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  • By Daniel9 days ago

    Very good service, actually 100% legit. Not a scam at all.

  • By Mark35 days ago

    Flawless transaction, 100% trustworthy. Highly recommend for a hassle free and speedy transaction.

  • By Rick49 days ago

    Excellent Buyer, made everything easy and quick!

  • By rob54 days ago

    always a pleasure, fast and easy business

  • By Telrippa63 days ago

    Fast, efficient, and trustworthy.

  • By Max Turner75 days ago

    Fast and easy, with great communication

  • By Inspiration79 days ago

    Second time doing business here, both times where very striaght forward, easy to manage, honest, and very satisfactory. Highly recommend 10/10

  • By Sam M81 days ago

    Sale went through without a hitch! :)

  • By Jacob M87 days ago

    100% legit service, I can highly recommend for anyone who is looking to buy or sell their account. Neoex made the process very easy and the payment was immediate after closing the sale. If you have any doubts you can be at easy, this is the only place I would advise selling or buying accounts from to keep yourself safe.

  • By thediver89 days ago

    Incredible account, delivered fast and secure. Highly recommend their services!

  • By Jeffrow 98 days ago

    Super fast, reliable, trustworthy person! Would do business with again!!

  • By Dean101 days ago

    Very fast excellent service.

  • By Skippy Johnson101 days ago

    I was apprehensive at first, as anybody should be when dealing with selling an account, but it was professional and it would appear that Neoex has done this hundreds (if not thousands) of times. It was very procedural and did make me feel comfortable with what was happening. Got what I thought was a good quote too! I would certainly recommend this to anybody that is on the fence.

  • By Ezeckiel106 days ago

    Really professional and helpful, instant payement but still available for questions afterward.

  • By Jacob118 days ago

    Swift and professional service! Timely response and a very quick process!

  • By Aaron S128 days ago

    I was skeptical about selling my account, I just assume that all sites are out to steal info and leave the owner empty handed. Quite the opposite, if you’re looking to sell off your account and want a fair price and relatively stress free transition, then go ahead and use accountswappers.com. Thanks again.

  • By David131 days ago

    Very quick professional and very good to work with. Payment was instant. No better place to do business with!

  • By Stevens133 days ago

    5/5 super professional. Had 0 problem and he explain the step pretty well!

  • By Shane186 days ago

    Great communication from the start, very reliable and trustworthy! Money paid in quickly, didn’t have any concerns. Would use again if I ever were to return to XI.

  • By FFZXB187 days ago

    super fast, easy! Definitely reliable.

  • By Haithem Ghazi190 days ago

    Excellent service, quick and easy, very clear and transparent. Highly recommended

  • By Josh Belland193 days ago

    Transaction was super smooth and everything from Neo was very punctual from getting information on the accounts, sending a quote and processing everything for two accounts. Fantastic service. I'd recommend Neoex to anybody looking to sell or buy an account, you won't find a better person for it.

  • By Sammy lee205 days ago

    Today is Sunday, March 12, 2023 all I can say is iMessage oh boy at 5:00 PM central standard time told him that I have two accounts that I want to sell send them all the info you logged in send me his bed back I excepted it he paid me within minutes total transaction took less than 45 minutes I was shocked how quick and fast this was hassle free didn’t have to worry about any scammers when this guy is all legit 130% no doubt about that this guy is phenomenal excellent appreciate the fast excellent Service that you’ve done for me by my two accounts

  • By Bob238 days ago

    quick and easy as always

  • By Poonami252 days ago

    Neoex makes selling accounts super easy and makes it super quick.

  • By Keegan252 days ago

    Neoex is a professional, making it a smooth transaction. Highly recommended.

  • By Corey255 days ago

    Excellent and Fast. Highly recommended

  • By Neal257 days ago

    Bought my 2nd account from Neo, everything is smooth as butter, even gave me a smokin deal on some gil! Keep up the good fight accountswappers!

  • By Andrew291 days ago

    Excellent service, fast payments. Easy smooth transaction pleasure to work with. Will do business again!

  • By Akoala321 days ago

    Sold neoex 4 accounts, everything was smooth, the process was great, answered all my questions and paid when he said he would. highly recommend, thank you!

  • By James Baia322 days ago

    I have sold and purchased account from here and every transaction has been amazing. Never an issue and communication is stellar. I highly recommend !!!

  • By Gary337 days ago

    Neo was brilliant, nice and easy transition.

    Thank you

  • By Tim342 days ago

    Sold 3 accounts to Neoex and it couldn't have gone smoother. He was fair with his appraisals. Would definitely recommend.

  • By Tim388 days ago

    Very fast and hassle free. Very good communication. Thank you NEO

  • By JD441 days ago

    Very fast and professional transaction. Thank you. I was also skeptical, however, everything went through flawlessly. Gg

  • By Gideon486 days ago

    Super smooth process and very professional took the time to answer all of my questions and helpful

  • By Garth504 days ago

    VERY FAST, no hassle, no fee's and no long wait time like player auctions. Had every chance to rip me off and didn't. Great guy! Thank you!

  • By Vork520 days ago

    Done business with 4 times now and every transaction is smooth and fair! Have no fear working with neo!!!

  • By Jerry532 days ago

    Always a pleasure buying from neo

  • By Elio546 days ago

    Sold two accounts with them, really really smooth transactions, fast and reliable. Would recommend 100%

  • By Jb74551 days ago

    I went into this transaction and very sceptical I was provided with everything possible to ease my mind along with doing my own research and reading the provided references I went along with the deal and was smooth and simple would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sale and if I decide to come back and I purchase an account this will def be the first place I look

  • By Paul552 days ago

    Smooth and Fast transaction.

  • By Prizraj569 days ago

    Always a pleasure working with Neoex!

  • By Markimoise739 days ago

    Bought off of neon previously. I was looking for a brd geo I was 16 mins too slow and he offered me a brd smn w/something added and it was perfectly. Within 15 mins I had everything and ready to play. Highly recommend.

  • By Jim753 days ago

    First time using account swappers. Excellent communication. Neon was awesome. Highly recommend

  • By V838 days ago

    Second time using accountswappers to sell my FFXI account, warmly recommended.

  • By S848 days ago

    Prompt response, detailed instructions and helpful. Great service!

  • By Scott870 days ago

    Amazing fast process. This is the second time I have sold accounts to neo for larger sums as I play get bored quit, make new toons, get bored quit haha. Always fast and professional. I would not go with anyone else!

  • By KB_DXB886 days ago

    Great seller as always smooth and quicck . trusted person . keep it up

  • By rckytop906 days ago

    Wonderful sales experience. Thank you!

  • By Ipsen907 days ago

    Super smooth, super safe, very reasonable. Best decision I could have made dealing with Neo. Very fast and responsive will definitely deal again!

  • By Esk912 days ago

    I was kind of nervous buying an account because I am unfamiliar with the etiquette. Neo is a super approachable person and made the process smooth. I recommend any new buyers to reach out to him!

