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Taru M 22 99s Vere/Chango/Rag/Ghorn Sortie Sakpata Su5+2 refrg+3 5x master

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Mercenary Rank: Mercenary Captain! Ready to create mythics!
Bastok Rank: Complete!
Rise of the Zilart: Complete!
Chains of Promathia: Complete!
Treasures of Aht Urhgan: Complete!
Wings of the Goddess: Complete!
Addon: A Crystalline Prophecy: Complete!
Addon: A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
Addon: A Shantotto Ascension: Hasn't started yet
Abyssea: Complete!
Seekers of Adoulin: Complete!
Completed Unique Coalitions (Adoulin): 6
Rhapsodies of Vana'diel: Complete!

Value in misc. 500k+ in sellables

Chango i119
Gjallarhorn 99
Ragnarok i119
Verethragna AFTERGLOW 119 AG

Sortie Empyrean +2/+3 JSE Earring
Beck. Earring +1 99 (System: 1 Id: 1676 Val: 0, Pet: Accuracy+11 Pet: Rng. Acc.+11, Pet: Mag. Acc.+11, Damage Taken-3%)
Bhikku Cyclas +3 i119
Boii Earring 99 (System: 1 Id: 1676 Val: 0, Accuracy+10, Mag. Acc.+10)
Boii Lorica +2 i119
(2) Ra'kaz. Starstone

Coiste Bodhar 99
Information On Arebati
Information On Dealan-Dhe
Information On Gigelorum
Information On Gogmagog
Information On Kalunga
Information On Sgili
Mpaca's Boots i119
Mpaca's Cap i119
Mpaca's Doublet i119
Mpaca's Gloves i119
Mpaca's Hose i119
Sakpata's Cuisses i119
Sakpata's Gauntlets i119
Sakpata's Helm i119
Sakpata's Leggings i119
Sakpata's Plate i119 (Path: A) Rank 7
Schere Earring 99

Su5+1/2 Weapons Necks Volte
Mnk. Nodowa +2 99 (Path: A) Rank 21
War. Beads +1 99 (Path: A) Rank 10

119 Relic +2/+3
Agoge Calligae +3 i119 (Enhances "Tomahawk" Effect)
Agoge Lorica +3 i119 (Enhances "Aggressive Aim" Effect)
Agoge Mask +3 i119 (Enhances "Savagery" Effect)
Hes. Hose +3 i119 (Enhances "Hundred Fists" Effect)
Plun. Knife i119

119 Artifact +2/+3
Pumm. Calligae +3 i119
Pumm. Cuisses +3 i119
Pumm. Lorica +2 i119

Adad Amulet 99
Anu Torque 99
Knobkierrie 99
Niqmaddu Ring 99
P. Bst Card
(3) P. Mnk Card
P. Pup Card
(21) P. War Card
Utu Grip 99

