikoku(95) Kannagi(85) Elf 18 jobs, Mekira/Blackbelt 100 Smithing/Alchemy 80 Synergy PRO! SOLD
EU Super Taru Ukon(90) Farsha/Armag(85) 17 Jobs, 100 CC, 85 Fish,VW bodies, BB, DECKED SOLD
*EBISU/EMP* Elvaan Armageddon 18 99s, Thaumas, Mekira, Full TH, Decked WHM Perfect! SOLD
US Elvaan WAR/THF/DRK/NIN/SAM Thaumas/Phorcys/TH gear, Abyssya+ VW, Great Mule SOLD
US *EMP/RELIC* Apoc(95) Caladbolg/Kannagi(85) Mithra 8 Jobs, Borealis, VW gear Very PRO+ Smithing Mule SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Apoc(95) Caladbolg(85) Redemption(85) Hume DRK/WHM/MNK/DNC VW bodies SOLD
US Elvaan WHM/BST/SMN Perfect Mule PDT Axes af3 Abyssya SOLD
*DUAL EMP* Ukonvasara/Masam(90) Taru 5/5 Phorcy,Nares, VW Bodies Mekira/Anhur/Hekas/Mextli Armadaberk, INSANE Mage! Arise! SOLD
*EMP* Twashtar Elvaan 15 Jobs, Capped TH, BB, Mage+Melee, Vw Af3+2 Good All Around ! SOLD
*EMP* Kannagi(90) Elvaan NIN/BST/MNK/THF/RDM Epona, Twilight, Af3+2, Good midrange SOLD
*EMP* Masamune(85) Galka SAM/MNK/BLM/PLD/DRG/BRD/NIN/SMN , BB, Twilight af3+2,crafts,vw NICE SOLD
*EMP* Caladbolg(85) Gkt Stage4 Mithra 12 jobs af3+2,VW gear/clears, Thaumas SOLD
*BEAST* Amano(99) Yoich(95) Ukon/Vere/Masa/Kang/Twash(90) Armag(85) Hume 20 99s Ebisu 15/15 Neo Nyzle Gear SOLD
US *EMP* Ukonvasara(90) Mithra 14 jobs, Capped TH, Woe+2 , 8 Magian Staves, 98 Cooking SOLD
*EMP* Almace(85) Hume PLD/THF/BST/SMN/SCH Af3+2, Twilight, VW, Great Midrange SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* 99 Ragnarok 99 Apocalypse 85 Kannagi Mithra 15/15 NiNyzle, Ebisu 100 LC 7 jobs. INSANE SOLD
*Crafting Mule* Mithra 99 Leather and 100 Woodwork + WHM, Abyssya af3+2 Cur Pot Staff SOLD
US *EMP/RELIC* Mandau/Ragnarok(95) Vere/Ukon/Kannagi/Arma/Masa (85) Hume 18 99s VW bodies, BB, TOTAL BEAST! sold
US *EMP* Verethragna(85) Kannagi(90) Elf 10 Jobs VW Bodies, Full af3+2 sets, Mage/Melee SOLD
EU Taru M WHM Mule Abyssya + VW perfect PL! BASIC andCHEAP SOLD
EU*RELIC/EMP* Mandau(95) Twashtar(90) Mithra THF/WHM/BLM/DRK/NIN Mage and Melee Loaded 100 Alchemy +Bonus Act SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Ragnarok(99) Armageddon(90) Hume WAR/DRK/BST/RDM/COR Neo Nyzle Gear!! SOLD
EU RARE Taru Female WHM/BLM/MNK/DRG/RDM/THF Blackbelt Arka IV, Refresh Gear, Great Mule SOLD
*DUAL EMP* Almace(90) Kannagi(85) Taru PLD/NIN/WHM/RDM/BLM Full af3+2, TH, Mage+Melle SOLD
US Elvaan BLM/BST/RNG/NIN/DRG/COR/SCH Af3+2 Toci harness, Twilight, VW Good Midrange SOLD
US *EMP* Masamune/Kannagi/Armag(85) Hume 19/20 Jobs, MegaDecked, WW98/Synergy 80, VW Complete + Mithra PL WHM/BLM/RDM/WAR SOLD
*EMP/RELIC*Excalibur(99)Ukonvasara(99)Aegis(95)Ochain(90)Caladbolg/Almace(85) Mithra 13/15 NeoNyzle BEAST! 9 jobs! Amazing! SOLD
US *TRIP EMP* Verethragna(90) Ukonsavara/Kannagi(85) Elf MNK/WAR/NIN/RDM/THF BB, VW bodies, af3+2, af2+2, WOW! SOLD
US *EMP/RELIC* Aegis(95) OChain/Almace/Masamune(90) Taru 15 Jobs 15/15 NeoNyzle Asteria 104 Fishing + Ebisu All VW Bodies!!! SOLD
