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Hume F MASTER PLD Aegis Su5 Neck Souvern+1 WoTG/ToAU/RoV Complete CHEAP

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Mercenary Rank: Private Second Class
San d'Oria Rank: Complete!
Rise of the Zilart: Complete!
Chains of Promathia: Complete!
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Complete!
Wings of the Goddess: Complete!
Addon: A Crystalline Prophecy: The Echo Awakens
Addon: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
Addon: A Shantotto Ascension: That Which Curdles Blood
Abyssea: N/A
Seekers of Adoulin: Complete!
Completed Unique Coalitions (Adoulin): 3
Rhapsodies of Vana'diel: Complete!

Value in misc. 500k+ in sellables

Aegis 99

119 Relic/Artifact/Emp +2/+3
Kgt. Beads +2 99 (Path: A)

(26) P. Pld Card
P. Thf Card

Escha Zi'Tah/Ru'Aun/Reisenjima
Aizushintogo i119
Balarama Grip 99
Empath Necklace 99
Enchufla i119
Espiritus i119
Infused Earring 99
Instigator i119
Nibiru Chopper i119
Niobid Strap 99
(2) Odyssean Greaves i119 (Accuracy+19, Weapon Skill Damage +2%)
(2) Odyssean Greaves i119 (Accuracy+20, "Fast Cast"+5, Agi+11)
Rhomphaia i119
Sapience Orb 99
Solstice i119
Vertigo Ring 99

119 Abjuration Gear
Ab.Abjuration: Hd.
Ab.Abjuration: Lg.
Ar.Abjuration: Hd.
Carmine Cuisses +1 i119 (Accuracy+20, Attack+12, "Dual Wield"+6)
Cy.Abjuration: Lg.
Gr.Abjuration: Hn.
Souv. Cuirass +1 i119 (Hp+105, Enmity+9, Potency of "Cure" Effect Received +15%)
Souv. Diechlings +1 i119 (Hp+105, Enmity+9, Potency of "Cure" Effect Received +15%)
Souv. Handsch. +1 i119 (Hp+105, Enmity+9, Potency of "Cure" Effect Received +15%)
Souv. Schaller +1 i119 (Hp+105, Enmity+9, Potency of "Cure" Effect Received +15%)
Souveran Schuhs +1 i119 (Hp+105, Enmity+9, Potency of "Cure" Effect Received +15%)
Tr.Abjuration: Lg.
Va.Abjuration: Hd.

A. Voucher: Back
(2) A. Voucher: Weapon
(10) Abdhaljs Resin
Rudianos's Mantle 99
Sulev. Gauntlets +1 i119
Sulev. Leggings +1 i119
Sulevi. Cuisses +1 i119
Sulevia's Mask +1 i119
Sulevia's Plate. +1 i119

Antitail i119
Dominance Earring 99
Loricate Torque +1 99

Other Noteable R/EX
Ethereal Earring 72
Karieyh Ring 99
Malignance Tabard i119
Mecisto. Mantle 99 (Cap. Point+43%, Mp+10, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+1, Def+7)
Moonshade Earring 90 (Attack+4, Tp Bonus +250)
Rajas Ring 30

Cornflower Cape 99
(12) Pulchridopt Wing
Senkuto i119

Base Artifact/Relic/Emp
Assassin's Armlets 75
Assassin's Pouln. 73
Bard's Cannions 75
Bard's Cuffs 73
Bard's Jstcorps 74
Duelist's Boots 71
Duelist's Chapeau 75
Mirage Jubbah 74
Mirage Keffiyeh 75
Valor Breeches 74
Valor Coronet 73
Valor Gauntlets 72
Valor Leggings 71
Valor Surcoat 75
Vlr. Surcoat -1
Warrior's Calligae 71
Warrior's Lorica 75
Warrior's Mask 73
Warrior's Mufflers 72
Warrior's Stone 70

A. Vou.: Fingers
(60) Abdhaljs Dust
(20) Abdhaljs Dye
(20) Abdhaljs Fiber
(20) Abdhaljs Metal
(30) Abdhaljs Sap
(60) Abdhaljs Thread
Cirein. Lantern
Itzpapa. Scale
(12) Mellidopt Wing
Sh.Abjuration: Hd.
Sobek's Skin
Tr.Abjuration: Bd.

