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[PC/PS]i128 NIN, Finished i135 ZETA, BLM/SCH/SMN i110 Hyur F-Diablos- 5m Fully melded Gather/Craft
Price: $0.00

Reg Codes: NO
Server Xfer is Available

Main Scenario Quests: Complete!
Chronicles of a New Era: Complete!
Grand Company: Maelstrom Second Storm Lieutenant

Value in misc. sellables 800k

Noteable Disciples of War Gear
Sasuke's Blade Zeta (iLvl. 135)
Augmented Ironworks Mask of Scouting
Toxotes Bandana
Demon Helm of Fending
Augmented Ironworks Corselet of Scouting
War Harness
War Mitt Gauntlets
Demon Bracers of Scouting
Demon Sash of Scouting
Allagan Tasset of Striking
Augmented Ironworks Brais of Scouting
Allagan Sollerets of Striking
Dreadwyrm Boots of Scouting
Augmented Ironworks Choker of Aiming
Darklight Choker of Maiming
Allagan Choker of Aiming
Augmented Ironworks Earrings of Aiming
Augmented Ironworks Braclet of Aiming
Ironworks Ring of Aiming
Augmented Ironworks Ring of Aiming

Noteable Disciples of Magic Gear
Stardust Rod Atma (iLvl. 110)
Leavateinn (iLvl. 110)
Demon Hat of Casting
Demon Robe of Casting
Demon Gloves of Casting
Wizard's Tonban
Wizard's Crakows
Evenstar Sash
Evenstar Necklace
Evenstar Earrings
True Ice Bracelet of Casting
Evenstar Ring
Weathered Evenstar Ring
Gysahl Ring

Noteable Disciples of the Hand/Land
Artisan's Frypan (Craftmanship +139, Control +78)
Urcaguary (Craftmanship +107, Control +61)
Artisan's Culinary Knife
Militia Scythe (Guerdon Materia II +4, Guerdon Materia II +4, Guerdon Materia I +3)
Forager's Fishing Rod (Gathering +143, Perception +82)
Rauni (Gathering +112, Perception +64)
Artisan's Spectacles (Cp +3, Craftsmanship +4, Control +39)
Plymed Steel Hatchet (Gathering +66, Perception +38)
Bronze Doming Hammer (Craftmanship +30, Control +17)
Hamlet Puller's Hat (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II +4, Gatherer's Guile Perception +4)
Culinarian's Hat (Craftman's Competence Materia II +4, Command Materia II Control +2)
Botanist's Doublet (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II +4, Materia I +3)
Fisher's Shirt (GP +3, Gathering +64, Perception +32, Guerdon II +4, Guerdon I +3)
Artisan's Gown (Cp +3, Control +35, Craftmanship +107)
Culinarian's Apron (Competence Materia III +5, Materia II +4)
Fisher's Gloves (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II +4, Guile Materia II +4)
Ehcatl Smithing Gloves
Botanist's Gloves (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II +4, Materia II +4)
Raptorskin Merchant's Purse (Command Materia I Control +1, Craftmanship +3)
Raptorskin Survival Belt (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I +3, Guile Materia I +2)
Botanist's Slops (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I +3, Materia I +3)
Fisher's Gaskins (Guerdon Materia II +4, Materia I +2)
Artisan's Chausses
Culinarian's Trousers (Cunning Materia II +2, Command Materia II +2, Command Materia I +1)
Fisher's Wading Boots (Guile Materia II +4, Guile Materia I +2, Guerdon Materia I +1)
Artisan's Pattens
Botanist's Workboots (Gatherer's Guile Materia I +3, Materia I +3)
Electrum Choker (Cunning Materia II +2, Competence Materia I +3)
Raptorskin Choker (Guerdon Materia I +3, Guile Materia I +3)
Red Cirak Earrubgs (Craftman's Competence Materia I +3, Command Materia I +1)
Electrum Earrings (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia +3, Guile Materia I +3)
Militia Wristlets (Craftman's Competence Materia II +4, Craftman's Command Materia I +1)
Militia Bracelets (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia II +4, Guile Materia II +4)
Aetheryte Ring (Craftman's Competence Materia I +3, Command Materia I +1)
Aetheryte Ring (Craftman's Competence Materia I +3, Command Materia I +1)
Raptorskin Ring (Gatherer's Guerdon Materia I +3, Guile Materia I +3)

Soul of the Black Mage
Soul of the Scholar
Soul of the White Mage
Soul of the Ninja
Soul of the Summoner

Mounts and Minions
Company Chocobo
Magitek Armor
Wayward Hatchling
Black Chocobo Chick
Princely Hatchling
Cherry Bomb
Morbol Seedling
Baby Bun
Chigoe Larva
Wide-eyed Fawn
Wolf Pup
Coeurl Kitten
Tiny Tortoise
Dust Bunny
Pudgy Puk
Buffalo Calf
Cactuar Cutting
Infant Imp
Beady Eye
Fledgling Dodo
Goobbue Sproutling
Bite-size Pudding
Naughty Nanka
Mammet #001
Mammet #003L
Gravel Golem
Wind-up Cursor
Model Vanguard
Wind-up Airship
Wind-up Ultros
Wind-up Gentleman
Wind-up Sun

Allagan Tomestones Tier II: 1,515
Allagan Tomestones Tier III: 232
Company Seals: 41,530
Allied Seals: 76

Ninja i128 with finished i135 zeta relic weapon, Final Coil of Bahamut access with 1 piece of dreadwyrm armor. All missions complete up to patch 2.55. Every dungeon and fight unlocked. Blm and Sch/Smn around i110 with i110 weapons. Forager's Rod Fsh, Artisan's skillet and artisan's knife Cul (420/380). Maxed out Ixal faction reputation, artisan head/body/legs/feet with ixal i70 crafting hands. Fully melded gathering gear for Fsh/Bot and crafting gear for Cul/Gsm.

Bid Start $575
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