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*EMP/RLC/DLV/EBISU* Aegis(95)Ochain(90)/Tons o Delve Mithra 10 jobs Forged+1 119,BB, Neo Nyzle, Shapers Shawl, ELITE!
Price: $0.00

Mithra Brown Hair

Sandy Rank 6
Reg Codes: Yes
Server Xfer is Available

Awesome Items:

Zilart: Complete!
Promathia: Complete!
ToAU: Complete!
Assault: SL
WoTG: Complete!
Campaign: Allied Ribbon of Bravery
C.Prophecy: Complete!
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Complete!
A Shantotto Ascension: Complete!
Abyssea: Vision/Scars/Hereos Purchased + SHINRYU Access
Nyzul: FLOOR 100
Dynamis: All Access
Seekers of Adoulin: Clear Skies

300k in misc sellables

Noteable Melee Rare/EX
Aegis Lv.95
Spelogen Bow
Eminent Dagger
Eminent Scimitar
Eminent Bow
Eminent Gun
Eminent Animator
Aphotic Kukri
Anahera Sword
Ochain Lv.90
Black Belt
Plumb Boots
Reverence Coronet +1
Reverence Surcoat +1
Reverance Set 3/5
Orion Beret +1
Orion Set 4/5
Wakido Kabuto +1
Wakido Set 4/5
Laksamana's Hat +1
Laksamana's Set 4/5
Foire Taj +1
Foire Set 4/5
Anchorite's Hose
Anchorite's Cyclas
Anchorite's Gloves
Phorcys Korazin
Phorcys Schuhs
Elanid Belt
Hurch'lan Sash
Tripudio Earring
Osmium Cuisses
Nahtirah Hat
Nahtirah Trousers
Thurandaut's Chapeau +1 [HP+35]
Buremte Hat
Buremte Gloves
Letalis Mantle
Dispersal Mantle
Gunslinger's Cape
Weard Mantle
Lutian Cape
Takaha Mantle
Repulse Mantle
Agitator's Collar
Bloodrain Strap
Hatirah Trousers
Manibozho Brais R.15
Manibozho Gloves R.15
Manibozho Boots R.15
Manibozho Jerkin R.15
Iron Goblet
Ocachi Gorget
Wurrukatte Boots
Mikinaak Gauntlets R.15
Animikii Bullet
Steelflash Earring
Bladeborn Earring
Candent Ring
Patricius Ring
K'ayres Ring
Otomi Helm
Aneirin's Gloves
Regimen Mittens
Yaoyotl Gloves
Yaoyotl Helm
Thaumas Set 5/5
Cizin Mufflers
Cizin Breeches
Cizin Greaves
Otronif Gloves
Otronif Brais
Otronif Boots
Otronif Harness
Whirlpool Greaves
Whirlpool Mask
Iuitl Set 4/5
Hagondes Set 3/5
Quiahuiz Leggings
Asperity Necklace
Enif Corazza
Enif Manopolas
Enif Zucchetto
Murzim Gambieras
Ares' Cuirass +1
Valor Leggings +2
Valor Gauntlets +2
Valor Breeches +2
Scout's Set 4/5
Saotome Kote +2
Saotome Haidate +2
Saotome Sune-ate +2
Commodore Tricorne +2
Commodore Culottes +2
Commodore Gants +2
Pantin Dastanas +2
Pantin Churidars +2
Pantin Babouches +2
Melee Set +2 4/5
Twilight Belt
Twilight Torque
Twilight Knife
Twilight Scythe
Twilight Helm
Creed Set +2 5/5
Creed Collar
Creed Baudrier
Creed Earring
Sylvan Set +2 4/5
Sylvan Bragues +1
Sylvan Chlamys
Sylvan Earring
Unkai Domaru +2
Unkai Haidate +2
Unkai Set +1 3/5
Unkai Nodowa
Unkai Sugemino
Navarch's Gants +2
Navarch's Set +1 4/5
Cirque Set +2 3/5
Cirque Set +1 2/5
Cirque Earring
Tantra Cyclas +2
Tantra Set +1 4/5
Byakko's Haidate
Suzaku's Sune-ate
Seiryu's Kote
Genbu's Kabuto
Atheling Mantle
Moonshade Earring [Atk+2, TP Bonus +25]
Brutal Earring
Epona's Ring
Oneiros Annulet
Dark Ring [PDT-6%, BDT-5%]
ALiyat Chakram
Mirke Wardecors [MAB+4, Quick Draw Delay -5]
Desultor Tassets [Barage +1, Phantom ROll Delay -5]
Ganesha's Mala
Aquiline Belt
Clearview Earring
Impulse Belt
Shadow Mantle
Shadow Ring
Ethereal Earring
Fenian Ring