US Hume TWAR/MNK/WHM/BLM/RDM/THF/DRK/BST/RNG/DRG/COR, Full TH, Lots of af3/2+2, VW Pro, BlackBelt Great All Around SOLD
*EMP* Kannagi(90) Hume NIN/WHM/THF/DRK/SAM/BLU Thaumas/Phorcys Af3+2, Full TH, E Body SOLD
EU *EMP* 99 Masamune! Kannagi (85) Hume SAM/WHM/BLM/THF/RDM/NIN/DNC Phorycs, Full TH, DECKED Mage + Melee! SOLD
*DUAL EMP* Ukonvasara(90)Almace(85) Hume WAR/BLM/RNG/SAM/DRG/BLU/COR, VW Body, Great Mage/Mellee 100 WW SOLD
US Female Taru BLU/BLM/SMN/PUP Baisc Mule, Good Bones, CHEAP!~ SOLD
*DUALEMP* Verethragna(90) ArmaG(85) MNK/BST/THF/DRG/SAM/BRD/PUP/SMN/COR BlackBelt, Ebisu Ready,100Alchemy, 80Synergy, 92Fish SOLD
US Elvaan F 18/20 jobs. All Access, 5m cruor, Twilight Gear, great all around. SOLD
US Mithra Mule WHM/BLM Abyssya, Shinryu, Voidwatch. SOLD
US Taru Mule WHM/RDM/MNK/DNC/BLM/THF 97 Fishing 100 Alchemy! *RARE* Bonus 2nd POL ID SOLD
RARE Taru Female WHM/BLM/MNK/DRG/RDM/THF Blackbelt Arka IV, Refresh Gear, Great Mule Account so cute SOLD
EU *EMP/RELIC* Aegis(85) Ukon(80) Utilis Shield Hume F 10 jobs, 95 LC, af3+2/Twilight SOLD
US *EMP* Ukonvasara(90) Elvaan 19/20 Jobs 90+, Af3+2,VW, BB Nice Account SOLD
*EMP* Ukonvasara(85) Hume 15 Jobs Mekira/Mextli Body, Killer DD Af3/2+2 Nice 45 Caraboose Gem, 50 Fistule Discharge SOLD
US *TRIP EMP* Masamune(90) Kannagi/Armag(85) Taru 12 jobs VW Bodies Mekira/Ahnur ,BB, Pro Mage/Melee! and Crafts SOLD
*EMP/RELIC*Apocalypse(95) Ochain(90) Almace/Kannagi/Masa(85) Taru 20/20 jobs Ridiculous Loaded. Mage + Melee SOLD
Galka WAR/BLM/THF/BST/DRK/RED Af3+1/2 Great Mule, 88 Bonecraft SOLD
Hume All jobs, Mage/Melee Mekira/Twilight Body, VW Drops, All-Around Account SOLD
US *RELIC/EMP* Aegis(95) Almace/Armageddon(85) PLD/THF/SAM/DRK/DRG/BLM/COR LOADED R/EX Mekira VW Body SOLD
US *FIVE EMP* (90) Vere/Gandvia (85) Ukon/Kannagi/Armageddon Elvaan Phorcy/Thaumas INSANE gear 12 jobs. Blackbelt SOLD
EU *RELIC/EMP* Gungir(95) Ochain/Vere(90) Rhongomiant (85) Hume Totally Loaded, Blackbelt, Cure Pot 23% /w 100 cooking mule SOLD
US *EMP* Almace 85 Taru RDM/WHM/THF/NIN/COR/DRG/SCH AF3/2+2, VW+, Mage+Melee Account SOLD
*EMP/RELIC* 2 Acct1 SE ID Amano(95), Vere/Kannagi(90) Almace/Masa(85) BB, Crafts, Pro Setup, Hume M and F SOLD
*EBISU* Female H WAR/RDM/DRG/BLM/THF/DNC/SAM 103 Fishing Great Mule/Gil Makers SOLD
*DUAL EMP* Ukon(90) Kannagi(85) Elf WAR/WHM/NIN/THF/DRK/PLD/RDM Full TH, af3/2+2 Nice SOLD
*TRIP EMP* Ukon(85) Masamune(90) Armageddon(85) Elf, 11 jobs, WoE+2, VW drops, PRO! SOLD
US Galka BST/MNK/NIN/WAR Perfect Mule, af3+1/2, Twilight, Shinryu, Good Midrang Proc Acc SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Mandau(95) Ukon(90) Kannagi(85) Elf 8 Jobs Very Pro, af3/2+2 + Voidwatch SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Bravura(95) Ukon Kannagi(90) Almace Masamune(85) Hume Dring Ancile(Stage4 Aegis)VW bodies 80 Synergy + 2nd POL ID SOLD
