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Mythic Nirvana Female Taru SMN/BLU/WHM/GEO/MNK Apogee+1 3x MASTER, Ambuscade+2 110 fishing
Price: $0.00

Reg Codes: NO
Server Xfer is Available
Mercenary Rank: Mercenary Captain! Ready to create mythics!
Zilart: Complete!
Promathia: Complete!
Dynamis: All Access!
ToAU: Complete!
WotG: Complete!
Adoulin: Complete!
Voidwatch: N/A
Abyssea: Complete!
Addon (A Crystalline Prophecy): The Echo Awakens
Addon (A Moogle Kupo d'Etat): Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
Addon (A Shantotto Ascension): A Shantotto Ascension

Value in misc. 500k+ in sellables

Nirvana i119 

Noteable Melee Rare/EX
Abyss Cuirass 74 
Abyss Sollerets 71 
Adoulin's Refuge +1 99 
Anchoret's Mantle 99 (Str+1, Dex+1, "Counter"+1)
Assassin's Armlets 75 
Assassin's Bonnet 71 
Assassin's Culottes 74 
Brahmastra i119 
Brutal Earring 75 
Cessance Earring 99 
Clotharius Torque 99 
(2) Colada i119 (Haste+1, Dex+3, Accuracy+12, Attack+7, Dmg:+2)
(2) Colada i119 ("Store Tp"+2, Dex+4, Attack+7, Dmg:+17)
Comm. Bottes 73 
Commodore Frac 74 
Con. Bracers +1 i119 
Consumm. Torque 99 
Dakatsu Nodowa 99 
Defending Ring 70 
Despair Fin. Gaunt. i119 
Domes. Earring 99 
Emet Harness i119 
Ethereal Earring 72 
Etoile Casaque 75 
Etoile Tights 74 
Falcon Eye 99 
Fists of Fury i119 
Focal Orb 99 
Gae Derg i119 
Handler's Earring 99 
Handler's Earring +1 99 
Herculean Boots i119 (Pet: Attack+20 Pet: Rng.Atk.+20, Accuracy+7, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Mag. Acc.+20 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+20)
Hygieia Clogs +1 i119 
Imp. Wing Hair. +1 i119 
Kentarch Belt +1 99 
Koga Chainmail 74 
Koga Tekko 75 
Lerene's Paten 
Lissome Necklace 99 
Loricate Torque +1 99 
Magus Bazubands 56 
Magus Charuqs 52 
Magus Jubbah 58 
Magus Keffiyeh 60 
Magus Shalwar 54 
Malevolence i119 (Int+10, Mag. Acc.+10, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+10, "Fast Cast"+5)
Maskirova Torque 99 
Mavi Mintan 89 
Mecisto. Mantle 99 (Cap. Point+48%, Attack+4, Def+3)
Melee Crown 75 
Melee Cyclas 74 
Melee Gaiters 71 
Melee Gloves 73 
Melee Hose 72 
Mirage Jubbah 74 
Mirage Shalwar 72 
Monster Gaiters 74 
Monster Helm 71 
Moonshade Earring 90 (Mp+25, Latent Effect: "Refresh"+1)
Pantin Churidars 71 
Pantin Dastanas 73 
Pantin Taj 75 
Pantin Tobe 74 
Rajas Ring 30 
Rawhide Gloves i119 
Rawhide Mask i119 
Rawhide Vest i119 (Hp+34, "Subtle Blow"+5, "Triple Atk."+1)
Rosmerta's Cape 99 (Dex+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Crit.Hit Rate+7)
Rufescent Ring 99 
Sanctity Necklace 99 
Saotome Kote 73 
Scout's Braccae 72 
Scout's Bracers 71 
Scout's Jerkin 75 
Scout's Socks 74 
Solemnity Cape 99 
Suppanomimi 72 
Sweller's Harness i119 
Tanmogayi +1 i119 
Temple Crown 56 
Temple Cyclas 58 
Temple Gaiters 52 
Temple Gloves 54 
Temple Hose 60 
Unkai Sugemino 84 
Valor Breeches 74 
Valor Leggings 71 
Vrikodara Jupon i119 
Warden's Ring 99 
Warrior's Cuisses 74 
Warrior's Lorica 75 
Weather. Ring 99 
Wyrm Mail 74 