  • By OkFineIWill918 days ago

    Ok but let’s be real. The transaction was super smooth and Neo was super super fast. Let’s also look at the big picture. Could I have sold my account myself? Yeah. But why the hassle? What if they chargeback? Do you have the resources to handle it? Do you have a high reputation with your money service to the point that you’re 100% sure you could right it if someone did you wrong after the transaction? Why worry about it at all. Let Neo give you a great price (like he just did for me) and let him do the work, and you enjoy a bit of money from your hard work over the years.

    Thanks Neo! It was a pleasure doing business.

  • By Kevin918 days ago

    My third purchase from Neo, and couldn't be happier. I'll continue to buy from him. Thank you!

  • By khalfan933 days ago

    was my best deal and very trust & secure with Neoex , bought 2 account . fantastic seller

  • By Eric935 days ago

    I knew based on seeing him sell before that neoex was trustworthy. Fast transaction! Very happy with my purchase! Will do business with again!

  • By Kevin938 days ago

    This is the second account I've purchased from Neoex and I couldn't be happier. All around fantastic service!

  • By Sightoe951 days ago

    Was an excellent process and they even walked me through a few things that were new to me. Fast and quick payment

  • By jimy alex989 days ago

    Very quick responses , Great account, reasonable price. recommend A++

  • By Ryan1041 days ago

    Very quick responses. Hit me with a fair offer for account. Quick payment. If I’m ever in the scenario of selling another account I would not hesitate to use again.

  • By Sebatian1082 days ago

    i was reluctant to buy accounts after 2 failed attempt, Neoex is definitely someone to trust and have peace with.. definitely recommend. A+++++

  • By Kelly Mckenna1086 days ago

    Was concerned at first selling my two ffxi accounts,they logged in checked everything was as described.payment within the hour.
    Very fast,very happy.
    Will definitely recommend and will use again in the future.
    A big 👍 to neoex!!

  • By Weylin1087 days ago

    I was reluctant to sell my account given how many years I had put into it. I had so many questions for him but he answered them quickly and clearly. Strongly recommend this site for selling your account. Very Professional throughout the whole process.

  • By Xandy1100 days ago

    Great account, resonable price.
    100% satisfied.

  • By The One1110 days ago

    I was terrified to sell my account. It went fast. It was pretty easy. If ur selling an account this is the way to do it.

  • By Matt1162 days ago

    Incredible communication. He would respond, usually, within one minute of me sending an email. The entire process took less than 24 hours and payment was prompt. If you’re at all unsure, email him and he’ll take care of you. A++++ for great service and zero hassle.

  • By Melissa1165 days ago

    I am thrilled. I was terrified to buy from anyone but read how well he does. He was responsive and I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.

  • By Garrett1177 days ago

    Sold 4 accounts quick and easy for good prices. Would highly recommend!

  • By thomas32631181 days ago

    Excellent fast service

  • By Michael1199 days ago

    Professional, and fast, would use again! :D

  • By Rob1211 days ago

    Very fast, and easy experience. Would purchase again.

  • By Dark chylde1220 days ago

    Fast easy real ole

  • By ubaldo1229 days ago

    fast and easy, kept me updated through the entire process. This is my first account i've sold and i did not think it would be this easy, definitely will do more business with Neo again

  • By Caitsith OG1233 days ago

    100% Satisfied. A+ Service.

  • By Gui1240 days ago

    Excellent service, fast and reliable. Great communication, warmly recommended.

  • By Sérgio1246 days ago

    The site its trustable, i didnt belive when my friend said that was fast as safe with a fair price for hims account lol, so i got a fair price for my account as well, i'm satisfied, hight recommend.

  • By Thales1254 days ago

    This guy provides a excelent service, fast and trustable, i'm really satisfacted and recomend to everyone.

  • By Jose1256 days ago

    Most trustworthy person I have worked with regarding account selling and buying. On and off for years now I always find myself coming to Neo if I need to purchase an account or sell.

  • By Daniel1261 days ago

    Very good

  • By dave1262 days ago

    faultless transaction, kept me updated at every step and true to his word. fantastic and a very happy. A++

  • By Rob1292 days ago

    Quick and easy, appreciate it. Great seller very professional.

  • By Jonathan Cox1293 days ago

    Very quick and professional service, fast responses every time. They even added extra for an item I forgot to list which, to me, was a good sign of honesty and fairness. Definitely reccomend and would gladly do business again. Thank you!

  • By Encign1325 days ago

    Great customer service and professionalism. Quick responses and payment.

  • By Cupidox1329 days ago

    Thank you for the great account!

  • By John1336 days ago

    Neo is the most reputable ffxi account buyer/seller. I sold 3 accounts to Neo and through the entire process he stays in direct communication with you through your preferred method of communication. Payment comes through very quickly and he offers a very fair value for the accounts. At first I just wanted to inquire on a value but ended up selling after seeing the offer.

  • By Ricardo De La Vega1364 days ago

    Neo is the person to go to for a speedy and happy transaction. I've deal with him for several years now.

  • By Alex1536 days ago

    This Guy Neo is the business man! Purchase my account early Morning he woke up and within minutes had the account ready ! You can tell he is very prepared ! No complaints very communicative so don't worry about being left in the dark ! And does respond on Facebook if needed extra help ! Don't miss out ! Thanks again Neo

  • By Toby1553 days ago

    Great seller love dealing with the professionalism

    Have bought many accounts and have never been disappointed

  • By Ed1597 days ago

    Fantastic seller! great speed of delivery and i got exactly what was showned. Would do business again!

  • By Neal1621 days ago

    Best ffxi account seller! Great communication! Very helpful in any way fast and reliable!

  • By Rhys1658 days ago

    Neo was more than happy to answer a slew of questions I had before purchasing the account. He was patient, described the process well and made me feel at ease with the purchase. He helped me through the transfer process smoothly. Quick and easy transaction! 5*!

  • By Chico1723 days ago

    Smooth as silk, will definitely do business with Neo again.

  • By Den1762 days ago

    Fantastic service. Fast and reliable. Good communication. Was very skeptical at first but as Neoex has been doing this for years i figured it was worth a shot and he did not disappoint. If you are buying or selling i highly recommend using Neoex.

  • By Augi1771 days ago

    Neo's service is great.... and fast. This was the first account I've sold him but within one day of Emails and getting a quote, the transaction is finished. No need to hassle with anything yourself when trying to sell- this guy is painless. Wouldn't have done it any other way.

  • By Phoenix1811871 days ago

    Very good Service. Quick and fast transaction. Very trustworthy trader, Neoex.

  • By Vin1875 days ago

    Very fast, smooth, and excellent service. Will definitely do business with Neo again!

  • By rob1941 days ago

    fast and easy, no worries.

  • By Gan1957 days ago

    Everything went smooth 5/5 stars

  • By Chris1972 days ago

    This went so smooth it was absolutely seamless. Payment was sent IMMEDIATELY after I sent the requested info. Couldn't be happier!

  • By John1980 days ago

    Excellent service, very fast, and reliable.

