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  • Looking to buy developed FFXI accounts in 2023! Sortie Odyssey and Prime

    Accountswappers is still looking to buy Final Fantasy XI accounts. Check out our brand new Free Account Quote form. We have paid out over $1 million dollars to owners just like you over the last 16 years. Looking for all types of accounts, Mains, Mules, Crafting, Support, DD. 


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  • Storming into 2022 - Celebrating 15 years of FFXI Buying and Selling

    As of the end 2021, We have paid out over $1million dollars and purchased over 2,500 FFXI accounts in over 14 years!

    Contact us to get a quote on your account today!

  • REMA Upgrade Items in Stock!!!!

    • 30,000 Alexandrite Pack - $90

    • 10k Beitetsu -  $45

    • 10k Plutons - $35

    • 10k Riftborn Bolder - $35

    • 1500 Heavy Metal Plate - $100

    • 60 Riftcinder - $75

    • 60 Riftdross - $70

    For more information on ordering and availability goto:

  • Buying ALL FFXI Accounts and Gil - Powering into 2017!!!

    Looking for all FFXI accounts, paying up to $3500 for multiple afterglows, master job points, HQ abjuration gear, 119 AF+3. Highest feedback over 7 years. Don't waste time with scammers, Quick, Easy, Honest, and 100% payment same day

    Original Owner accounts preferred

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  • Looking to buy MYTHIC FFXI Accounts!

    The hunt is on for Mythic Holders! Accountswappers is looking for High-End Mythic accounts! Submit a quote form today!

  • FFXI Version Update! Major Update

    FFXI released its March update and WOW! talk about bringing new life back into the game check it out hereName:  event005.jpg<br />Views: 6<br />Size:  52.2 KB

  • Level 119 Mythic/Emp/Relic Items in Stock

    Available now upgrade your level 99 to level 119

    Email [email protected] for pricing

  • FFXIV Buyng and Selling Coming!! We have listened!


  • Accountswappers Blog Launch!

    New Blog Launched! Check it out for FFXI Community Insight, Tips and Tricks!
    Accountswappers FFXI Blog

  • Accountswappers Team introduces FFXI Account services. Empyrean Weapon Upgr

    Accountswappers is proud to introduce our new Empyrean Weapon Upgrade service. This is the fastest and safest way to get the top of the line weapons! For more Information Click here:

  • Looking for Relic and High Level Synergy/Fishing

    As the new level cap approachs we are looking for FFXI Accounts and Gil. As Emperyon weapons become the norm, we are still purchasing all accounts. However we are especially looking for high level RELIC and Fishing/Synergy Accounts.

    Submit a quote today!!