Noteable Mage Rare/EX
Akademos i119 
Aoidos' Cothurnes 81 
Apo. Dalmatica +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: Attack+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
Apogee Crown +1 i119 (Pet: Attack+25, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+25, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
Apogee Mitts +1 i119 (Pet: Mag. Acc.+25, "Blood Pact" Ability Delay+7, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
Apogee Pumps +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: Attack+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
Apogee Slacks +1 i119 (Pet: Str+20, Blood Pact Dmg.+14, Pet: "Dbl. Atk."+4)
Argute Bracers 71 
Argute Gown 74 
Assid. Pants +1 i119 
Asteria Mitts +1 i119 
Bane Cape 99 
Bard's Cuffs 73 
Beck. Pigaches 109 
Beck. Spats +1 i119 
Beckoner's Bracers 109 
Beckoner's Doublet 109 
Beckoner's Horn 109 
Befouled Crown i119 
Bokwus Gloves 110 
Caller's Pendant 84 
Campestres's Cape 99 (Pet: M.Acc.+20 Pet: M.Dmg.+20, Mag. Acc+20 /Mag. Dmg.+20, Pet: Magic Damage+1, Pet: "Regen"+10)
Con. Doublet +1 i119 
Con. Horn +1 i119 
Con. Pigaches +1 i119 
Con. Spats +1 i119 
Conveyance Cape 99 (Summoning Magic Skill +4, Pet: Enmity+10, Blood Pact Dmg.+3)
Doyen Pants i119 
Duelist's Chapeau 75 
Ebers Bliaud +1 i119 
Ebers Cap +1 i119 
Ebers Duckbills 109 
Ebers Mitts 109 
Ebers Pant. +1 i119 
Etana Ring 99 
Etoile Tiara 72 
Evans Earring 99 
Evoker's Ring 71 
Fi Follet Cape 99 
Fucho-No-Obi 99 
Genbu's Shield 74 ("Cure" Potency +3%, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -4%)
Glyph. Pigaches +1 i119 (Inc. Sp. "Blood Pact" Magic Crit. Dmg.)
Glyphic Bracers +1 i119 (Inc. Sp. "Blood Pact" Magic Burst Dmg.)
Glyphic Doublet +1 i119 (Reduces Sp. "Blood Pact" Mp Cost)
Glyphic Horn +1 i119 (Enhances "Astral Flow" Effect)
Glyphic Spats +1 i119 (Increases Sp. "Blood Pact" Accuracy)
Gridarvor i119 (Pet: Accuracy+70, Pet: Attack+70, Pet: "Dbl. Atk."+15)
Heka's Kalasiris 95 
Incanter's Torque 99 
Inspirited Boots i119 
Jhakri Robe +2 i119 
Lathi i119 
Liminus Earring 91 
Loquac. Earring 75 
Lucidity Sash 99 
Mending Cape 99 (Healing Magic Skill +5, Enha.Mag. Skill +10)
(2) Merlinic Crackows i119 (Pet: Str+5, Mag. Acc.+11, Accuracy+1 Attack+1, Mag. Acc.+10 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+10)
(2) Merlinic Crackows i119 (Pet: Accuracy+8 Pet: Rng. Acc.+8, Magic Burst Dmg.+13%, Mag. Acc.+11 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+11)
Mizu. Kubikazari 99 
Nourish. Earring +1 99 
Oneiros Grip 88 
Orison Cape 80 
Orvail Corona +1 109 
Piety Briault +1 i119 (Enhances "Benediction" Effect)
Piety Cap +1 i119 (Enhances "Devotion" Effect)
Piety Duckbills +1 i119 (Enhances "Protectra V" Effect)
Piety Mitts 109 (Enhances "Martyr" Effect)
Piety Pantaln. +1 i119 (Enhances "Shellra V" Effect)
Queller Rod i119 (Healing Magic Skill +15, "Cure" Potency +10%, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -7%)
Querkening Brais i119 
Regal Pumps +1 i119 
Rumination Sash 99 
Sorcerer's Coat 74 
Sorcerer's Gloves 72 
Sorcerer's Petas. 75 
Sorcerer's Sabots 71 
Sorcerer's Tonban 73 
Telchine Chas. i119 
theo. Briault +1 i119 
theo. Cap +1 i119 
theo. Duckbills 109 
theo. Pant. +1 i119 
theophany Mitts 109 
Vanir Cotehardie i119 
Vanya Hood i119 (Mp+50, "Fast Cast"+10, Haste+2%)