  • By Tunechi2020 days ago

    Second account I've sold to Neo. My go-to guy that I advise my friends to deal with. Completely safe, no fear of non-payment or anything that may deter you from selling to a stranger. Sell or buy with extreme confidence! Will look to sell to Neo again

  • By Abjah2040 days ago

    Bought 500m thank you bro! best in the business

  • By Jimbob2081 days ago

    Excellent service extremely professional and polite, very helpful and honest gave a good quote. Once he checked through and verified he made immediate payment would definitely do business with neo again
    Can not thank enough

  • By Dm2081 days ago

    Very professional, no pressure speedy service felt safe w. My transaction.

  • By Jc2088 days ago

    Very solid guy, honest and is trustworthy. He is also very quick on responses and taking care of business in a professional manner. I definitely recommend

  • By Forby2160 days ago

    Have sold about 3 accounts to Neoex and have always been the best experience very professional and easy to talk to and gives very reasonable prices!!

  • By Chuck2169 days ago

    I had a great experience, very happy with the transaction!
    Everything was fast, efficient, and smooth. No problems at all.
    The character and all items were delivered as promised.
    Neo was friendly and responded quicky.
    Would recommend to a friend. Would use again.

  • By Bandito3592209 days ago

    Super swift and efficient, highly recommended!!

  • By Eazy2233 days ago

    good seller took the time to walk me through the process and was fair and honest.. If I ever come back to FFXI and need anything will come to Neo first and only...

  • By Infineon2258 days ago

    Incredible experience with Neoex. Fast to respond and quick with the sale.

    Everything was as stated on the account and all the information I could possible need for the account was included. I even got the gear swap lua's.

    I got an incredible deal. Very happy with my experience.

  • By wxc20102297 days ago

    Best seller, very, efficient, and, friendly!

  • By Kiwa112297 days ago

    very nice person Neo he know what you need just ask him watever u want and he ganna hook u with best account i bought account from him 2days ago everything went smooth and the account really nice i love it .. btw Neo is trustworthy person highly Recommend
    Satisfied Transaction and this was 2nd time i buy account from him really nice

  • By BEAST2302 days ago

    Awesome Seller Neo trustworthy person highly Recommend
    Satisfied Transaction Thumbs up!

  • By Sawaqa2310 days ago

    Bought 1 account was amazing account , no issues yet A++++ 10/10 for me
    Fast, easy awesome. ti be trusted !
    Fast and easy. So far so good. Everything came with description. Would buy again.
    Excellent fast easy A+ would not recommend going anywhere else this guy is honest 100%
    Insanely fast replies, extremely businesslike, friendly, and a fair price!

  • By Bradley2311 days ago

    This was an A++ transaction!

    I love Final Fantasy XI but it was time for me to part with it. Committing to that line of thought, I thought I'd sell my account.

    One name kept coming up time and again with Google Searches: Neoex @ Accountswappers. I won't even lie, some of the less-discerning sites (the ones who are basically just trying to fit content between ad space) have some negative reviews of transactions that I am now absolutely sure never happened.

    I searched all around and looked everywhere. I hesitantly asked for a quote (What harm could be done?) and I liked the number he came back with. We talked for a few days. I expressed my concerns and cautions and he was patient and regularly replied to me. I'm sure they appreciate how attached and proud we get regarding our characters.

    I sent him an email that I was ready and he gave me clear instructions on everything that I needed to do. This part seemed like a "form-letter", but that's good! That means that everyone gets the same clear instruction set. If you sell to him, he'll be clear about what you need to do.

    When we were ready to actually start. I sent him an email ([email protected]) telling him that I sent him my Skype name on an account-trading community called EpicNPC.com (where he has and always had a 100% reputation, which you can tell he's very protective and proud of.).

    My message briefly listed the conditions we'd gone over. I said

    "My skype username is ********, we can speak there.

    The agreement is $**** via Paypal for both of my accounts (PLD/RUN/BLU/etc main and WHM/BLM/GEO/etc mule) if you find them to contain all of the stats I said they would.

    Please reply here and then add me on Skype."

    He replied on EpicNPC concisely saying that those were the terms we agreed upon.

    We began our skype conversation, and I gave him the login details and he began comfirming credentials and accuracy of my two characters. He continued to talk to me as he sorted through my two characters. About 15 minutes into the transaction, I was still able to login to my main's account on Square-Enix's website. I didn't try my mule's.

    We talked back and forth a little but and I was much more confident in my dealings with him as the minutes went by and told him so. Towards the very end, he sent me conditions of finishing the transaction and I agreed and he immediately sent the money via Paypal.

    It's still intelligent to approach online sales with caution but I can say that this experience was 10/10 and I absolutely would do it again, if I had any other characters.

  • By Rig2312 days ago

    Just sold our 8th and 9th character with Neo a few days ago. As always, it was a seamless transaction. We wouldn't recommend going anywhere else. If you have a character, and you're a little hesitant about handing over your information (which you should be), we wouldn't trust anyone else but Neo to do this. You can find websites everywhere that promise you this and that, but you don't get to talk to anyone personally. As such, anyone can compromise your account super easy. With Neo, this has never been an issue. Great person, great transaction, and we highly recommend him!

  • By XRumerTest2350 days ago

    Hello. And Bye.

  • By Phillip2358 days ago

    Great service, quick and painless transaction. Felt very safe 100% of the way through. I would work with this website again. Thank you!

  • By Tarutommy2394 days ago

    Sold my 2nd account to Neoex, about 3 years after I sold my first. This guy is the best, he knows his stuff and he ALWAYS comes through. Do yourself a favor skip the scammers and tire kickers and JUST use this guy for ANYTHING FFXI, you will not regret it

  • By Jh2449 days ago

    Awesome seller as always. Have conducted business with Neo for several years and is still the most trustworthy person when it comes with buying or selling accounts. Highly Recommend!

  • By Lu2465 days ago

    Really simple process for selling account, great communication and Neoex was easy to work with over a busy holiday period.
    Payment received right after the account check was completed, would definitely recommend.

  • By Richard2510 days ago

    This was a great transaction and a very fair price.
    I am very satisfied with the transaction, thank you again!

  • By Alex2526 days ago

    Insanely fast replies, extremely businesslike, friendly, and a fair price!

  • By Susu2530 days ago

    Excellent customer service, patient and understanding. Thank you very much.

  • By Rig2541 days ago

    I have been a customer for 5 years or so and Neo is the man.The best in the business hands down.Thank you so much Neo.

  • By Astr02579 days ago

    I've been a customer with Account Swappers for over 6 years. Very reliable, and very flexible. A very honest and consistent customer service experience.

  • By Steve2589 days ago

    Excellent customer service. Great and honest person to deal with. Thank you.

  • By Yousef2609 days ago

    there is no jokes around . if you want a serious and professional account FFXI account trader . this is your boy . He was sooo honest and very respectful . will never recommend anyone else but him

  • By Stephen2609 days ago

    I've done transactions in the past and current with him, he is honest and fair about his prices. Great overall site and person

  • By Dave2611 days ago

    Excellent fast easy A+ would not recommend going anywhere else this guy is honest 100%

  • By Zell2623 days ago

    An absolutely pleasant and thorough transaction. Seriously, if you're gonna sell or buy here, rest easy you are in for a pleasant transaction. Thank you SO much!

