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About Us

AccountSwappers is Paypal verified member since 2000.

Our experience in the online world dates back to 2002, and we have been offering various services to customers since 2003.  We have been gamers since the appearance of the atari system, well into the current day.  With that said, as you may guess we are lifetime gamers.  We take this business very seriously, and it's very important to continue to provide very professional service to each and every individual.

To date, we have serviced over 1000 transactions successfully across the years. When a seller sells an account to us, often times wedon't receive feedback, but rather record feedback upon sale to the new buyer. This means that at least 50% of our feed back goes unrecorded, and that's completely fine, as it's not a requirement to leave feedback.  All of our testimonies are 100% honest and truthful, right down to the spelling errors you may find.  We are not in the business of fabricating testimonies, but rather letting our customers speak about our service through their stories.

As an active participant of the largest online community of gaming websites, you can rest assured it's in my best interest to continue to serve the community by providing continued safe and honest business.  The reputation of the Neoex and AccountSwappers name is our livelihood and our ability to earn a respectable income doing what we do.  Because of this, we protect this reputation dearly by continuing to provide honest and ethical business with each transaction.

Acting as a moderator, trader, and middleman who handles thousands of dollars in accounts for other people, it is critically important that we continue to provide honest and ethical business, to protect that reputation that has been built over the years.

When requesting a quote, most of the time you will find our quotes more attractive than the competition.  However, in the rare instances you don't, you can rest well knowing that any transaction between you and Account Swappers is a guaranteed, safe sale.  You can take that money to the bank without worry.

So how do you really know you can trust Neoex?

Neoex is the current owner and acting operator of accountswappers.com. In late 2010 Neoex joined the AccountSwappers team to bring the best-in-business together for secure buying and selling of FFXI accounts. With well over 2500 secured transactions since 2006, Neoex was the obvious choice to partner up with and take the reins at the most trustworthy FFXI site in the US.

Neoex activity plays FFXI, although the server and character remain a mystery, when he has spare time from working with customers on accountswappers.com. With 20+ years of FFXI knowledge Neoex is an industry leader in the real-money trade of FFXI. Looking to ever expand the business scope of accountswappers. com, always keep your eyes peeled for new features and offerings. With history as moderator, trader, and middleman let Neoex handle your secure FFXI account transaction and put your mind at ease and money in your pocket.

“Which would you rather have? $1,000 you never see or $500

in your bank account forever” –Neoex on scammers


~AccountSwappers team

Contact: [email protected]