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Taru WHM ML40 R15 Yagrush/Gambanteinn/Aegis Su5+2 Relic+3 Tplate Unity+1 Dbreak Dring *2 Month crysta included*

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Mercenary Rank: Mercenary Captain! Ready to create mythics!
San d'Oria Rank: Complete!
Rise of the Zilart: Complete!
Chains of Promathia: Complete!
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Complete!
Wings of the Goddess: Complete!
Addon: A Crystalline Prophecy: The Echo Awakens
Addon: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Drenched! It Began with a Raindrop
Addon: A Shantotto Ascension: That Which Curdles Blood
Abyssea: N/A
Seekers of Adoulin: Complete!
Completed Unique Coalitions (Adoulin): 1
Rhapsodies of Vana'diel: Complete!

Value in misc. 500k+ in sellables

(11) C. Coalescence

Aegis 75
Gambanteinn AFTERGLOW 119 AG (Path: A) Rank 15
Yagrush AFTERGLOW 119 AG (Path: A) Rank 15

Su5+1/2 Weapons Necks Volte
Clr. Torque +2 99 (Path: A) Rank 25

119 Relic +2/+3
Piety Cap +3 i119 (Enhances "Devotion" Effect)
Piety Duckbills +3 i119 (Enhances "Afflatus Solace" Effect)
Piety Mitts +3 i119 (Enhances "Martyr" Effect)
Piety Pantaln. +3 i119 (Enhances "Afflatus Misery" Effect)

119 Artifact +2/+3
theo. Bliaut +2 i119
theophany Cap +2 i119

Ammurapi Shield i119
(16) P. Whm Card

Escha Zi'Tah/Ru'Aun/Reisenjima
Genmei Earring 99
Genmei Shield i119
Gyve Doublet i119
Queller Rod i119 (Healing Magic Skill +15, "Cure" Potency +10%, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -7%)
Vanya Hood i119 (Mp+50, "Fast Cast"+10, Haste+2%)

119 Abjuration Gear
Kaykaus Bliaut +1 i119 (Mp+80, "Cure" Potency +6%, "Conserve Mp"+7)
Kaykaus Boots +1 i119 (Mag. Acc.+20, "Cure" Potency +6%, "Fast Cast"+4)
Kaykaus Cuffs +1 i119 (Mp+80, "Conserve Mp"+7, "Fast Cast"+4)
Kaykaus Mitra +1 i119 (Mp+80, Spell Interruption Rate Down +12%, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -7%)
Kaykaus Tights +1 i119 (Mp+80, Spell Interruption Rate Down +12%, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -7%)

Alaunus's Cape 99 (Mnd+20, Mag. Acc+20 /Mag. Dmg.+20, Mnd+10, "Fast Cast"+10, Damage Taken-5%)
Inyan. Dastanas +2 i119
Inyanga Jubbah +2 i119

Reforged Artifact/Relic/Emp
Ebers Bliaut 109
Ebers Cap +1 i119
Ebers Duckbills 109
Ebers Mitts +1 i119
Ebers Pant. +1 i119
Piety Bliaut 109 (Enhances "Benediction" Effect)
theo. Duckbills 109
theo. Pantaloons 109
theophany Mitts 109

Sinnister Reign
Etiolation Earring 99
Tartarus Platemail i119

Acuity Belt +1 99 (Path: A) Rank 15
Antitail i119
Assid. Pants +1 i119 (Path: A) Rank 15
Dominance Earring 99
Gelatinous Ring +1 99 (Path: A) Rank 15
Metamor. Ring +1 99
Shinjutsu-No-Obi +1 99 (Path: A) Rank 15
Unmoving Collar +1 99

Other Noteable R/EX
Balrahn's Ring 50
C. Palug Hammer i119
Daybreak i119
Defending Ring 70
Janniston Ring 99
Malignance Earring 99
Moonshade Earring 90 (Mp+25, Latent Effect: "Refresh"+1)