(27) 1 Byne Bill
(59) Alexandrite
Ayapec's Shell
Beetle Blood
(89) Beitetsu
Beitetsu Parcel
(2) Boulder Case
Brigantia Pebble 99
Bukyoku 109
Chirich Ring 99
Chivalrous Chain 60
Cure Ii
Cure V
(4) Damascene Cloth
Darksteel Buckler 59
Duplus Grip 99
(2) Duskslit Stone +2
Earth Crystal
Emissary Boots 69
(17) Eschalixir +1
(3) Eschalixir +2
Etched Memory
Exalted Log
Faithful's Torso I
Faithful's Torso Ii
(13) Fern Stone
Fire Iii
(42) Forgotten Hope
(3) Forgotten Step
(34) Forgotten Touch
(2) Frayed Sack (Fer)
(2) Frayed Sack (Pel)
(15) Frgtn. Journey
(32) Frgtn. Thought
(24) Ghastly Stone +1
(6) Griffon Hide
Griffon Ring 80
Hermes' Sandals 70
(2) Hippogryph Tf.
Hojo: Ni
Holy Sword 36
Honey Wine
(23) H-P Bayld
Hurlbat 109
(9) Ice Cluster
Ifrit Ring 99
(10) Imp. Brz. Piece
(6) Imp. Gold Piece
(2) Imp. Silk Cloth
Jwalamukhi Ring 99
Knight's Minne Iv
(3) Leafslit Stone +2
(2) Leaftip Stone +2
Levia. Ring 99
(2) Mache Earring 99
Mahogany Bed
Mohbwa Cloth
Moonbeam Cape 99
(2) Moonlight Ring 99
(98) O. Bronzepiece
(5) Oxblood
Patriarch Cane 109
(11) Phil. Stone
(2) Platinum Silk
(24) Pluton
(25) Prism Powder
Prolix Ring 92
Provocare Ring 99
Ptm. Earring +1 60
(7) Rabbit Hide
(2) Riftborn Boulder
Serket Shield 51
(97) Sickle
(2) Sif's Lock
(31) Silent Oil
(2) Silk Cloth
(4) Siren's Hair
(3) Snowdim Stone +2
Snowslit Stone +2
(2) Snowtip Stone +2
Spatha 9
Staunch Tathlum +1 99
(29) T. Whiteshell
T.K. Army Collar 50
Tranquilizer Ii
Twill Damask
(22) Twitherym Wing
Unyielding Ring 50
(24) Verdigris St. +1
Vile Elixir +1
Vlg. Coffer Key
(12) Wailing Stone +1
Warding Round
(2) Wootz Ore
Worn Sack (Dt+1)
Worn Sack (Ss+2)