  • By Monkeys in Nigeria2693 days ago

    Bought 2 accounts in the past month, no issues yet A++++ 10/10 for me

  • By Colorless2699 days ago

    Fast, easy awesome. ti be trusted !

  • By edo2708 days ago

    Thanks for the smooth and fast transaction

  • By simon2710 days ago

    Thx accountswappers knew the neoex and kendrah1 names back in 2010 when i did a couple buying and selling of mmorpg toons. fast quick and really convenient. good college money for putting in my work. SMH who said video games dont earn you money. thx for being reliable, prompt, and fair.

  • By Daniel2726 days ago

    Everything went smooth and fast, Very kind and trustworthy person, Professional without doubt 10/10 would sell again

  • By George2783 days ago

    Not much to say that hasn't been said already, top buyer! Can't fault him at all. Thanks for a smooth transaction!!

  • By Frank2794 days ago

    Fast and easy. So far so good. Everything came with description. Would buy again.

  • By Michael2823 days ago

    Neox is the best in the business as he operates with the highest level of integrity. I have bought multiple accounts from him over the years and was extremely satisfied with each transaction.

  • By Jonathan2835 days ago

    Thanks for the smooth and fast transaction.

    I'm usually hesitant about using these kind of services but everything went pretty much well, fast answer and helpful.

    Sold my Account for a fair price, not the best but at least you can say it's safe. Better getting something than nothing.

    I can now say you can really trust this website for buying/selling stuff.

  • By Brandon2843 days ago

    Very reliable and trustworthy person. Everything is handled professionally and politely. The turn around time was very fast and there was no issue what-so-ever from beginning to end of the transaction. The sensitive information (I am a Veteran, I take this very seriously) provided was handled properly as well so if anyone is worried about being scammed, it won't happen with this guy. Everything transpired as it was described. Thank you and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

  • By RK2849 days ago

    Sold an account - everything went smooth and Neoex was really helpful and gave much info on the process. And most important, he was very patient. The price was right too.

    100% legit.

  • By Barney2862 days ago

    Absolutely 100% legitimate buyer. Negotiated a fair price with me via email for my gil then met in game. Entire transaction took maybe 5-10 minutes and money was sent to my paypal account immediately. A pleasure doing business with.

  • By Alex2875 days ago

    This process was very smooth and easy as can be very trust worthy business staying I. Contact and fast replies, had him
    Look over my account give me good number for sell price and I sold the account within 1 day money was sent quickly and the process was again smooth I wouldn't work with anyone else but this guy right here

  • By Aaron2913 days ago

    This guy is great. I've both bought and sold to him and he is legitimate both ways. Definitely a trusted seller thank you so much man!! A+++++++

  • By Shawn2967 days ago

    I've both bought an account and sold one.

    The turn around time for both was excellent and I received a fair offer for my account.

    Everything was as described in the listings.

    I would highly recommend this site for buying and selling your account :)

  • By Jonesy2974 days ago

    as with many i was hesitant in using a website such as this but after dealing with neoex all my fears were swept aside. He was quick with his replys and walked me through every stage and made me feel comfortable. my account was sold and payment received by paypal in a matter of hours. in an age of internet fraud and security risks i have to say neo is definitely one of the good guys. i would recommend accountswappers and neoex to anyone looking to buy or sell and can safely say you wont be disappointed

  • By Nick2975 days ago

    Great buyer, responsive and understanding. Smooth transaction and very helpful during the process. Can't deal with a better place to sell or buy accounts.

  • By anon2979 days ago

    Great seller, helpful and quick process. Really smooth!

  • By Lance3012 days ago

    Best service I have ever had in terms of MMOs fast responses, always helpful just a great customer experience would recommend to anyone looking for anything related to FFXI/FFXIV. In total now I have made 4 purchases and I have not waited for a response or anything I have purchased for over 5 minutes truly a great experience.

  • By Marc3052 days ago

    very nice and honest guy. you can trust him ^^

  • By Riz3085 days ago

    Great. Fast. And very patient. He went step by step and made sure everything was ok.

  • By Hellish3093 days ago

    I have been apart of this industry for 5 years and no one has a reputation like NEO!! I have sold 12 accounts personally and I know the integrity, respect, and ethics behind the process. I did not have a single reservation when dealing with Neo. I never felt more comfortable in a transaction and applaud his good business practices and professionalism.


  • By anon3096 days ago

    easy and fast transaction as always, thank you.

  • By Ced3106 days ago

    I usually don't fill these out, but when it comes to Neox I felt the need to. He has went above and beyond helping me with accounts. This is my 3rd purchase and every time it has went extremely smooth and he's went above and beyond helping make it an easy process. Truly the best at what he does. Also holds true to the name account swappers. I had recently made a purchase lived the account but it wasn't really my pkay style of an account. I messaged him about my situation and in a day or less he had a new account ready to go exactly what I wanted. He's fair and just at what he does. Thank you yet again for a great purchasing transaction. If and when I need another account I will surely come back to you.

    P.s. the first account he repurchased too. Also was fair in rebuying it back. I wish these went to 10 because that's truly what he deserves.

  • By CHRIS3110 days ago

    Great people..

  • By Dei853118 days ago

    I have to say this is hands down the best customer service I have experienced!!! Thanks for a smooth, fast, and quick transaction!! Definitely recommend this to anyone looking!!! Thanks again :D

  • By Krazie3127 days ago

    Saved me one of the best accounts I've ever seen. This guy is the best.

  • By Elementz3128 days ago

    Excellent Buyer & Seller, I've done several transactions never had an issue. Even complex situations the team was willing to instruct and suggest other methods even though it didn't benefit them. Amazing service all around! Highly recommend!

  • By Marc Perry3138 days ago

    Neoex and Staff are very professional and provided quick response and payment i would gladly do business with them again! Trustworthy and Honest! A+++++++

  • By Jose3154 days ago

    Excellent service, fast and reliable!

  • By Wayne3157 days ago

    Awesome customer service, helpful and friendly. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to sell their accounts. A+++++ customer satisfaction!!

  • By DynamisMoney3167 days ago

    Best seller!A+++++++++++++++++++++
    Great Service! will use again very helpful A+ went above and beyond

  • By Adam S3205 days ago

    quick. easy. painless(kinda I played for 9 years), professional and HONEST!

  • By ThatOnePerson3253 days ago

    Wonder person to do business with. Very reliable and trust worthy. He held an account for 4 months while I gathered up the extra cash to get it and while I know that I tested his patience in the end he came through and sold me the account. Would recommend this site to anyone looking to sell or purchase accounts.

  • By Matt3259 days ago

    Quick response, extremely professional! would recommend to anyone.

  • By Fred3263 days ago

    To be honest when i first decided to quit FFXI, I was scared. I didnt know where to begin to sell my account and if I would even be able to find anyone trustworthy. Then I found Neoex! He gave me a fair quote and was nice enough to walk me through the entire process. He is 100% legitament and I recommend him to anyone looking to sell an account.

  • By Nickie3268 days ago

    Neoex was a pleasure to work with. Based on all of his previous feedback I actually had zero reservations at giving access to my account to get a quote. I was given a quote the same day I requested one and the following morning my account was processed and I received my money lickety split.