A. Vou.: Feet +1 
A. Vou.: Hands +1 
A. Vou.: Head +1 
A. Vou.: Legs +1 
(20) Abdhaljs Dust 
(6) Abdhaljs Metal 
(6) Abdhaljs Sap 
(20) Abdhaljs Thread 
Alchemist's Cuffs 
Copper Voucher 
Cy.Abjuration: Ft. 
Cy.Abjuration: Hd. 
Cy.Abjuration: Lg. 
(2) Du. Gr. Coffer 
Fisherman's Belt 
Goldsmith's Cuffs 
(4) Gr. Gr. Coffer 
(2) Ig. Gr. Coffer 
Jo.Abjuration: Hn. 
(3) Kupon I-Seal 
(2) Mellidopt Wing 
Monkey Wine 
(5) P. Smn Card 
Pandemonium Key 
Sh.Abjuration: Lg. 
Terminus Earring 91 
Tinnin's Fang 
Ve.Abjuration: Hn. 
Ym. Gr. Coffer 

Key Items
?Beetle Companion 
?Fenrir Whistle 
?Moogle Companion 
?Raptor Companion 
?Red Crab Companion 
?Tiger Companion 
?Tulfaire Companion 
?Warmachine Companion 
''20,000 Yalms Under the Sea'' 
''a Farewell To Freshwater'' 
Abyssite of Discernment 
Abyssite of the Cosmos 
Adoulinian Charter Permit 
''adoulin's Topiary Treasures'' 
Adventurer's Certificate 
Aged Booming Naakual Crest 
Aged Firebrand Naakual Crest 
Aged Flashfrost Naakual Crest 
Aged Ligneous Naakual Crest 
Aged Matriarch Naakual Crest 
Aged Riptide Naakual Crest 
Aged Undying Naakual Crest 
Aglaophotis Bud 
Airship Pass 
''all the Ways To Skin A Carp'' 
Altepa Gate Crystal 
Amber Stratum Abyssite 
Amber-Colored Seal 
Ambuscade Primer Volume One 
Ambuscade Primer Volume Two 
Amymone's Tooth 
''anatomy of An Angler'' 
Anglers' Almanac 
Angrboda's Necklace 
Anti-Glaciation Gear 
Apple Green Seal 
''arboreal Abracadabra'' 
Archducal Audience Permit 
Arciela's Skirt 
Ashrakk's Blood Sigil 
Astral Compass 
Atma of Allure 
Atma of Calamity 
Atma of Gales 
Atma of Purgatory 
Atma of the Apocalypse 
Atma of the Brother Wolf 
Atma of the Cosmos 
Atma of the Gnarled Horn 
Atma of the Horned Beast 
Atma of the Lone Wolf 
Atma of the Merciless Matriarch 
Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity 
Atma of the Noxious Fang 
Atma of the Omnipotent 
Atma of the Razed Ruins 
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe 
Atma of the Scarlet Wing 
Atma of the Smiting Blow 
Atma of the Stormbird 
Atma of the Stout Arm 
Atma of the Stronghold 
Atma of the Voracious Violet 
Atmacite of Aplomb 
Atmacite of Destruction 
Atmacite of Devotion 
Atmacite of Eminence 
Atmacite of Enticement 
Atmacite of Incursion 
Atmacite of Persistence 
Atmacite of the Forager 
Atmacite of Unity 
Avatar Phantom Gem 
Azure Abyssite of Lenity 
Baby Eft Memento 
Ballista License 
Bastok Trust Permit 
Battle Trophy: 1st Echelon 
Battle Trophy: 2nd Echelon 
Battle Trophy: 3rd Echelon 
Battle Trophy: 5th Echelon 
Beguiling Petrifact 
''black Fish of the Family'' 
Black Matinee Necklace 
Booming Naakual Paragon 
Brand of Dawn 
Brand of the Flameserpent 
Brand of the Galeserpent 
Brand of the Skyserpent 
Brand of the Springserpent 
Brand of the Stoneserpent 
Brand of Twilight 
Brier-Proof Net 
Bronze Astrarium 
Bronze Ribbon of Service ? 
Brunhilde's Feather 
Bundle of Half-Inscribed Scrolls 
Captain Wildcat Badge 
Carbuncle's Tear 
''card Jailer Teodor'' 
Celadon Yantric Planchette 
Celestial Nexus Phantom Gem 
Cerise Seal 
Cerulean Crystal 
Charcoal Grey Seal 
Cheer: Lamb 
Chipped Sandworm Tooth 
Chocobo License 
Clear Demilune Abyssite 
Compass of Transference 
Consummate Simulacrum 
Corked Ampoule 
Coruscant Rosary 
Crest of Davoi 
Crimson Abyssite of Destiny 
Crimson Stratum Abyssite Iv 
Crimson Traverser Stone 
Cunnast's Talon 
Curilla's Bottle 
Dawn Phantom Gem 
Delkfutt Key 
Dem Gate Crystal 
Dhokmak's Blood Sigil 
Dimensional Compass 
''dredging's No Drudgery'' 