Key Items
♪Raptor Companion
Adoulinian Charter Permit
Adventurer's Certificate
Aged Undying Naakual Crest
Airship Pass
Airship Pass For Kazham
Altepa Gate Crystal
Ambuscade Primer Volume One
Ambuscade Primer Volume Two
Archducal Audience Permit
Arciela's Skirt
Ashrakk's Blood Sigil
Astral Compass
Black Matinee Necklace
Boarding Permit
Brand of Dawn
Brand of Twilight
Bronze Ribbon of Service ∮
''card Jailer Teodor''
Cerulean Crystal
Chocobo License
Coruscant Rosary
Crest of Davoi
Curilla's Bottle
Dem Gate Crystal
Dhokmak's Blood Sigil
Dimensional Compass
Dynamis - Buburimu Sliver
Dynamis - Qufim Sliver
Dynamis - Tavnazia Sliver
Dynamis - Valkurm Sliver
Empty Hourglass
Eschan Cellar
Eschan Urn
Heart of the Bushin
Holla Gate Crystal
Hydra Corps Battle Standard
Hydra Corps Command Scepter
Hydra Corps Eyeglass
Hydra Corps Insignia
Hydra Corps Lantern
Hydra Corps Tactical Map
Ignor-Mnt's Bracelet
Imperial Army I.D. Tag
Inky Black Yagudo Feather
Job Breaker
Job Gesture: Black Mage
Job Gesture: Monk
Job Gesture: Paladin
Job Gesture: Red Mage
Job Gesture: Thief
Job Gesture: Warrior
Job Gesture: White Mage
Jugner Gate Crystal
Lerene's Paten
Limit Breaker
Magian Trial Log
Manaclipper Multi-Ticket
Map of Adoulin
Map of Al Zahbi
Map of Al'taieu
Map of Alzadaal Ruins
Map of Arrapago Reef
Map of Aydeewa Subterrane
Map of Beadeaux
Map of Bhaflau Thickets
Map of Bibiki Bay
Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette
Map of Caedarva Mire
Map of Cape Riverne
Map of Carpenters' Landing
Map of Castle Oztroja
Map of Castle Zvahl
Map of Davoi
Map of Delkfutt's Tower
Map of Escha - Ru'aun
Map of Escha - Zi'tah
Map of Fei'yin
Map of Fort Karugo-Narugo
Map of Ghelsba
Map of Giddeus
Map of Grauberg
Map of Halvung
Map of Hu'xzoi
Map of Ifrit's Cauldron
Map of King Ranperre's Tomb
Map of Labyrinth of Onzozo
Map of Mamook
Map of Mount Zhayolm
Map of Nashmau
Map of Newton Movalpolos
Map of Norg
Map of Oldton Movalpolos
Map of Ordelle's Caves
Map of Pso'xja
Map of Qufim Island
Map of Reisenjima
Map of Ru'hmet
Map of Sea Serpent Grotto
Map of Tavnazia
Map of Temple of Uggalepih
Map of the Aqueducts
Map of the Attohwa Chasm
Map of the Bastok Area
Map of the Boyahda Tree
Map of the Crawlers' Nest
Map of the Dangruf Wadi
Map of the Den of Rancor
Map of the Eldieme Necropolis
Map of the Elshimo Regions
Map of the Garlaige Citadel
Map of the Gusgen Mines
Map of the Horutoto Ruins
Map of the Jeuno Area
Map of the Korroloka Tunnel
Map of the Kuftal Tunnel
Map of the Kuzotz Region
Map of the Li'telor Region
Map of the Maze of Shakhrami
Map of the Northlands Area
Map of the Palborough Mines
Map of the Quicksand Caves
Map of the Ranguemont Pass
Map of the Ru'aun Gardens
Map of the Sacrarium
Map of the San D'oria Area
Map of the Toraimarai Canal
Map of the Uleguerand Range
Map of the Vollbow Region
Map of the Windurst Area
Map of the Zeruhn Mines
Map of Ve'lugannon Palace
Map of Vunkerl Inlet
Map of Wajaom Woodlands
Mea Gate Crystal
Military Scrip
Moghancement: Experience
Mystical Canteen
Pair of Fuzzy Earmuffs
Pair of Velkk Gloves
Pashhow Gate Crystal
Phoenix's Blessing
Pioneer's Badge
Prismatic Fragment
Prismatic Hourglass
Psc Wildcat Badge
Pso'xja Pass
Pure White Feather
Reliquiarium Key
''rhapsody In Azure''
''rhapsody In Crimson''
''rhapsody In Emerald''
''rhapsody In Fuchsia''
''rhapsody In Mauve''
''rhapsody In Ochre''
''rhapsody In Puce''
''rhapsody In Umber''
''rhapsody In White''
Rosulatia's Pome
Sajj'aka's Protective Ward
San D'oria Trust Permit
''scintillating Rhapsody''
Sepulcher Ensign
Shard of Apathy
Shard of Arrogance
Shard of Cowardice
Shard of Envy
Shard of Rage
Silver Bell
Silvery Plate
Song of Hope
Squire Certificate
Tear of Altana
Tenshodo Member's Card
Teodor's Blood Sigil
Trainer's Whistle
Traverser Stone
Vahzl Gate Crystal
Velkk Fetish
Vial of Dream Incense
Vial of Shrouded Sand
Whisper of the Wyrmking
Windurst Trust Permit
Yagudo Torch
Yhoator Gate Crystal

Nyzul Tokens: 1175
Therion Ichor: 0
Cruor: 0
Voidstones: 0
Traverser Stones: 62
A.M.A.N. Vouchers Stored: 46
Zeni: 0
Guild Points (Fishing): 0
Guild Points (Woodworking): 0
Guild Points (Smithing): 0
Guild Points (Goldsmithing): 0
Guild Points (Weaving): 0
Guild Points (Leathercraft): 0
Guild Points (Bonecraft): 0
Guild Points (Alchemy): 0
Guild Points (Cooking): 0
Assault Points (Leujaoam Sanctum): 0
Assault Points (M.J.T.G.): 0
Assault Points (Lebros Cavern): 0
Assault Points (Periqia): 0
Assault Points (Ilrusi Atoll): 0
Beastman Seals (stored): 7
Kindred Seals (stored): 9
Kindred Crests (stored): 24
High Kindred Crests (stored): 21
Sacred Kindred Crests (stored): 8
Bayld: 228412
Mweya Plasm Corpuscles: 350
Escha Silt: 105749
Escha Beads: 6870
Potpourri: 0

Job Points

Trusts (22)
Lion II
Zeid II
Nashmeira II
Lilisette II
Tenzen II
Prishe II
Arciela II
Semih Lafihna
Iroha II

Coalition Ranks
Pioneer Petitioner
Courier Petitioner
Inventor Contributor
Mummer Petitioner
Peacekeeper Petitioner
Scout Petitioner

Escha Vorseal
HP/MP+ 6
Acc/R.Acc/Eva+ 2
Def+ 1
Atk/R.Atk+ 0
M.Acc/M.Eva+ 3
M.Def+ 3
M.Atk+ 1
Occ. Nullifies Damage 0
Killer Effects+ 0
Damage Taken 0
Spoils+ 2
Rare Enemy+ 3
Luck+ 2
Regen+ 1
Refresh+ 1
Accuracy++ 2

tldr& Missions/Storyline done. PLD great foundation, +1 Souvern Aegis, This is a PERFECT mule tank account.  $300