    Thank you so much!!!

  • By Snapshot3291 days ago

    Was hesitant at first with a lot of bad feedback through the years(on the web) but I can confirm that its all untrue. Neo was great with communication on fast to pay.

  • By Sidewinder3297 days ago

    Great service. 5/5 Would use again very quick, professional. In the sketchy world of account buying/selling this is an oasis of honesty.

  • By SoHigh3301 days ago

    Great Service! Will use again very helpful A+ went above and beyond.

  • By Shinypld3308 days ago

    Just sold the character, very smooth and fast I suggest!

  • By Anon3311 days ago

    Fast personal service. Very professional and polite. Would sell too again or even buy from. 5/5

  • By Comedies3316 days ago

    Contacted him and account was sold and payment received the same day. Talking to him was extremely easy and reassuring. I would recommend this to anyone looking to sell any accounts in FFXI!

  • By RED3326 days ago

    Just sold my FFXI account that i had owned for almost 8 years. Was a bit nervous but was a easy process and went quite well. With quote, me thinking about it lol, confirmation and payment to me took less than 48 hours.

    Would defiantly recommend to my friends.

  • By Roach3356 days ago

    Quick, Clean, Classy. Simply the best there is. Zero risk in selling or buying without a MM, and at a fair price. There's a good reason Neoex has the best reputation in the business.

  • By Vaelex163365 days ago

    Fantastic Service, worked with me throughout the transaction and was very responsive. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell an account.

  • By Csakid3373 days ago

    Very good price and insanely fast deliver (he was waiting for me)! I was very sketchy about selling to someone from a website, but he did a very good job. Respected <(• . •)>

  • By Kevin3385 days ago

    Neo is a great seller and Current! Neo responded to my enquiry, assisted with my gil purchase. Neo undertook my personal order and is one of the more reliable sellers. Gil delivered ahead of schedule. No MM required. A++

  • By Junior3395 days ago

    At first I was not to sure if I should buy from this site due to the bad reputation I read some where, I requested the vendor to please meet me in my server with the item just to be sure he told me he will be available in the afternoon, then sometime in the afternoon he said he is ready he had move a character to my server to show me the item. and there he was with the item, I am not going to lie I was sooo afraid to get rip off because it was to good to be true. anyway I went ahead I did make the payment, in less then 2 minutes he offer to trade with me and gave me an item that I been wanted for a long time, Thank you NeoEx... also I felt confortable buying again from him and this time I bought an account and this time I did not worry and once again I got for what a paid for. on my end no complains very happy customer on my end.

  • By Brandon3433 days ago

    Very quick, honest and gave all the information needed to make this a very smooth process. Answered all questions and replied very quickly to all emails. Highly recommend this seller and will use again in the future if i have the opportunity.

  • By Hiroim3434 days ago

    Selling an account it took years to build can be a nerve racking experience. In the end, I decided to put my trust in Neoex and turned over all my account info. I received the funds via Paypal same day. He stayed in contact w/ me via e-mail from the beginning of this process to the very end. As a customer selling an account, I am very satisfied at the lefel of professionalism & customer service. Thanks again, Neoex!

  • By Mark K3435 days ago

    Been emailing neoex over the years to measure up my account, the time finally came and some other sites ofered me crazy amounts that I knew were unrealistic. Had so many friends use neoex, and let me just say that I wish there was more people like this on the Internet. 100% professional. Timely and did exactly what he said he would. So long FFXI!

  • By Red3490 days ago

    Great communication and by far the easiest way to deal with accounts. Thank you for the quick service and Excellent turn around. The way online business should always be.

  • By One happy customer3503 days ago

    Absolute best in terms of reliability! If you are searching for a buyer you can trust, look no where else.

  • By gura3519 days ago

    thank you

  • By Michael3519 days ago

    Very fast and effective deal.

    Never for a second doubted giving my account details up front, as this has been a very effective and amazing business for a while now.

    Highly recommend to anyone looking to sell there hard worked account and get a real businessman.

  • By Kwate3524 days ago

    Neoex was excellent. He followed up, haggled, once agreed Neoex kept the process smooth and easy. I highly recommend them.


  • By SolarFlare3529 days ago

    I contacted them via email and they got back to me within 24 hours. Neoex also was very good about communicating with me through email back and forth. I paid through PayPal and within an hour the deal was done. I would highly recommend Neoex to anyone who is looking for gil or accounts.

    If I could give a higher rating I would give a 10+

    Also, no middleman was used. Just us two.

  • By T.C.3530 days ago

    Neoex was a pleasure to deal with. He didn't waste any time, kept it business but was friendly, and did exactly what he said he would do. His reputation preceded him and I can say that he is trustworthy and he pays without any delay. I even had a problem with verification on my paypal and he took some extra steps for me to help me get my money faster. He answered all of my questions without pressuring me to sell and within less than 24 hours of him saying he was interested, I was paid. No hassle at all. Will definitely come straight to Account Swappers if I need to buy or sell any accounts again.

  • By Doverman3540 days ago

    500M Transaction No MM needed, Highly Trustworthy.

  • By Nick3556 days ago

    Very efficient service.

  • By ArvinG3557 days ago

    Pleasure to work with as usual

  • By Kaskara3559 days ago

    Great place to sell your stuff will come here again!!!!

  • By ichopin3560 days ago

    Trustworthy guy no problems at all, fast payment A++

  • By Solid3574 days ago

    Got my quote within the same day i submitted it, got a decent price, and went through the transaction as smooth as silk. Would recommend to anyone who wants to sell their account.

  • By Lawrence3578 days ago

    I'm just a normal guy that had an account and a massive amount of doubt about selling it online due to scam. Neo is a very honest and great businessman. Note to everyone, you WILL get a good deal through this site. Thank you very much for the smooth transaction, a weight of doubt has been lifted off my shoulders knowing that there are honest people that do business over the Internet. I wish you the best of luck with all your endeavors!

  • By Newa3605 days ago

    EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE! Neoex was super quick to reply and delivery was fast and seamless. There was no hassle or worries, everything was perfect. Account was exactly as stated with no issues. Will definitely do business here in the future.

  • By Simon3607 days ago

    Superb service, as ever! The place to be for FFXI stuffs.
    Thank you!

  • By James3620 days ago

    One of the very few trustworthy people in the MMO community. Just bought an account and was OVER compensated for a very minimal delay in receiving.

  • By Doverman3631 days ago

    Asked for a quote, got a Email within a hour and completed the transaction shortly after. Painless, simple and fast. I would recommend AccountSwappers to anyone that has no experience in the Gaming Account Market, there's is a lot of shady people out "ALOT", Where here your grantee to get paid. Might be a little bit less, but it's a small fee for piece of mind. Save your self the headache of being scammed and stay with trustworthy people that been in the market for years, and have the feedback to prove it.

    Thanks AccountSwapper.com for the pleasant transaction.

  • By Nick3639 days ago

    Quick, responsive, and honest. Good guy to buy/sell from for sure.

