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*RELIC* Galka + Taru Aegis Dring Souvern PLD/THF/BST/BLM Ambuscade/Reisen 119 Ex + Taru BLM
Price: $0.00

Bastok Rank 10
Reg Codes: NO
Server Xfer is Available

Zilart: Headstone Pilgrimage
Promathia: The Road Forks
ToAU: Passing Glory
WoTG: In the Name of the Father
C.Prophecy: The Echo Awakens
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
A Shantotto Ascension: That Which Curdles Blood
Abyssea: Vision/Heroes/Scars Full Access
Dynamis: All Access
Seekers of Adoulin: The Light Within
Rhapsodies of Vana'diel What He Left Behind
Mercenary Rank: Private Second Class

Value in misc. 500k+ in sellables 

Noteable Melee Rare/EX
Aegis (99)
Defending Ring
5/5 Flamma Armor (Ambuscade)
Nibiru Tabar
Mekosuchus Blade
Forefathers's Grip
Honed Tathlum
Souveran Schaller (Hp +80, Vit +10, PDT -3%)
Souveran Cuirass (Hp +80, Enmity +7, Potency of Cure Received +10%)
Souveran Handsuchs (Hp +50, Shield Skill +10, PDT -3%)
Souveran Diechlings (Hp +80, Enmity +7, Potency of Cure Received +10%)
Souveran Schuhs (Hp +80, Enmity +7, Potency of Cure Received +10%)
Acro Helm
Acro Surcoat (Pet: Crit Hit Rate +4%, Haste +1%, Acc +17, Rng Acc +17)
Acro Gauntlets (Pet: Crit Hit Rate +2%, DT 4%, Atk +24, Rng Atk +24)
Acro Gaunlets (Pet: Crit Hit Rate +4%, DT -4%, Atk +25, Rng Atk +25)
Acro Breeches (Call Beast Delay -5)
Acro Leggings (Pet: DT -3%, Acc +17, Rng Acc +17)
Taeon Gloves
Taeon Boots
Taeon Boots
Valorous Mask (Pet: Acc +28, Rng Acc +28, Atk +6, Rng Atk +6, Double Atk +1%)
Despair Helm
Imperial Wing Hairpin
Ighwa Cap
Whirlpool Mask
Xaddi Headgear
Rawhide Vest (Hp +50, Subtlw Blow +7, Triple Atk +2%)
Despair Mail
Manibozho Jerkin
Valorous Mitts (Pet: Haste +2%, Acc +26, Rng Acc +26, Atk +15, Rng Atk +15)
Odyssean Gauntlets
Rawhide Gloves
Gazu Bracelets
Crusher's Gauntlets
Shigure Tekko
Umuthi Gloves
Valorous Hose (Pet: DT -3%, Atk +29, Rng Atk +29)
Rawhide Trousers
Darraigner's Brais
Limbo Trousers
Valorous Greaves (Pet: Str +4, Acc +30, Rng Acc +30, Atk +13, Rng Atk +13, Store TP +2)
Odyssean Greaves
Despair Greaves
Whirlpool Greaves
Subtety Spectacles
Empath Necklace
Asperity Necklace
Defiant Collar
Hurch'lan Sash
Canny Cape (Dex +2, Dual Wield +3%, Crit Hit Dmg +1%)
Weard Mantle (Dex +1, Vit +3, Enmity +3)
Pastoralist's Mantle (Str +1, Dex +1, Acc +1, Pet: Acc +17, Rng Acc +17)
Updraft Mantle (Str +5, Pet: DT -1%, Breath +7)
Gunslinger's Cape (Magic Atk Bonus +1, Enmity -1, Phantom Roll Delay -2)
Lutian Cape
Vespid Mantle
Thureous Earring
Etiolation Earring
Zennaroi Earring
Steelflash Earring
Bladeborn Earring
Dudgeon Earring
Heartseeker Earring
Epona's Ring
Shadow Ring
K'ayres Ring
Vengeful Ring
Overbearing Ring