Durs-Vike's Earring 
Dusky Periapt of Frontiers 
Dusky Periapt of Readiness 
Emerald Abyssite of Fortune 
''encyclopedia Icthyonnica'' 
Eschan Cellar 
Eschan Nef 
Eschan Urn 
Feared One Phantom Gem 
Ferrodon's Scale 
''fields and Fertilizing'' 
Firebrand Naakual Paragon 
Flashfrost Naakual Paragon 
Gajasimha's Mane 
Gerhilde's Feather 
Gestalt's Retina 
''give My Regards To Reodoan'' 
Gold Astrarium 
Gps Crystal 
Gramk-Droog's Circlet 
''grandiloquent Groves'' 
Grimoire Page 
Gulltop's Shell 
Habitual Behavior Barometer 
Head Wind Phantom Gem 
Heart of the Bushin 
Holla Gate Crystal 
Hydra Corps Battle Standard 
Hydra Corps Command Scepter 
Hydra Corps Eyeglass 
Hydra Corps Insignia 
Hydra Corps Lantern 
Hydra Corps Tactical Map 
Ignor-Mnt's Bracelet 
Imperial Army I.D. Tag 
Imperial Standard 
Impure Phlox Yggzi 
Indigo Stratum Abyssite Iv 
Inky Black Yagudo Feather 
Insulator Tablet 
Ivory Abyssite of Acumen 
Ivory Abyssite of Confluence 
Ivory Abyssite of Destiny 
Ivory Abyssite of Expertise 
Ivory Abyssite of Fortune 
Ivory Abyssite of Guerdon 
Ivory Abyssite of Perspicacity 
Ivory Abyssite of Prosperity 
Ivory Abyssite of Sojourn 
Ivory Abyssite of the Reaper 
Jade Stratum Abyssite Iv 
Jeunoan Flag 
Job Breaker 
Job Gesture: Bard 
Job Gesture: Beastmaster 
Job Gesture: Black Mage 
Job Gesture: Blue Mage 
Job Gesture: Corsair 
Job Gesture: Dancer 
Job Gesture: Dark Knight 
Job Gesture: Dragoon 
Job Gesture: Geomancer 
Job Gesture: Monk 
Job Gesture: Ninja 
Job Gesture: Paladin 
Job Gesture: Puppetmaster 
Job Gesture: Ranger 
Job Gesture: Red Mage 
Job Gesture: Rune Fencer 
Job Gesture: Samurai 
Job Gesture: Scholar 
Job Gesture: Summoner 
Job Gesture: Thief 
Job Gesture: Warrior 
Job Gesture: White Mage 
Jugner Gate Crystal 
Kammavaca's Binding 
Kamohoalii's Fin 
Kupofried's Medallion 
Lamb Memento 
Lavender-Colored Seal 
Legacy Phantom Gem 
Ligneous Naakual Paragon 
Limit Breaker 
Lunar Abyssite 
Lydia's Vine 
Magian Learner's Log 
Magian Trial Log 
Magma Mitigation Set 
Malformed Knuckles 
Manaclipper Multi-Ticket 
Map of Abyssea - La theine 
Map of Abyssea - Tahrongi 
Map of Adoulin 
Map of Al Zahbi 
Map of Al'taieu 
Map of Alzadaal Ruins 
Map of Arrapago Reef 
Map of Aydeewa Subterrane 
Map of Beadeaux 
Map of Bhaflau Thickets 
Map of Bibiki Bay 
Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette 
Map of Caedarva Mire 
Map of Cape Riverne 
Map of Carpenters' Landing 
Map of Castle Oztroja 
Map of Castle Zvahl 
Map of Ceizak Battlegrounds 
Map of Cirdas Caverns 
Map of Davoi 
Map of Delkfutt's Tower 
Map of Dho Gates 
Map of Escha - Ru'aun 
Map of Escha - Zi'tah 
Map of Fei'yin 
Map of Foret De Hennetiel 
Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo 
Map of Ghelsba 
Map of Giddeus 
Map of Grauberg 
Map of Halvung 
Map of Hu'xzoi 
Map of Ifrit's Cauldron 
Map of Kamihr Drifts 
Map of King Ranperre's Tomb 
Map of Labyrinth of Onzozo 
Map of Mamook 
Map of Marjami Ravine 
Map of Moh Gates 
Map of Morimar Basalt Fields 
Map of Mount Zhayolm 
Map of Nashmau 
Map of Newton Movalpolos 
Map of Norg 
Map of Oldton Movalpolos 
Map of Ordelle's Caves 
Map of Pso'xja 
Map of Qufim Island 
Map of Ra'kaznar 
Map of Rala Waterways 
Map of Reisenjima 
Map of Ru'hmet 
Map of Sea Serpent Grotto 
Map of Sih Gates 
Map of Tavnazia 
Map of Temple of Uggalepih 
Map of the Aqueducts 
Map of the Attohwa Chasm 
Map of the Bastok Area 
Map of the Boyahda Tree 
Map of the Crawlers' Nest 
Map of the Dangruf Wadi 
Map of the Den of Rancor 