  • By Tino3651 days ago

    More then anything Good Communication if you follow all the steps
    you will get your things like he says
    THANK YOU MAX and AccSwappers

  • By corrupted3655 days ago

    TYou are the reason business's thrive. Neox helped me thru the entire process and gave me choices instead of the usual figure it out. When your done tell me. I mean minute by minute they were there Replied to every email within minutes if me sending.They dont know but I was in the mood to buy. Money was ready and someone was going to get it. I had shopped 3 different ffxi "account sellers" to my surprise. It was a pain in the rear to get replies or help. All they had was a bunch of roadblocks for me as the buyer to get the account. After the 2nd attempt I was getting leary of even trying again and then came NEOX to save the day. I got a "Beast" account from a "Beast" seller.

    Thank you.

  • By Omni153662 days ago

    Great, trustworthy seller, VERY PATIENT. Took the time to offer a generous quote for my account and proceeded to handle the transaction with haste and care.

  • By Andy3671 days ago

    I bought 175m gil from Neoex, communication was quick even when it was from his mobile phone. Gil was delivered as promised, in the time promised, I have found my new gil hookup!

  • By Spartacus3679 days ago

    Trust worthy very fast and great service what more can you want ??? they are awesome!

  • By switchride3680 days ago

    Excellent transaction as always. Thanks again sir :)

  • By Niemad3693 days ago

    Amazing service. Waited a few days after the initial offer because SE had something messed up with my Security Questions. Very patient and helpful through the entire process. Even when SE's horrible customer service was striking hard... Thanks a bunch Miles!

  • By MikeySpo3694 days ago

    Very trustworthy, and quick! thank you!

  • By Legend3163704 days ago

    Ok, honestly i was a little hesitate on doing this, but it went over over smoothly when dealing with Miles. He walked me through the whole process and i can't be more happier with the outcome. Thanks again Miles, job well done.

  • By Purina3710 days ago

    It was very awesome dealing with Miles and Neoex on selling my account. Very fast, good communication, and would recommend this site to anyone. Thank you so much Miles.

  • By MikePlayedFFXIfor10years3710 days ago

    So I played FFXI for a loooong ass time. I added up the #'s and was kinda depressed at how much money I fed Square since the PC beta. I'm done with MMO's and decided to give this site a shot and to sell my character. I wanted back some of what I gave.
    I see a lot of feedback on the net about this site being a scam and whatnot. I can testify that my transaction was legit. WAS NOT A SCAM.
    I was VERY hesitant, 10 years of play. I figured "I'm done, if its a scam then I lost nothing really, if its not a scam then I just made back some of my money" Luckily the latter was true. Through e-mails(many of them cuz I was hesitant) he clearly walked me through the process. It went smooth and easy. The biggest pain in the ass was from the game moreso where they merged POL into SE-management system. Phone numbers, Date of birth aren't shown. Anyways, my dealings here were EXACTLY as the site promised.
    *Should you be weary of sites? YES. But for me this one was LEGIT.
    *Sorry for the long post. I just didn't want to post some small ass post and ppl think it was someone by the site doing a quick "hey they are awesome" thing.
    ** Now I can throw away(shred) all these damn FFXI boxes, expansion boxes, Oh yeah the original FFXI? it came with 6+ CD's for install. Its like 50lbs of FFXI clutter sh*t.....
    ...Bye FFXI, I had one hell of a ride.

  • By Riko3717 days ago

    Swiftly done, quick replies and 100% honesty couldn't be more pleased.

  • By DemonHume3729 days ago

    great seller and fast <3

  • By ddb3732 days ago

    Fast quick and easy, 100% no problems, 100% trusted, easy to talk to.

  • By One happy customer3735 days ago

    The whole thing went very smoothly. It was a pleasure to do business with accountswappers. I got my quote and replies to my emails very fast and received the payment in the blink of an eye! 10/10 customer service.

  • By One happy customer3735 days ago

    The whole thing went very smoothly. It was a pleasure to do business with accountswappers. I got my quote and replies to my emails very fast and received the payment in the blink of an eye! 10/10 customer service.

  • By loso3748 days ago

    Excellent and fast service. Great communication. Would recommend any day.

  • By gibbo3749 days ago

    Reliable buyer pleasure to do business with fast and safe thanks very much

  • By Altimaomega3749 days ago

    Amazed this actually worked, finding honest people on the internet is a hard thing to do nowadays.

  • By k0r3752 days ago

    this is one heck of a way to get back into the game; my very own pl.

    Neoex is the way to go. this site is worth waiting around for something righteous to appear.

    and believe me, it will.

  • By Marco3753 days ago

    It was kind of heartbreaking to sell my account that i've played with since 2005. But those guys are seriously legit about this business. I got a quote quite fast and the money has been sent on my paypal account even faster. I give their customer service a 10/10.

  • By CLISI3760 days ago

    2nd account purchased from here great seller quick turnaround would recomend him to anyone.

  • By reclusion123775 days ago

    Awesome buyer. Highly recommend. Fair price, extremely fast. Great communication! I give them the HIGHEST regards

  • By Ny3777 days ago

    Second transaction with these guys, couldn't ask for more. Thanks!

  • By HumeFFXI3779 days ago

    Professional and trustworthy. The whole transaction was smooth and simple. He will walk you thru the whole process. Quick payment as well.

  • By Mitfiz3780 days ago

    Great service! Nice and quick! Thanks Neo! A+++++++++

  • By JR3783 days ago

    Neoex is the man! 5 stars doesn't seem like enough. don't trust the bad reviews they are all from competitors trying to smear Neoex. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • By Jamison3787 days ago

    Third and forth characters now sold to Neo. Never imagined the process would be so simple. Awesome guys to work with! 100% legit. They know what they are doing. Don't let your characters rot away in deactivated land! If you are ready to retire, pass them on to the needy and make some money from it!

  • By JuanG3788 days ago

    Smooth transaction! Honest, fast, and very helpful step by step. Complete trust and quick payment. Great communicaton! Even called me on my phone for reassurance.Thank you AccountSwappers team! A+++++++

  • By BOOBBBYBROWN3788 days ago

    got paid quick and fast LEGIT

  • By Ny3789 days ago

    Great streamlined process, very trustworthy. Thank you!

  • By Mandragoran3794 days ago

    Great service, sold an account to Account Swappers. It was very quick and easy. Had account sold and payment received in about an hour after responding to the quote.

  • By David3794 days ago

    Honest, professional, quick and easy transaction.

  • By nick3795 days ago

    went well, was concerned about large payment with stranger, but owner gave me his phone number spoke with him over a couple days phone and email, very satisfied with account and transaction

  • By Outboxer3798 days ago

    Fast service. Quick responses to any to questions and fast transaction. Very trustworthy. 10/10

  • By okiimaru3798 days ago

    Excellent! Quick, Honest and communicates thru the whole process

  • By aeyden3801 days ago

    righteous experience took an hour Guy stayed on the phone walked me through it felt like a friendly interaction more than a sell great experience

  • By MasterAeronX.3804 days ago

    The emails were answered quite fast, and he gives you updates on everything you will need to do, glad I got my money. I wish there was a way to prove this persons honesty with typed letters alone. My FFXI memories since 2003 will always be with me, but the adventure had to end. Thankfully its always nice to deal with honest people online.

