FFXI Gil for Sale

Amount Server Price  
3200 Million In Stock Asura $1.50 / PER Million
189 Million In Stock Bismarck $2.00 / PER Million
126 Million In Stock Cerberus $2.00 / PER Million
400 Million In Stock Lakshmi $2.00 / PER Million
145 Million In Stock Odin $1.50 / PER Million
103 Million In Stock Odin $2.00 / PER Million
139 Million In Stock Quetzalcoatl $2.00 / PER Million
312 Million In Stock Ragnarok $2.00 / PER Million
234 Million In Stock Sylph $2.00 / PER Million

Here at Accountswappers.com we sell cheap FFXI Gil, and we only sell FFXI Gil . Unlike most electronic currency providers, we only work within FFXI because it is the game we play, we know, and we love. When you buy FFXI Gil from many vendors they do not actually have the FFXI Gil on hand and it takes them some time to acquire it despite their promise of instant delivery. We are more on the realistic side and guarantee the Gil delivery to be fast , but not instant. We can do this because we only sell what we have in stock.

Our FFXI Gil is not farmed, but obtained by normal means .

As a small, American company we can guarantee the best communication among any Gil provider. When you buy FFXI Gil it is nice to know you are not shipping your hard earned money to people who are paid slave labor to grind all day. We do not sell Chinese farmed Gil. All the Gil we sell comes from FFXI accounts we purchase and gamers like you. When people farm Gil obtained by unconventional methods it hurts a server’s economy. Our FFXI Gil comes from the same economy in which we sell it, so it will cause little to no inflation. When you buy FFXI Gil many sites provide a drop down window allowing you to select whatever amount you want. This means they do not have the FFXI Gil on hand and the delivery will be slow. Below you can see our inventory down to the exact million we have available on your server. Click “Buy this Gil” and unless it is the middle of the night we will deliver it quickly.

We will match competitor’s prices! To provide you the cheapest FFXI Gil anywhere!

With the largest inventory of FFXI gil in the world, we can instantly deliver most customers who buy FFXI gil. If your order is not delivered instantly, it is because demand is too high. Don’t worry, your cheap FFXI gil will be delivered very shortly.

Gil purchases are personalized to you.

When you purchase FFXI Gil from us, you are not required to be online for hours waiting for delivery. If we cannot deliver the Gil instantly we will tell you when we can so that you do not have to shape your day around us. This is just a consideration you are given with an American company selling safe cheap FFXI gil. Fast service, the best prices, good communication. Give Accountswappers.com FFXI Gil buying service a try and you will never want to use anyone else .

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