(9) Abdhaljs Seal
(3) Kei's Scale

Key Items
?Raptor Companion
Abyssite of Discernment
Adoulinian Charter Permit
Adventurer's Certificate
Aged Ligneous Naakual Crest
Aged Undying Naakual Crest
Airship Pass
Altepa Gate Crystal
Amber Stratum Abyssite
Ambuscade Primer Volume Two
Archducal Audience Permit
Arciela's Skirt
Ashrakk's Blood Sigil
Astral Compass
Atma of Allure
Atma of Calamity
Atma of Entwined Serpents
Atma of Gales
Atma of the Apocalypse
Atma of the Gnarled Horn
Atma of the Lone Wolf
Atma of the Merciless Matriarch
Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity
Atma of the Omnipotent
Atma of the Persistent Predator
Atma of the Razed Ruins
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe
Atma of the Solitary One
Atma of the Stormbird
Atma of the Stout Arm
Atma of the Stronghold
Atma of the Voracious Violet
Azure Abyssite of Lenity
Bastok Trust Permit
Battle Trophy: 1st Echelon
Battle Trophy: 2nd Echelon
Battle Trophy: 3rd Echelon
Battle Trophy: 4th Echelon
Battle Trophy: 5th Echelon
Boarding Permit
Brand of Dawn
Brand of Twilight
Bronze Ribbon of Service ?
Bundle of Half-Inscribed Scrolls
Captain Wildcat Badge
''card Jailer Teodor''
Celestial Nexus Phantom Gem
Cerulean Crystal
Chocobo License
Clump of Animal Hair
Compass of Transference
Crimson Stratum Abyssite
Crimson Traverser Stone
Cupful of Dust-Laden Sap
Dawn Phantom Gem
Dem Gate Crystal
Dhokmak's Blood Sigil
Dimensional Compass
Distorted Fragment
Dynamis - Buburimu Sliver
Dynamis - Qufim Sliver
Dynamis - Tavnazia Sliver
Dynamis - Valkurm Sliver
Elvaan Mask of Light
Emerald Abyssite of Fortune
Empty Hourglass
Eschan Cellar
Eschan Nef
Eschan Urn
F.A.I.L. Badge
Galka Mask of Light
Gps Crystal
Habitual Behavior Barometer
Heart of the Bushin
Holla Gate Crystal
Hydra Corps Battle Standard
Hydra Corps Command Scepter
Hydra Corps Eyeglass
Hydra Corps Insignia
Hydra Corps Lantern
Hydra Corps Tactical Map
Imperial Army I.D. Tag
Indigo Abyssite of Sojourn
Inky Black Yagudo Feather
Ivory Abyssite of Acumen
Ivory Abyssite of Avarice
Ivory Abyssite of Celerity
Ivory Abyssite of Destiny
Ivory Abyssite of Fortune
Ivory Abyssite of Guerdon
Ivory Abyssite of Kismet
Ivory Abyssite of Merit
Ivory Abyssite of Perspicacity
Ivory Abyssite of Prosperity
Ivory Abyssite of the Reaper
Jade Abyssite of Expertise
Job Breaker
Job Gesture: Black Mage
Job Gesture: Corsair
Job Gesture: Dancer
Job Gesture: Monk
Job Gesture: Paladin
Job Gesture: Red Mage
Job Gesture: Scholar
Job Gesture: Thief
Job Gesture: Warrior
Job Gesture: White Mage
Jugner Gate Crystal
Kei’S Bead
Kyou’S Bead
Limit Breaker
Lunar Abyssite
Magian Trial Log
Manaclipper Multi-Ticket
Mark of the Einherjar
Master Breaker
Mea Gate Crystal
Meriphataud Gate Crystal
Message From Yoyoroon
Military Scrip
Moghancement: Experience
Mystical Canteen
Pair of Velkk Gloves
Pashhow Gate Crystal
Phoenix's Blessing
Pioneer's Badge
Prismatic Fragment
Prismatic Hourglass
Pso'xja Pass
Pure White Feather
Reive Unity
Reliquiarium Key
''rhapsody In Azure''
''rhapsody In Crimson''
''rhapsody In Emerald''
''rhapsody In Fuchsia''
''rhapsody In Mauve''
''rhapsody In Ochre''
''rhapsody In Puce''
''rhapsody In Umber''
''rhapsody In White''
Rosulatia's Pome
Runic Disc
Runic Key
Sajj'aka's Protective Ward
San D'oria Trust Permit
''scintillating Rhapsody''
Secondary Nazar
Sepulcher Ensign
Serpentking Zahak Relief Shard
Shaft Gate Operating Dial
Shard of Apathy
Shard of Arrogance
Shard of Cowardice
Shard of Envy
Shard of Rage
Shiny Ra'kaznarian Plate
Silver Bell
Silvery Plate
Song of Hope
Squire Certificate
Stalwart White Mage's Shard
Stygian Pact Phantom Gem
Tear of Altana
Tenshodo Member's Card
Teodor's Blood Sigil
Trainer's Whistle
Traverser Stone
Turbid Slime Oil
Vahzl Gate Crystal
Vial of Dream Incense
Vial of Shrouded Sand
Windurst Trust Permit
Wyrm God Phantom Gem
Yagudo Torch
Yhoator Gate Crystal