  • By Brient3809 days ago

    Best internet transaction i ever did! He was so very helpful and walked me thru the process from start to finish! He answered all my questions and concerns in minutes and everything went perfectly. I will do business again very soon! A++++++++++++++

  • By Sam3812 days ago

    Very reputable guy. Awesome service, top notch deals!

  • By craig3813 days ago

    Great Service, fast and safe service, bought from him a couple of times and had no problems at all, always very helpful, only seller/buyer I really trust!

  • By Boats&Hoes3815 days ago

    awesome service very fast and communicative will def use again

  • By Eddy3819 days ago

    Fast safe and very quick with the payment will do it again

  • By Greg Mailton3821 days ago

    Done multiple transactions, stand up guy, no problems.

  • By Kam3822 days ago

    Very nice guys, was willing to work with me, very patient, very fast.. made an honest transaction, three hours after contacting these guys I was transferring over 600 dollars into my bank account, couldn't of dealt with a better person. Thank you Accountswappers.

  • By Samiruel3822 days ago

    Have done multiple transaction with Neoex, with no doubt the best seller for gil/accounts in FFXI.
    very professional and friendly. Highly Recommended!!

  • By Jamison3822 days ago

    Can't believe how simple of a process this was. Walked me through step by step and made it a very comfortable transaction. Will sell to again!

  • By Greg Mailton3828 days ago

    Very fast and reliable. Quick payment and service second to none. For once everything appears as it seems. Great seller and site.

  • By Greyson3828 days ago

    Amazing fast and excellent service i was 100% satisfied and will continue to do business with Neo he is the man.Thank you again much appreciated.

  • By DJ Puddintime3831 days ago

    I would give Neoex 10 Stars Awesome Service these reviews are 5 Stars for a reason! Easy setup he's friendly communication is awesome setup is easy and simple. Highly Recommend him over any other site. Undoubltly the best in the business! Thanks again my friend!

  • By Lili3833 days ago

    Great transaction again. Would recommend to anyone. Very trustworthy especially when handling money and virtual goods.

  • By DirtyFinger3838 days ago

    As always very professional and friendly, quick responses doesn't beat around the bush. Highly Recommended.

  • By Richard3841 days ago

    As a first time seller of an account I was cautious and worried about something going wrong. Neoex was very helpful and informative during the process. Responses were quick and the transaction was 100% legit/safe/honest. Highly recommend accountswappers if you want to sell your account. A++

  • By Starbeam Plasma Rays3848 days ago

    Selling my FFXI account was something I was scared of doing. I didn't understand the process, I thought I might get duped, or scammed, or worst - identity stolen. But seriously, this is the real deal. NeoEx responds in a timely manner to all questions asked about the process, and delivers in the end.

  • By Joe C3854 days ago

    Was referred to this site by my brother who has previously sold his FFXI account with the help of Neoex. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by how trustworthy Neoex is and how the help he has provided me in coming to a successful transaction. I can thoroughly recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell FFXI accounts, gil or services.

  • By sir3856 days ago

    Fast responsive excellent service! Will be back!

  • By apollyn3857 days ago

    this guy has got to be the most professional person i have met in this busness.

  • By gixxer3858 days ago

    Once again, Great service, very quick, easy and trustworthy, best seller a++++

  • By djitalize3861 days ago

    Neoex was very patient, and prompt. Provided great customer care and support. Genuinely appreciates his customers. Transaction couldn't have gone any smoother. Would recommend to any first time account buyers and definitely would do future business with again. Thanks!

  • By 671buyer3863 days ago

    Was able buy a account without and problems! This seller is really helpful and very understand-able!!! Would only do business with Neoex when dealing with this much money, really awesome and nice guy!
    Has the best accounts on net for sale and very very trustworthy! :) Thanks again for TWO very successful transaction Neo!

  • By Jason3863 days ago

    I was nervous as heck to sell my account after investing 10 years into it. This guy was amazing, kept me informed all the way through and was easy to deal with. He made me feel comfortable with the transaction and I feel that I made an "educated" decision to sell the account with him. Thanks again!

  • By HappyCustomer3869 days ago

    Awesome service. You won't be disappointed here!

  • By Ryuguaridan3870 days ago

    Good seller time to move on good bye ff11 /cry

  • By Jeroth3870 days ago

    Was really hesitant to give my info to someone to sell my account, but have to say this guy is trustworthy, patient and deserves a beer. Great service

  • By Neo3872 days ago

    Great first time doing this and glad I did thanks very smooth

  • By redhawk3873 days ago

    WWow what a pro! I was very nervous about buying an account,but Neo put me at ease. It was as easy as going to the store and buying a piece of fruit. Just as fast to. After choesing a payment method literly seconds after recipt I had the account information including limks to change the password info to make the acct my own.WOW that's what I call service. Ill be trying your emp weapon upgrade next!


  • By Tyler3877 days ago

    Extremely quick communication back and forth. The entire sale process took around 6 hours, including time I did not respond because I was in class. Payment was quick. Legitimate website, legitimate buyer!

  • By Jink3879 days ago

    Very fast processing once asked for account information. Received the money around 30minutes after sending account information. Very good people to sell your account to, quick and clean!

  • By Jon3880 days ago

    Was very nervous about using this service as another website stole over 100 million gil in sellable gear. I contacted neo and he sent me a quote on the account. After checking it out I was promptly paid. He had great communication and anwsered every question i had quickly. Anyone looking to sell there account this website is very legit and neo was very helpful. A+++++

  • By Jon3880 days ago

    Was very nervous about using this service as another website stole over 100 million gil in sellable gear. I contacted neo and he sent me a quote on the account. After checking it out I was promptly paid. He had great communication and anwsered every question i had quickly. Anyone looking to sell there account this website is very legit and neo was very helpful. A+++++

  • By Odin.Slugster3882 days ago

    Trustworthy and fast. Would recommend to anyone not sure about trading online, as I sold four accounts at once and was paid promptly.

  • By Geoff3886 days ago

    3rd time using this service. Very smooth and event-less.

  • By javi3887 days ago

    NOt only is he a very nice guy, but he is the most helpful person ive ever dealt with. walked me trough everything, helped me afterward and we have exchanged vast emails when i have any questions. i would not buy from anyone else now that i have experienced his customer service. thank you so very much.

  • By Ozz3895 days ago

    Great Buyer no problems communicates very well. Honest and fast payment.


  • By Eric3897 days ago

    Good service and I got plus twos definitely the real thing and worth every dime.

  • By Eric3897 days ago

    Good service and I got plus twos definitely the real thing and worth every dime.

  • By Geoff3897 days ago

    10/10 Very satisfied!

  • By Imnottellingyoumyname3898 days ago

    great service and very trust worthy definitely a go to.

  • By Fernando3898 days ago

    Great service. Customer service is much better than ANYONE else. You can reach him through email, skype, etc. This service is the best. I'm a repeat customer for accounts and gil and will keep coming back.

