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[PC/PS4] Elezen M *High Allagan Spear*, PLD(i119),WAR(i118),DRG/BRD(i110),BLM(i109), Soldiery Sword, Ironwork Shield, BEAST
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Elezen M

Server Xfer is Available

Main Scenario Quests: Complete!
Chronicles of a New Era: Complete!

Value in misc. sellables 3000k

Noteable Disciples of War Gear
Burtgang (110)
Rosenbogen (110)
Curtana Animus (100)
Holy Shield Animus (100)
Ironworks Magitek Shield (120)
Artemis Bow Zenith (90)
Conquerer (110)
High Allagan Spear (115)
Flame Private's Cesti
Aetherial Crabshell Horn
Flame Private's Pot Helm
High Allagan Mask of Aiming
Ironwork's Helms of Fending
Auroral Coif
Weathered Astrum Helm
Aetherial Steel Sallet
Infantry Bandana
Auroral Tabard
Suit of Astrum Mail
Flame Private's Shirt
Ironworks Armor of Fending
Flames Private's Harness
Flames Private's Gown
High Allagan Gauntlets of Maiming
Infantry Glove
High Allagan Gloves of Aiming
Aetherial Hard Leather Ringbands
Aetherial Goatskin Armguard
Ironworks Gauntlets of Fending
Aetherial Toadskin Armguards
Flame Private'ss Halfgloves
High Allagan Belt of Aiming
Ironworks Belt of Fending
Infantry Belt
High Allagan Belt of Striking
High Allagan Belt of Maiming
Aurora Sash
Aetherial Cotton Breeches
Ironworks Trousers of Fending
The Guardian Breeches of Maiming
Amon's Breeches
Flame Private's Chausses
High Alladan Trousers of Striking
High Allagan Sabatons of Maiming
Demon Greaves of Maiming
High Allagan Sabatons of Fending
Infantry Tightboots
Auroral Boots
High Allagan Boots of Aiming
Choral Sandals
Flame Private's Jackboots
Flame Private's Crakows
Fighter's Jackboots
Dranchen Greaves
Ironworks Choker of Fending
Gloam Choker
High Allagan Choker of Fending
Auroral Choker
Aetherial Sunstone Choker
Noct Choker
High Allagan Earrings of Slaying
Gloam Earrings
High Allagan Earrings of Fending
Flame Sergeant's Ear Cuffs
Auroral Earring
High Allagan Earring of Aiming
Noct Earring
Ironworks Earring of Fending
Ironworks Bracelet of Fending
Aetherial Boarskin Wristbands
Gloam Wristlets
True Ice Bracelet of Slaying
High Allagan Bracelets of Fending
Auroral Wristlets
True Ice Bracelet of Aiming
Auroral Ring
Weathered Gloam Ring
Ironworks Ring
Flames Private's Ring
Augmented Ironworks Ring of Fending
Gloam Ring
Ironworks Ring of Fending

Noteable Disciples of Magic Gear
Laevateinn (110)
Thyrus Zenith (90)
Stardust Rod Zenith (90)
Aetherial Hard Leather Grimoire
Bogatyr's Circlet of Healing
Evenstar Hat
Cleric's Robe
Evenstar Coat
Acolyte's Halfgloves
Evenstar Gloves
Scylla's Gloves of Healing
Battlemage's Gloves
Aetherial Cotton Dress Gloves
Hero's Belt of Healing
Aetherial Rope Belt
Battlemage's Belt
Evenstar Sash
Acolyte's Skirt
High Allagan Pantaloons of Healing
High Allagan Breeches of Casting
Wizard's Tonban
Wizard's Crakows
High Allagan Boots of Casting
Healer's Boots
High Allagan Thightboots of Healing
Hero's Necklace of Healing
High Allagan Choker of Casting
Evenstar Earrings
Hero's Earrings of Healing
Evenstar Armillae
High Allagan Bracelets of Healing
Weathered Evenstar Ring
Daystar Ring
Hero's Ring of Healibg

Noteable Disciples of the Hand/Land
Iron Skillet
Goldsmith's Turban
Partisan's Crown
Brass Alembic
Mahogany Spinning Wheel
Artisan's Spinning Wheel
Hamrlet Digger's Helment
Leatherworker's Hat
Leatherworker's Shirt
Dodore Survival Belt
Artisan's Awl
Artisan's Mitts
Artisan's Culottes
Artisan's Sandals
Weaver's Gibus
Rose Gold Choker (Craftman's Cunning Materia III, CP +3)
Mosshorn Earring (Craftman's Cunning Materia III, CP +3)
Aetheryte Ring (Craftman's Cunning Materia III, CP +3)
Aetheryte Ring (Craftman's Command Materia III, CP +3)

Soul of the Dragoon
Soul of the Bard
Soul of the Warrior
Soul of the Paladin
Soul of the Monk
Soul of the White Mage
Soul of the Black Mage

Mounts and Minions
Company Chocobo
Fat Chocobo
Magitek Armor
Gilded Magitek Armor
Black Chocobo Chick
Princecly Hatchling
Cherry Bomb
Baby Behemoth
Morbol Seedling
Baby Bun
Wide-eyed Fawn
Dust Bunny
Pudgy Puk
Buffalo Calf
Infant Imp
Beady Eye
Fledgling Dodo
Coblyn Larva
Gobbue Sproutling
Slime Puddle
Eggplant Knight
Naughty Nanka
Demon Box
Mammet #001
Mammet #003U
Gravel Golem
Wind-up Onion Knight
Wind-up Odin
Wind-up Warrior of Light*.

Allagan Tomestones Tier I: 0
Allagan Tomestones Tier II: 1,330
Allagan Tomestones Tier III: 215
Company Seals: 240
Wolf Marks: 1,552
Allied Seals: 995

tldr& Very Load Elezen with a super decked Paladin with proper gear, crafting max melded artisan gear. over 2 million gil on hand, artisans goldsmith grinding wheel, goldsmith desynth 70, tons of Mounts, Susbscription active for 5 months(PC or PS). So play for free for over 5 months

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