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Welcome to AccountSwappers Sell FFXI Gil site, where we BUY Gil from you. is a US based company. Why does this matter to you? Over-seas companies are often flagged for suspicious activity. Do you want your hard earned account flagged? Selling FFXI Gil to AccountSwappers is the safest method available.

At Accountswappers we have taken the utmost of care for our customer’s protection.

Here at we want to buy your FFXI Gil. If you are looking for a bit of fast cash without risking your account being flagged for suspicious activity then look no further. Being an American company your account is much less likely to be flagged for suspicious activity when working with us. The accounts used by over-seas companies are often flagged for RMT activity. This can result in suspension of your account if it is linked to numerous trades with accounts that have been flagged as suspect. Most of the Gil we buy and sell comes from the buying of FFXI accounts and the selling of their items on the auction house over the period of a few weeks so we do not involve our trading accounts in large scale Gil transactions near as often as Chinese Gil buyer and sellers who are more likely to get your account in trouble. Some of our mule accounts have been used for more than five years.

We offer competitive pricing and the best customer service and support.

If you have any questions prior to exchanging your FFXI Gil for cash we will gladly assist you in understanding the process. Whether you are looking to pay for your account for a few months or make a down payment on a car, we can help. We will buy any amount of FFXI Gil. It can be seen from our testimonial page that whether you want to sell FFXI Gil, buy FFXI Gil, or buy/sell FFXI accounts, you will get what we say. When we buy FFXI Gil most transactions are completed very quickly and 100% safely. The accounts we use to transfer Gil have levelled characters and are all registered and paid for by personal friends and family and have never been transferred to avoid suspicion. We truly have taken every precaution to make selling your FFXI Gil a risk-free endeavor. Fill out the form below completely and we will have a quote back to you, normally within a short period of time. The form is in no way an agreement to sell it is simply to initiate the beginning of negotiations.