Map of the Eldieme Necropolis 
Map of the Elshimo Regions 
Map of the Garlaige Citadel 
Map of the Gusgen Mines 
Map of the Horutoto Ruins 
Map of the Jeuno Area 
Map of the Korroloka Tunnel 
Map of the Kuftal Tunnel 
Map of the Kuzotz Region 
Map of the Li'telor Region 
Map of the Maze of Shakhrami 
Map of the Northlands Area 
Map of the Palborough Mines 
Map of the Quicksand Caves 
Map of the Ranguemont Pass 
Map of the Ru'aun Gardens 
Map of the Sacrarium 
Map of the San D'oria Area 
Map of the Toraimarai Canal 
Map of the Uleguerand Range 
Map of the Vollbow Region 
Map of the Windurst Area 
Map of the Zeruhn Mines 
Map of Ve'lugannon Palace 
Map of Vunkerl Inlet 
Map of Wajaom Woodlands 
Map of Woh Gates 
Map of Yahse Hunting Grounds 
Map of Yorcia Weald 
Mark of the Einherjar 
Mark of Zahak 
Maroon Seal 
Matriarch Naakual Paragon 
Mea Gate Crystal 
Megomak's Shopping List 
Message From Yoyoroon 
Moghancement: Bounty 
Monarch Linn Patrol Permit 
Moonlit Path Phantom Gem 
Mucid Worm Segment 
''my First Furrow'' 
Mythril Astrarium 
''mythril Marathon Quarterly'' 
Neutral Periapt of Frontiers 
Octonary Nazar 
Ortlinde's Feather 
Pair of Fuzzy Earmuffs 
Pair of Velkk Gloves 
Palila's Talon 
Pashhow Gate Crystal 
Phantom Gem of Apathy 
Phantom Gem of Arrogance 
Phantom Gem of Cowardice 
Phantom Gem of Envy 
Phantom Gem of Rage 
Phoenix's Blessing 
Pine Green Seal 
Pioneer's Badge 
Platinum Astrarium 
Pouch of Weighted Stones 
Primal Nazar 
Prismatic Fragment 
Prismatic Hourglass 
Prospector's Pan 
Pso'xja Pass 
Puppet In Peril Phantom Gem 
Pure White Feather 
Ram Memento 
Reliquiarium Key 
Remnants Permit 
Resplendent Roc Quill 
Resurrection Retardant Axe 
Revetaur's Horn 
''rhapsody In Azure'' 
''rhapsody In Crimson'' 
''rhapsody In Emerald'' 
''rhapsody In Fuchsia'' 
''rhapsody In Mauve'' 
''rhapsody In Ochre'' 
''rhapsody In Puce'' 
''rhapsody In Umber'' 
''rhapsody In White'' 
Riptide Naakual Paragon 
Rosulatia's Pome 
Runic Disc 
Runic Key 
Sajj'aka's Protective Ward 
''sakura and the Fountain'' 
''sakura and the Magic Spoon'' 
''sakura and the Magicked Net'' 
Salmon-Colored Seal 
San D'oria Trust Permit 
Savage's Phantom Gem 
''scintillating Rhapsody'' 
Semi-Pure Phlox Yggzi 
Senary Nazar 
Septenary Nazar 
Sepulcher Ensign 
Shadow Lord Phantom Gem 
Shard of Apathy 
Shard of Arrogance 
Shard of Cowardice 
Shard of Envy 
Shard of Rage 
Sheep Memento 
Shriveled Hecteyes Stalk 
Sienna-Colored Seal 
Silver Astrarium 
Silver Bell 
Silvery Plate 
Song of Hope 
Squire Certificate 
Stellar Fulcrum Phantom Gem 
''susuroon's Biiig Catch'' 
Synergy Crucible 
''take A Lode off'' 
''tales From the Tunnel'' 
Tangata's Wing 
Tarichuk Memento 
Taupe-Colored Seal 
Tear of Altana 
Tenshodo Member's Card 
Teodor's Blood Sigil 
''the Gusgen Mines Tragedy'' 
''the Old Men of the Sea'' 
Tigris Stone 
Trainer's Whistle 
Traverser Stone 
Umdhlebi's Flower 
Vacant Bugard Eye 
Vahzl Gate Crystal 
''varicose Mineral Veins'' 
Variegated Uragnite Shell 
Velkk Fetish 
Venomous Peiste Claw 
''verdant and Verdon'ts'' 
Vial of Shrouded Sand 
Vidala's Claw 
Vivid Periapt of Exploration 
Vivid Periapt of Focus 
Vivid Periapt of Frontiers 
Vivid Periapt of Intensity 
Vivid Periapt of Readiness 
Voidwatcher's Emblem: Jeuno 
Vyala's Prey 
Waking Dreams Phantom Gem 
Warrior's Path Phantom Gem 
''water, Water Everywhere!'' 
Weapon Training Guide 
Wepwawet's Tooth 
Whisper of the Wyrmking 
White Stratum Abyssite 
Windurst Trust Permit 
Yagudo Torch 
Yhoator Gate Crystal 
Yilan's Scale 