US *EMP* Kannagi(85) PLD/NIN/THF/BLM/DRK/SCH Very Nicely geared VW PRO af3/2+2, 5m Cruor SOLD
EU *RELIC/EMP* Aegis(95) Ukon(90) Kannagi(85) 9jobs, 5/5 Phorcy/Thaumas, 100BC 92Fishing, Voidwatch Pro+, Provence Access SOLD
US *RELIC/EMP* Bravura(99) Ukonvasara(85)Hume Ultimate WAR Mekira,af3+2,Vahall,Synrgy 80 SOLD
EU *EMP* Verethragna(90) Hume, 9jobs Drachenhorn, Thaumas, BB, 100 BC, Super HQ VW+ SOLD
EU *EMP* Verethragna(90) Masa(90) Almace(85) Kannagii(85) Taru 13/15 NeoNyzle BB, VW Bodies, Ebisu, 104 Fishing, 80 Synergy SOLD
Taru RDM/BLM/PLD/DRK af3+2, Voidwatch Body, Very nice mule, Shinryu, Refresh gear af2+2 SOLD
US *RELIC/EMP* Spharai(95) Masamune(85) Kannagi 100 Fishing 19/20 Jobs, BB, Very Awesome SOLD
US Taru BLU/SMN/BLM/PUP/DNC Basic Account Cheap SOLD
US Mithra WHM mule, All expansions, Shinryu, af3+2, perfect mule cheap SOLD
US *DUAL EMP* Almace(90) Armageddon(85) Elf WHM/RDM/PLD/COR/SAM/DRG Twilight af3+2, VW+ SOLD
US *INSANE* Mandau(95) Aegis(85) Daurdabla/Kannagi(90) Almace(85) Mithra VW Bodies 100 BonecraftLOADED! SOLD
US Hume WHM/BLM/RDM/DNC/NIN/PLD/WAR All Expan, Twilight, Af3+2, Voidwatch Cheap! SOLD
*EMP* Caladbolg(90) Hume DRK/BLM/MNK/SMN/PUP BB af3+2, Voidwatch 100 Cooking Pro SOLD
*EBISU* Fisher BLM/RDM/PLD/DRG 85, Abyssya, Old School, Salvage SOLD
*DUAL EMP* Gandiva(90) Kannagi(85) Hume 12 Jobs 100 BC 80 Synergy VW Bodies Capped TH SOLD
*BEAST* Aegis(95) Ukon/Vere(90) Almace/Kannagi/Arma(85) 5/5 Phorcys. Thamus 100Fish/80Synergu 19/20 Jobs 99. INCREDIBLE SOLD
*FOUR EMP* (85)Rhongomiant ArmaG Kannagi Alamce Hume F 100 Fish/Cook/Synergy Ebisu! 18/20 jobs 99 /w BONUS PL Mule(2 POL IDS) SOLD
US *TRIP EMP* Ukon/Vere/Kannagi(85) Taru 15 Jobs, Magian Staves, BB, af3+2 VW Bodies SOLD
US Hume Great Basic Mule WHM + BST Sky/Sea/Abyssea SOLD
BASIC Elvaan F BRD BLM 62 WHM, Abyssya, af3+1, CHEAP SOLD
US Mithra WHM/NIN/DRG/THF Basic Great Mule. Abyssya, cheap SOLD
US *DUAL EMP* Verethragna(85) Kannagi(85) Hume 16 Jobs, BB, tons af3+2, VW, Mage + Melee SOLD
EU *EMP* Kannagi(90) Hume F, THF BRD SAM, af3+2, af2+2, Voidwatch, Shinryu 2.5m cruor SOLD
US *SIX EMP* (90)Gandiva/Armaged (85)Cala/Farsha/Masa/Kannagi 19 jobs 91/100 af3+2, VW PRO++WOW SOLD
*EMP* Verethragna(90) Hume MNK/WHM/SAM/DNC, Voidwatch! Mextli Harness, BlackBelt, WOW SOLD
US *DUAL EMP* Twastar(90) Armageddon(85) Taru 14 jobs, 100 BC Af3/2+2, VWBodies, Magian Staves, Very LOADED SOLD
US PRO Taru WHM/NIN/THF/BLM/WAR/BST/SCH Af3+2, Twilight, Provence gear, VW++ Awesome SOLD
Elf BLM/THF/DNC/COR/DRK/PLD/RNG/NIN Af3+2, Shinryu, Voidwatch Midrange Great! SOLD
Elvaan NIN/WAR/WHM/BLM/PLD/DRG All Expansions, Shinryu, Great Midrange, Crafts SOLD
*RELIC/EMP* Mandau Vere(85) Almace(85) Ebisu Hume MNK/THF/WHM/RDM/BLM BB, VW++ DECKED SOLD
Mithra PLD/WHM/RDM/BLM/BRD/SCH af3+2/ShinryuGreat Jobs! Perfect Mule SOLD
US *DUAL EMP* Ochain(90) Kannagi(85) TARU PLD/WHM/RDM/NIN/BLM/THF af3+2, Voidwatch, Pro SOLD
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