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FFXIV - 50Lalafell Dragoon, Gae Bolg +1!!!, 4 Pieces Darklight, Ifrit's Blade - Leviathan-NA
Price: $0.00

Lalafel Dunesfolk Male Blonde Spiky Hair

Reg Codes: Yes
Server - NA-Leviathan

Completed Quests
Main Scenario Quests: Complete
Chronicles of a New Era Complete!
Class Quests:
Lancer Lv.30
Pugilist Lv.15
Job Quests:
Dragoon Lv.50
Grand Company Quests:
Shadows Uncast
Twisted Beliefs

Current Levequest Allowances: 100

300k in misc sellables

Noteable Disciples of War Gear
ae Bolg +1 [Dragoon Relic +1]
Ifrit's Blade
Darklight Sollerets
Darklight Bracelet of Striking
Darklight Bracelet of Striking
Darklight Band of Maiming
Hetairos Elmo
Hetairos Mail
Hetairos Mitts
Hetairos Breeches
Hetairos Armguards
Pelltast Choker
Pelltast Earrings
Pelltast Mitts
Pelltast Action
Pelltast Leggings
Pelltast Ring
Aetherial Ash Cavalry Bow
Aetherial Boarskin Pot Helm
Aetherial Cobalt Mitt Gauntlets
Aetherial Fingerless Raportoskin Gloves
Aetherial Boarskin Subligar
Aetherial Steel Scale Greaves
Aetherial Amethyst Ring
Aetherial Mythril Ring
DRG AF 5/5
Darklight Tassets[/B]
Flame Private's Spear
Flame Lieutenant's Spear
Infantry Gloves
Venerer's Bracers
Hoplite Gauntlets
Hoplite Trousers
Hoplite Tabard
Plundered Leather Belt
Toxotes Belt
Toxotes Tunic
Toxotes Kecks
Toxotes Movvasins
Pellcast Breeches
Hetairoi Jackboots
Maurauder's Ring
Meteor Survivor Ring

Noteable Disciples of Magic Gear
Aetherial Earth Brand
Aetherial Horn Staff
Ifrit's Grimoire

Demagogue Half Robe
Demagogue Rope Belt
Demagogue Chauesses
Demagogue Choker
Strategos Breeches
Strategos Coif
Strategos Duckbills
Strategos Ring

Noteable Disciples of the Hand/Land Gear

Hamlet Cutter's Hat
Botanist's Doublet
Botanist's Gloves
Botanist's Slops
Botanist's Workboots
Militia Scythe
[B][SIZE="5"]Noteable Disciples of the Hand/Land Gear[/SIZE]
Hamlet Cutter's Hat
Botanist's Doublet
Botanist's Gloves
Botanist's Slops
Botanist's Workboots
Militia Scythe

Mounts and Minions
Magitek Armor
Wayward Hatchling
Cait Sith Doll
Baby Behemoth
Chogoe Larvae
Infant Imp
Pudgy Puk
Gobbue Sprotling
Demon Brick
Wind-up Airship

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