Nyzul Tokens: 139613
Therion Ichor: 4640
Cruor: 4654774
Voidstones: 173
Traverser Stones: 437
A.M.A.N. Vouchers Stored: 74
Zeni: 19020
Guild Points (Fishing): 27116
Guild Points (Woodworking): 0
Guild Points (Smithing): 0
Guild Points (Goldsmithing): 0
Guild Points (Weaving): 0
Guild Points (Leathercraft): 0
Guild Points (Bonecraft): 0
Guild Points (Alchemy): 0
Guild Points (Cooking): 0
Assault Points (Leujaoam Sanctum): 15379
Assault Points (M.J.T.G.): 15556
Assault Points (Lebros Cavern): 13640
Assault Points (Periqia): 19270
Assault Points (Ilrusi Atoll): 17342
Beastman Seals (stored): 54
Kindred Seals (stored): 57
Kindred Crests (stored): 417
High Kindred Crests (stored): 281
Sacred Kindred Crests (stored): 130
Bayld: 3119
Mweya Plasm Corpuscles: 51450
Escha Silt: 1416069
Escha Beads: 9272
Potpourri: 0

Job Points
WHM 475
BLU 42

Trusts (98)
Lhe Lhangavo
Excenmille [S]
Nashmeira II
Nanaa Mihgo
Mihli Aliapoh
Iron Eater
King of Hearts
Lilisette II
D. Shantotto
Kuyin Hathdenna
Tenzen II
Star Sibyl
Lhu Mhakaracca
Naja Salaheem
Ferreous Coffin
Ingrid II
Lion II
Arciela II
Lehko Habhoka
Zeid II
Iroha II
Shikaree Z
Uka Totlihn
Prishe II
Shantotto II
Semih Lafihna

Coalition Ranks
Pioneer Petitioner
Courier Legend
Inventor Legend
Mummer Legend
Peacekeeper Petitioner
Scout Petitioner

Escha Vorseal
HP/MP+ 7
Acc/R.Acc/Eva+ 7
Def+ 6
Atk/R.Atk+ 6
M.Acc/M.Eva+ 8
M.Def+ 9
M.Atk+ 8
Occ. Nullifies Damage 2
Killer Effects+ 2
Damage Taken 2
Spoils+ 5
Rare Enemy+ 6
Luck+ 7
Regen+ 2
Refresh+ 2
Accuracy++ 5

tldr& This is what everyone is looking for loaded up Nirvana SMn with 5/5 apogee+1 perfect for Reisen HELM burning! 2100 JP'd, other support jobs leveled. Missions complete, all access and 110 fishing
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