Nyzul Tokens: 1294
Therion Ichor: 1280
Cruor: 347733
Voidstones: 158
Traverser Stones: 281
A.M.A.N. Vouchers Stored: 7
Zeni: 1390
Guild Points (Fishing): 0
Guild Points (Woodworking): 0
Guild Points (Smithing): 0
Guild Points (Goldsmithing): 0
Guild Points (Weaving): 0
Guild Points (Leathercraft): 0
Guild Points (Bonecraft): 0
Guild Points (Alchemy): 0
Guild Points (Cooking): 0
Assault Points (Leujaoam Sanctum): 17502
Assault Points (M.J.T.G.): 14950
Assault Points (Lebros Cavern): 18964
Assault Points (Periqia): 19273
Assault Points (Ilrusi Atoll): 16924
Beastman Seals (stored): 480
Kindred Seals (stored): 13
Kindred Crests (stored): 98
High Kindred Crests (stored): 105
Sacred Kindred Crests (stored): 614
Bayld: 26367
Mweya Plasm Corpuscles: 0
Escha Silt: 908720
Escha Beads: 7769
Potpourri: 0
Domain Points: 450
Mog Segments: 8
Gallimaufry: 0

Job Points

Trusts (34)
Lilisette II
Arciela II
Nanaa Mihgo
Iron Eater
Zeid II
Nashmeira II
Tenzen II
Iroha II
Semih Lafihna
Lion II
Prishe II
Mihli Aliapoh

Coalition Ranks
Pioneer Petitioner
Courier Probationer
Inventor Petitioner
Mummer Petitioner
Peacekeeper Petitioner
Scout Petitioner

Escha Vorseal
HP/MP+ 6
Acc/R.Acc/Eva+ 2
Def+ 1
Atk/R.Atk+ 0
M.Acc/M.Eva+ 0
M.Def+ 2
M.Atk+ 1
Occ. Nullifies Damage 0
Killer Effects+ 0
Damage Taken 0
Spoils+ 3
Rare Enemy+ 5
Luck+ 2
Regen+ 1
Refresh+ 1
Accuracy++ 1

tldr& Purpose built WHM with Af+2/Relic+3/Empy+1 R15 Mythic/Empy Kaykaus+1, Captain Rank, Missions up to VR, ready to do ANY content that needs a WHM. Defending Ring, Daybreak, Malig Earring, Unity+1 items. Ranked Su5+2 necklace. *FREE BONUS* Account has over 2800 crysta on it,