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*RELIC/EMP* Amanomurakumo/Yoichinoyumi 95) Twash/Cala/Armag(85)Hume Salvag+1 Full NiNyzle,SoA DECKED
Price: $0.00

Hume Male Brown Hair

Sandy/Windy/Bastok Rank 10
Reg Codes: YES
Server Xfer is Available

Zilart: Complete!
Promathia: Complete!
ToAU: Complete!
Assault: Captain
WoTG: Complete!
Campaign: Starlight Medal
C.Prophecy: Complete!
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Complete!
A Shantotto Ascension: Complete!
Abyssea: Vision/Scars/Hereos Purchased + SHINRYU Access
Nyzul: FLOOR 0
Dynamis: All Access
Adoulin: Purchased: Arciela Appears Again

300k in misc sellables

Noteable Melee Rare/EX
Amanomurakumo Lv.95 "Tachi:Kaiten"
Yoichinoyumi Lv.95 "Namas Arrow"
Twashtar Lv.85 "Rudra's Storm"
Caladbolg Lv.85 "Torcleaver"
Armageddon Lv.85 "Wildfire"
Usukane Set +1 4/5
Phorcys Set 5/5
Thaumas Set 5/5
Vara Brigandine Armor
Porthos Byrnie
Mekira Meikogai
Omodaka Gote
Murzim Manopolas
Ogier's Set 4/5
Karieyh Brayettes
Karieyh Sollerets
Athos's Tights
Athos's Boots
Enif Cosciales
Punishing Gloves
Letalis Mantle
Assassin's Poulaines +2
Assassin's Armlets +2 [Enhances Perfect Dodge]
Saotome Kote +2
Scout's Socks
Twilight Belt
Twilight Scythe
Twilight Knife
Twilight Torque
Twilight Helm
Twilight Mantle
Raider's Set +2 5/5
Raider's Boomerang
Raider's Belt
Bale Set +2 5/5
Bale Choker
Bale Earring
Sylvan Set +2 5/5
Sylvan Chlamys
Sylvan Scarf
Unkai Set +2 5/5
Unkai Nodowa
Unkai Sugemino
Unkai Mimikazari
Navarch's Set +2 5/5
Navarch's Choker
Navarch's Mantle
Navarch's Earring
Fajin Boots
Skadi's Jambeaux
Danzo Sune-ate
Trotter Boots
Aurum Cuisses
Enkidu's Set 3/5
Byakko's Haidate
Suzaku's Sune-ate
Seiryu's Kote
Genbu's Kabuto
Justice Torque
Love Torque
Hope Torque
Velox Harness
Taranis's Harness
Ganesha's Mala
Godaing Blet
Homam Set 4/5
Kantonotachi [TP Bonus +100]
Hecatomb Cap +1
Hecatomb Harness +1
Hecatomb Mittens +1
Hecatomb Subligar +1
Hecatomb Leggings +1
Ares' Flanchard
Ares' Cuirass
Skadi's Cuirie
Skadi's Bazubands
Skadi's Chausses
Usukane Hizayoroi
Askar Set 3/5
Denali Set 5/5
Houyi's Gorget
Magoraga Beads
Torero Torque
Agasaya's Collar
Buccaneer's Belt
Atheling Mantle
Moonshade Earring [Atk+4, TP Bonus +25]
Brutal Earring
Strigoi Ring
Ganesha's Mask
Lux Pugio
Wanion Belt
Phasmida Belt
Bullwhip Belt
Ocelot Trousers
Ocelot Gloves
Heafoc Mitts
Timarli Dastanas
Epona's Ring
Anwig Salade [STR+4, AGI+4, Wep.Skill Acc.+15, Wep.Skill Dmg +2%]
Sanus Ensis
Blustery Dagger
Triplus Dagger
Devilish Scythe
Shadow Mantle
Shadow Ring
Colossus's Earring
Uther's Grip
Mirke Wardecors [MAB+4, Quick Draw Delay -5]
Dilaram's Sollerets
Vermeil Bhuj
Shenlong's Baghnakhs
Rapidus Sax
Auric Dagger
Heavy Shell
Aliyat Chakram
Anger Bomblet
Arbuda's Grip
Eisen Grip
Bizen Osafune
Walahra Turban
Ace's Set 5/5
Zha'Go's Barbut
Optical Hat
Hydra Beret
Hydra Harness
Whirlwind Dirs
Bustle Dirs
Matre Bragezenn
Entois Trousers
Bahram Cuisses
Anguinus Belt
Nusku's Sash
Terebellum Mantle
Tactical Mantle
Belenos's Mantle
Aesir Ear Pendant
Pixie Earring
Loki's Kaftan
Portus Annulet
Dark Ring [MDT-2%, PDT-4%]
Meridian Ring
Hoarfrost Blade
Zelus Tiara
Wroth Scythe
Mekki Shakki
Aquiline Belt
Schutzen Mittens
Spear of Trials
Metallon Mantle
Boxer's Mantle
Clearview Earring