  • By Shu3900 days ago

    This was a very nervous experience for me but Neoex did everything clean and honest. I got almost $1600 for my acount and everything went very smooth. This was a transaction back in December and left extremely happy with the experience. Fast appraisal & payment.

  • By soooold3900 days ago

    great seller had an excellent experience. honest and smooth transaction

  • By Teaka3902 days ago

    Neoex and accountswappers did an amazing job! Communicative, honest, and a real fast process. I had my account quoted, checked out for accuracy, and was paid all within three days. I could not have asked for better service :) Grade A++ Thanks again.

  • By Willy Watson3905 days ago

    Have sold multiple accounts without any issue I highly reccomend this site for good honest transactions!

  • By blessed3918 days ago

    Very honest company and would recomend selling your account to them anytime. Very fast and honest transaction thankyou very much!!

  • By Kok Ming3925 days ago

    A successful transaction. Thank you

  • By mark3929 days ago

    Very good honest ppl sold account fast will do busy again

  • By gura3929 days ago

    good business experience. thank you

  • By Glenn3936 days ago

    Awesome response time to my questions prior to the transaction. Once complete, his team was quick, professional, and friendly. Was very friendly, checked in and asked how everything was going. I couldnt have asked for a better way to do business. Thanks again. Can't wait to do business with you again.

  • By evilkvicious3949 days ago

    quick painless transaction worked everything out in a matter of hours , went straight to him and skipped all the other shady people . would deal with him again A++++

  • By dobbles3949 days ago

    Was happy to avoid the crazy amount of scammers out there. Really honest and quick.

  • By gzr3955 days ago

    Excellent and fast service. 5/5

  • By Artifakt3956 days ago

    Quick and painless. Answered all my questions swiftly and was very helpful along the process of transaction and set-up. Very professional. Highly recommended.

  • By Jeffrey3959 days ago

    Very efficient 5/5

  • By Deos11123962 days ago

    Quick and honest! Had no problems selling my account whatsoever. Very trustworthy!

  • By Gravemaker3969 days ago

    Buying a account from Neo was the best decision ive made, within a hour of making the call to him i had a new account and was back to playing. I will buy and sell from/to him again. Thanks Brother.

  • By M200123969 days ago

    fast and smooth thanks

  • By The Brain3971 days ago

    Very smooth and professional transaction.

    Thanks again!

  • By jahn473979 days ago

    Great seller. The negative reviews for this guy are BS. Seriously great expereince and good communication.

  • By Phataas3980 days ago

    Thanks you again for a quick and good deal!

  • By Chickenpickles3982 days ago

    I buy gil from this guy alot, he is fast, friendly and very legit/

  • By Tommy3986 days ago

    Very quick and reliable neo is 100% legite, very helpful and nice

  • By envy9113991 days ago

    A++++ was very quick and worked with me, buy and sell from this guy!

  • By Phil3992 days ago

    Have brought from, and sold to, Neoex. He is always very transparent, fair and reliable. Highly recommended!

  • By Kuikkusu4000 days ago

    Fantastic service.

    Very patient and extremely trustworthy. Highly recommended.

  • By Riecus4007 days ago

    A+++ service. It was quick fast and professional. Neoex took the time to walk me through setting up the account and was patient with all my questions. He prides himself on customer service. Will be doing more business here.

  • By dw4007 days ago

    Customer service was outstanding. Even though I am no good with Pay Pal they took their time to help me out and understand it. The guy even went out of his way to call Pay Pal himself to find out why my account when work right. .!

  • By Dizzle4018 days ago

    Great, fast service.

  • By TheFatGuy4019 days ago

    The best service you could want, really good communication, really fast payment. Thanks a bunch.

  • By Davide4021 days ago

    What to say? best service i have see. he doing all clear w/o scam, dont look around on web people try to corrupt hes work is absolute good buyer A+++ or direcly S for what he do.
    He also help me for my issues of paypal! Good price best service Powerfull and friendly man!

  • By Dmgd tear4023 days ago

    Very fast services not like other site quick response, very eager to help with needs. Highly recommend. Thanks again

  • By antonio4024 days ago

    Really good service and friendliness as timing is as reliable 500%
    I highly recommend this site really good

  • By John4026 days ago

    Selling an account on a game that takes so much dedication is tough. On top of that, this was a game that I was highly compassionate about.

    After a hard decision to sell I was happy to deal with Neo. Great service, despite my frequent questions and concerns. Very professional in every aspect and honest. I was happy to deal with Neo and recomment him to any seller. The transaction was smooth, payment was quick and price substantial. Thanks for the great service man, best of luck to you and your business.

  • By Baraka4029 days ago

    Fast payment, totally legit

  • By SSRg4031 days ago

    I'm a first time seller, And i'd decided to sell my original account from 2004-now. Thats years of work put into one place, with care, love, and dedication. Saying this, ANYONE could imagine how nervous i was to even consider selling it, in a world of cons and scams.

    Then there was Neoex. Promp replies, Instant feedback, He tolerated my stupid questions, with kind replies, and i believe he understood what i was feeling as i sold my virtual soul.

    With all my doubts, all my fears, and nerves aside, and with the end result being as stated in our time talking, I can say for a 100% fact this site is Legit. No BS, Nothing bad at all.

    All it required on my part was a little bit of trust.

    Sell to this guy. Best. Decision. Ever.

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    This guy is legit guys. Honestly EGS is probably one of the worst sites for scams, but if you come here you can always be assured you will be treated with kindness and he is quick with the transaction!


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    Good site here, bought an account awhile back, and just sold him one recently. Not a scam at all like you might think at first. I would do business again with him, no doubt.

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    I was very nervous about selling my account, but Neo made me feel very comfortable doing it. Neo made this process easy, informative, and the payment was literally in my paypal account within 2 minutes of him verifying everything. Thanks again Neo. Would do business again anytime.


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    No issues (imagine that with an rmt site!), I was pretty nervous about getting skrewed over. I had a bad recent experience with another site (took 4 days and i got refunded instead of the acct. after i emailed them asking where my acct was). This site took me an hour maybe, plus it was a **way** better account for the money. The guy would email me back immediately. Even after I had problems logging on (which was my fault not his) he directed me on how to fix the problem. If I where to buy another acct, I would do it here without question.

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    I just sold my FFXI account to Neoex. At first I researched him and the site. I found a few things talking bad about him and saying to stay away that it was a scam. I questioned him over and over he remained professional and polite. He even gave me his contact information, which I then also verified :D I finally felt comfortable enough to give him my account infromation and from the time I did the money was in my paypal account 10 minutes later. I can say I was extremely nervous about loosing my account and getting nothing in return, but take it from me if you are questioning his honesty, no need to he is legit 100% satisfaction. Now I know if ever I need anything at all I will always come to the place I can trust. Thanks Neoex for everything!

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    I have to say I was extremely nervous about the account sale/transfer process, but Neo answered every question... and answered them fast. So I took the leap of faith after viewing all these testimonials and sent him what he needed and within 20 mins of sending the info, I had the $$ exactly as promised deposited into my paypal account. No games, no hassles.Honest, Fair, and extremely helpful. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. Thanks again Neo.

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    Highly recommend doing business here!

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