Noteable Mage Rare/EX
Marin Staff
Eosuchus Club
Ungerir Staff
Niobid Strap
Willpower Grip
Amalric Doublet (Mp +60, Magic Acc +15, Magic Atk Bonus +15)
Amalric Gages (Int +10, Magic Acc +15, Magic Atk Bonus +15)
Telchine Glove
Merlinic Hood (Chr +15, Magic Acc +24, Magic Atk Bonus +37)
Befouled Crown
Vanya Hood
Nahtirah Hat
Temachtiani Headband
Supay Weskit
Temachtiani Shirt
Wayfarer Robe
Vanya Cuffs
Yaoyotl Gloves
Temachtiani Gloves
Wayfarer Cuffs
Merlinic Shalwar (Dex +4, Magic Acc +9, Magic Atk Bonus +28, Magic Burst Dmg +8%)
Avatara Slops
Vanya Slops
Temachtiani Pants
Wayfarer Slops
Merlinic Crackows (Chr +6, Magic Acc +21, Magic Atk Bonus +15, Magic Burst Dmg +7%)
Temachtiani Boots
Wayfarer Clogs
Eddy Necklace
Channeler's Stone
Gishdubar Sash
Lucidity Sash
Bane Cape (Elemental Skill +2, Dark Skill +5)
Ghostfyre Cape (Magic Acc +5, Enfeebling Skill +2, Enhancing Skill +3)
Rhapsode's Cape (Hp +23, Magic Acc +2, Enmity -8, DT -1%)
Lifestream Cape
Refraction Cape
Hecate's Earring
Lifestorm Earring
Psystorm Earring

Loquacious Earring

Pelican Ring
Rem's Tale Ch.1 x11
Rem's Tale Ch.2 x21
Rem's Tale Ch.3 x9
Rem's Tale Ch.4 x13
Rem's Tale Ch.5 x23
Rem's Tale Ch.6 x23
Rem's Tale Ch.7 x20
Rem's Tale Ch.8 x16
Rem's Tale Ch.9 x26
Rem's Tale Ch.10 x39
Abyssal Abj: Feet
Arean Abj: Legs
Bushin Abj: Body
Cronian Abj: Head
Cyllenian Abj: Head
Cyllenian Abj: Feet
Grove Abj: Legs
Jovian Abj: Head
Jovian Abj: Body
Jovian Abj: Feet
Triton Abj: Head
Triton Abj: Legs
Triton Abj: Feet
Shiryu Abj: Legs
Vale Abj: Hands
Venerian Abj: Body
Venerian Abj: Hands
Adamantouse Egg
Behemoth Tongue
Iron Plate x3

Beastman Seals: 104
Kindred Seals: 12
Kindred Crests: 5
High-Kindred Crests: 5
S.Kindred Crest: 7
Legion Points: 1
Sparks of Eminence: 19,336
Nyzul Tokens: 1
Therion Ichor: 1
Cruor: 143,259
Traverser Stone: 201
Voidstones: 184
Bayld: 87,406
Mweya Plasm: 114,875
Escha Slit: 74,793
Escha Beads: 2715


12 Max HP
10 Max MP
6 Max Merit

5 Enmity Increase
5 Spell Interruption Rate

07/10 05/10

Job Points:

Total: 45

3/3 Lunar Abyssites
32 Total

Crimson Stratum Abyssite Tier 4 
Indigo Stratum Abyssite Tier 1
Jade Stratum Abyssite Tier 4
White Stratum Abyssite Tier 1
Ashen Stratum Abyssite Tier 1
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite Tier 1
Amber Stratum Abyssite Tier 1
Total: 3

Coalition Ranks
Pioneer Petitioner
Courier Petitioner
Inventor Petitioner
Mummer Petitioner
Peacekeeper Petitioner
Scout Petitioner

Alizarin Clear
Zaffre Clear
Celadon Clear
Russet Clear
Phlox Clear
Aster Clear

Total: 28

tldr& PErfect Galka meat shield with Aegis, nice Paladin sets built, 119 gear, full delve, Rhapsodies near completion. Ambuscade this month capped 5/5 Flamma gear. Taru mule with merlinic/lathi BLM

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