Snow Belt
Light Belt
Snow Gorget
Breeze Gorget
Rajas Ring
Loxley Bow
Vali's Bow
Peacock Amulet
Soboro Sukehiro
Jelly Ring
Bloodbead Ring
Jalzahn's Ring
Luzaf's Ring
Bibiki Seashell
Tandem necklace +1
Spelunker's Hat
Rogue's Armlets +1
Chaos Burgeonet +1
Hunter's Beret +1
Hunter's Braccae +1
Myochin Kote +1
Myochin Haidate +1
Corsair's Tricorne +1
Commodore Tricorne +1
WAR AF2 1/6
PLD AF2 1/6
DRK AF2 5/6
BST AF2 1/6
RNG AF2 5/6
SAM AF2 5/6
MNK AF2 1/6
THF AF2 5/6
COR AF2 2/6
PUP AF2 1/6
DNC AF2 1/6

Noteable Mage Rare/EX
Vourukasha I
Dalmatica +1
Nares Set 5/5
Rubeus Jacket
Rubeus Gloves
Rubeus Spats
Duelist's Chapeau +2
Summonmer's Bracers +2
Twilight Cloak
Twilight Cape
Goetia Set +2 5/5
Goetia Chain
Goetia Mantle
Goetia Earring
Caller's Set +2 5/5
Caller's Sash
Caller's Pendant
Caller's Earring
Estoqueur's Set +2 3/5
Estoqueur's Set +1 2/5
Estoqueur's Cape
Estoqueur's Collar
Blood Finger Gauntlets
Plenitas Virga
Augur's Gloves
Aesir Torque
Oracle's Cap
Oracle's Gloves
Serpentes Cuffs
Serpentes Sabots
Strendu Ring
Zenith Mitts
Zenith Slacks
Genbu's Shield
Morrigan's Robe
Morrigan's Pigaches
Goliard Chapeau
Goliard Saio
Diabolos's Rope
Morganna's Choker
Aslan Cape
Iota Ring
Shrewd Pumps
Teiwaz [DMG+4 [Trial 1682]]
Zodiac Ring
Yingyang Robe
Searing Cape
Hecate's Earring
Loquac. Earring
Magnetic Earring
Phalaina Locket
Karka Ring
Omega Ring
Hirudinea Earring
Evoker's Ring
Demon's Ring [MAB+2, Mag.Crit Dmg+3%]
Demon's Ring [MAB+2, Res.Blind+2, Res.Curse+2]

Carbuncle Mitts
Snone Gorget
Wizard's Petasos +1
Wizard's Coat +1
Wizard's Gloves +1
Warlock's Chapeau +1
Warlock's Tabard +1
Hunter's Bracers +1
BLM AF2 5/6
RDM AF2 4/6
SMN AF2 6/6
BLU AF2 2/6

Emperion Upgrade Items:
Orthrus's Claw x12
AF3+2 Upgrade Items:
Vision Jewel x5
Voyage Stone x3
AF3+1 Misc. upgrades:
Magnifying Specs
Weaver's Smock

Nexus Cape
Behemoth Tongue
Beastman Seals: 6
Kindred Seals: 4
Kindred Crests: 143
High-Kindred Crests: 48

2 HP
13 MP

12 STR
12 DEX

8 Dagger
8 Archery
4 Marksmanship
4 Great Sword
4 Great Katana
4 Evasion

8 Elemental
8 Enfeebling
8 Enhancing
8 Summoning

5 Crit. Hit
4 Spell Int. Rate Down
1 Enmity Increase

10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
5 Resolution
5 Exenterator
5 Tachi:Shoha

Cruor: 2,912,191
Traverser Stone: 2,132
3/3 Lunar Abyssites
Abyssite of Discernment: Yes
Abyssite of Cosmos: Yes
6/6 Sojourn
3/3 Celerity
2/3 Avarice
2/3 Confluence
2/3 Expertise
3/3 Fortune
2/3 Kismet
1/3 Prosperity
3/3 Destiny
3/3 Acumen
3/9 Lenity
3/3 Perspicacity
3/3 Reaper
2/3 Guedron
2/3 Furtherance
4/6 Merit
NM Key Items

Voidwatch Stones: 672
Crimson Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
Indigo Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
Jade Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
White Stratum Abyssite Tier 6
Ashen Stratum Abyssite Tier 3
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
Amber Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
3/3 Periapt of Emergence
1/1 Periapt of Guidance
1/1 Periapt of Percipience
1/1 Periapt of Sapience
1/1 Periapt of Clarity
2/2 Concord
2/2 Catalysis
2/2 Exploration
3/3 Frontiers
2/2 Concentration
2/2 Glory
2/2 Focus
2/2 Intensity
2/2 Readiness
2/2 Adaptability
2/2 Vigilance
2/2 Prudence
Enriched Atmacites:
Discipline Lv.14
Coercion Lv.15
Provenance Lv.10
Devotion Lv.5
Persistence Lv.2
Destruction Lv.11
Shrewd Lv.10

tldr& Very pimp hume, awesome mode, relics, emps, full phroyc/nares/thaumas, very rare salvage+1 gear completed, missions up to date, Abyssya and VW almost 100% cleared, millions of cruor in enrichment. Seekers up to date, with Rare/EX from new expansion Very high end account

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