Shadow Belt
Light Belt
Shadow Gorget
Light Gorget
Peacock Amulet
Rajas Ring
Guignol Earring
Luzaf's Ring
MNK AF2 2/6
PLD AF2 3/6
RNG AF2 1/6
SAM AF2 3/6
COR AF2 2/6
PUP AF2 3,6

Noteable Mage Rare/EX
Cagiliostro's Rod
Eminent Wand
Eminent Staff
Baqil Staff
Brioso Roundlet +1
Brioso Set 4/5
Assimilator's Keffiyeh +1
Assimilator's Set 4/5
Geomancy Galero +1
Manabyss Pigaches
Weatherspoon Souliers
Ux'uxkaj Boots
Ux'uxkaj Cap
Nares Cap
Nares Trews
Maniacus Sash
Gendewitha Set 4/5
Memphitis Grip
Oneiros Grip
Filiae Bell
Sangoma Ring
Zodiac Ring
Eddy Necklace
Rhapsode's Cape
Cornflower Cape
Refraction Cape
Lifestream Cape
Pahtli Cape
Lifestorm Earring
Psystorm Earring
Bokwus Gloves
Bokwus Boots
Heka's Kalasiris
Marduk's Shalwar +1
Bard's Set +2 4/5
Mirage Keffiyeh +2
Mirage Bazubands +2
Mirage Charuqs +2
Twilight Cloak
Twilight Cape
Aoidos' Set +2 5/5
Aoidos' Matinee
Aoidos' Belt
Aoidos' Earring
Mavi Set +2 5/5
Caller's Set +1 3/5
Caller's Pendant
Merciful Cape
Altruistic Cape
Blood Cuisses
Blood Mask [M.Acc+4, Quick Draw Delay -4]
Tarutaru Sash [HP+11, MND+2, Treasure hunter +1]
Felibre's Dague
Merucrial Pole
Pan's Horn
Serpentes Cuffs
Serpentes Sabots
Crooner's Cithara
Apollo's Flute
Cantabank's Horn
Genbu's Shield [HP+20, M.Acc+5, Cure Pot+3%]
Legion Scutum
Phalaina Locket
Hecate's Earring
Loquac. Earring
Musical Earring

Balrahn's Ring
BRD AF2 2/6
BLU AF2 3/6
SMN AF2 2/6

Reforged Upgrade Items:
Rem's Tale Ch.1 x5
Rem's Tale Ch.4 x2
Rem's Tale Ch.6 x10
Rem's Tale Ch.7 x27
Rem's Tale Ch.8 x56
Rem's Tale Ch.9 x37
Rem's Tale Ch. x23
Emperion Upgrade Items:
{All EMP upgardes}
AF3+2 Upgrade Items:
Vision Jewel x3
Wieldance Card x2
Wieldance Jewel x2
Wieldance Coin
Ardor Coin
Balance Jewel x2
Balance Card
AF3+1 Misc. upgrades:
Ebisu Fishing Rod
Shaper's Shawl
Craftkeeper's Ring
Artificer's Ring
Fisherman's Smock

Trench Tunic
Dredger Hose
Nexus Cape
Beastman Seals: 38
Kindred Seals: 87
Kindred Crests: 188
High-Kindred Crests: 112
S.Kindred Crest: 38

15 HP

12 STR
12 DEX

8 Great Katana
8 Hand to Hand
8 Sword
8 Marksmanship

8 Elemental
8 Blue
8 Handbell
8 Geomancy

5 Crit. Hit
5 Enemy Crit. Down

10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
10/10 10/10
1 Shijin Spiral
1 Exenterator
5 Requiescat
1 Resolution
3 Tachi:Shoha
4 Last Stand

Cruor: 2,843,795
Traverser Stone: 902
3/3 Lunar Abyssites
Abyssite of Discernment: Yes
Abyssite of Cosmos: Yes

Voidwatch Stones: 32
Crimson Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
Indigo Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
Jade Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
White Stratum Abyssite Tier 6
Ashen Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
Amber Stratum Abyssite Tier 2
Enriched Atmacites:

Bayld: 984,072
Alizarin MB Clear
Zaffre MB Clear
Celadon MB Clear
tldr Up to date Mithra with Forged af 109/119 and upgrade itesm ready for the new owners choice. Totally decked paladin with ranked up Delve gear, 110 Expert Ebisu Fisher, Guild point items for crafts. 80 Synergy. Complete account Melee/Mage all around latest R/EX Awesome Mithra Model

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