Escha Zi'Tah/Ru'Aun/Reisenjima
Abnoba Kaftan i119
Acantha Torque 99
Agema Cape 99
Akademos i119 (Int+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15, Mag. Acc.+15)
Alber Strap 99
Amar Cluster 99
Apate Ring 99
Assuage Earring 99
Begrudging Ring 99
Bidenhander i119
Caro Necklace 99
Channeler's Stone 99
Chironic Gloves i119 (Mag. Acc.+16, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -8%, Int+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15)
Chironic Hat i119 (Mag. Acc.+21, "Cure" Spellcasting Time -8%, Mnd+9)
Chironic Slippers i119 (Mag. Acc.+30, "Cure" Potency +8%, Int+8, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+6)
Clotharius Torque 99
Colada i119 ("Refresh"+1, Str+14, Mag. Acc.+9, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+18, Dmg:+14)
Composer's Mitts i119
Decimus Torque 99
Despair Helm i119
Diemer Gorget 99
Digirbalag i119
Digni. Earring 99
Disperser's Cape 99
Emissary i119
Empath Necklace 99
Enchufla i119 (Dmg:+1, Str+1, Accuracy+1)
Eschan Stone 99
Eschite Breast. i119 (Hp+20, Enmity+1)
Eschite Cuisses i119
Eschite Greaves i119
Espiritus i119 (Summoning Magic Skill +15, Pet: Mag. Acc.+30, Pet: Damage Taken -4%)
Evanescence Ring 99
Evans Earring 99
Expeditious Pinion 99
Gada i119 (Enh. Mag. Eff. Dur. +4, Mnd+15, Mag. Acc.+7, Dmg:+19)
Genmei Earring 99
(2) Grioavolr i119 (Blood Pact Dmg.+10, Pet: Mag. Acc.+10, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+17)
(2) Grioavolr i119
Gyve Trousers i119
Halasz Earring 99
Herculean Boots i119 (Accuracy+24 Attack+24, Weapon Skill Damage +1%, Str+10, Attack+12)
(2) Herculean Gloves i119 (Accuracy+28, "Triple Atk."+3, Str+3, Attack+13)
(2) Herculean Gloves i119
Herculean Trousers i119 (Accuracy+23 Attack+23, Dex+11, Accuracy+11)
Herculean Vest i119
Hetairoi Ring 99
Hodadenon i119
Homeric Gorget 99
Hydrocera 99
Iris i119
Izdubar Mantle 99
(3) Kanaria i119 ("Triple Atk."+3, Dex+3, Accuracy+4, Attack+5, Dmg:+17)
(3) Kanaria i119 ("Triple Atk."+2, Accuracy+21, Attack+24, Dmg:+14)
(3) Kanaria i119
Kobo Obi 99
Lathi i119 (Int+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15, Mag. Acc.+15)
Lucidity Sash 99
Luminary Sash 99
Marked Gorget 99
Mendi. Earring 99
Merlinic Crackows i119 (Mag. Acc.+19 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+19, Magic Burst Dmg.+9%, Int+7, Mag. Acc.+7, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+12)
(3) Merlinic Dastanas i119 (Pet: Mag. Acc.+21 Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+21, Blood Pact Dmg.+10, Pet: Dex+4, Pet: Mag. Acc.+11)
(3) Merlinic Dastanas i119 (Pet: Attack+24 Pet: Rng.Atk.+24, Blood Pact Dmg.+9, Pet: Mag. Acc.+4)
(3) Merlinic Dastanas i119 ("Mag.Atk.Bns."+11, "Fast Cast"+3)
(3) Merlinic Hood i119
(3) Merlinic Hood i119 (Mag. Acc.+20 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+20, Magic Burst Dmg.+11%, Mnd+2)
(3) Merlinic Hood i119 (Mag. Acc.+23, Magic Burst Dmg.+9%, Int+9, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+4)
Merlinic Jubbah i119
Merlinic Shalwar i119 (Mag. Acc.+14 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+14, Magic Burst Dmg.+8%, Mag. Acc.+13, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+12)
Molybdosis i119
Naga Samue i119 (Str+10, Accuracy+15, "Subtle Blow"+7)
(2) Nibiru Cudgel i119 (Mp+50, Int+10, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15)
Nibiru Lance i119
Niobid Strap 99
Nodens Gorget 99
Obatala Subligar i119
(2) Odyssean Cuisses i119
Odyssean Gauntlets i119
Odyssean Greaves i119
Odyssean Helm i119
Onca Suit i119
Pemphredo Tathlum 99
Perimede Cape 99
Petrov Ring 99
Philidor Mantle 99
Psycloth Boots i119
Psycloth Lappas i119 (Mp+80, Mag. Acc.+15, "Fast Cast"+7)
Psycloth Manillas i119
Psycloth Vest i119 (Elem. Magic Skill +20, Int+7, Enmity-6)
Pursuer's Cuffs i119 (Agi+5, "Rapid Shot"+5, "Subtle Blow"+3)
(3) Queller Rod i119 (Mnd+15, Mag. Acc.+15, "Cure" Potency +15%)
(3) Queller Rod i119
Rawhide Gloves i119 (Dex+10, Str+7, Int+7)
Rawhide Mask i119
(2) Rawhide Vest i119
(2) Rawhide Vest i119 (Dex+10, Str+7, Int+7)
Redan Gloves i119
Refoccilation Stone 99
Reti Pendant 99
Rhomphaia i119 (Dmg:+16, Str+13, Attack+13)
Rufescent Ring 99
Sapience Orb 99
Sarissapho. Belt 99
Scintillating Cape 99
Shukuyu Ring 99
Shukuyu Sune-Ate i119
Skormoth Mask i119
Sokolski Mantle 99
Solemnity Cape 99
(2) Solstice i119
(2) Solstice i119 (Mag. Acc.+20, Pet: Damage Taken -4%, "Fast Cast"+5)
Steinthor i119
Sucellus i119
Taka i119
Thrace Strap 99
Uac Jerkin i119
Umaru i119 (Str+11, Accuracy+26, Attack+2, Dmg:+27)
Valorous Hose i119 (Attack+29, "Dbl.Atk."+2, Str+15, Accuracy+15)
(2) Valorous Mail i119 ("Dbl.Atk."+5, Accuracy+12, Attack+5)
(2) Valorous Mail i119
Valorous Mask i119 (Accuracy+18 Attack+18, "Dbl.Atk."+2, Dex+6, Accuracy+15)
Valorous Mitts i119 (Accuracy+8 Attack+8, Weapon Skill Damage +3%, Str+10, Accuracy+7)
Vanya Clogs i119
Vanya Slops i119 (Mp+25, "Cure" Potency +3%, Enmity-3)
Vijaya Bow i119
Vocane Ring 99
Welkin Crown i119
Xucau Mantle 99
Yarak Torque 99
Yemaya Belt 99
Zulfiqar i119 ("Dbl.Atk."+3, Str+14, Accuracy+8, Attack+10)

119 Abjuration Gear
Adhemar Bonnet +1 i119 (Dex+12, Agi+12, Accuracy+20)
Adhemar Jacket i119 (Dex+10, Agi+10, Accuracy+15)
Adhemar Wrist. +1 i119 (Dex+12, Agi+12, Accuracy+20)
Amalric Coif i119 (Mp+60, Mag. Acc.+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15)
Amalric Doublet i119 (Mp+60, Mag. Acc.+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15)
Amalric Gages i119 (Int+10, Mag. Acc.+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15)
Amalric Slops i119 (Mp+60, Int+10, Enmity-5)
(2) Apogee Crown +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: Attack+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
(2) Apogee Crown +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
Apogee Dalmatica i119 (Summoning Magic Skill +15, Enmity-5, Pet: Damage Taken -3%)
(2) Apogee Pumps +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: Attack+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
(2) Apogee Pumps +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
(2) Apogee Slacks +1 i119 (Mp+80, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+35, Blood Pact Dmg.+8)
(2) Apogee Slacks +1 i119 (Pet: Str+20, Blood Pact Dmg.+14, Pet: "Dbl. Atk."+4)
Ar.Abjuration: Lg.
Bu.Abjuration: Bd.
Bu.Abjuration: Hd.
Cr.Abjuration: Hd.
Cr.Abjuration: Lg.
Cy.Abjuration: Ft.
Cy.Abjuration: Lg.
Gr.Abjuration: Hd.
Gr.Abjuration: Hn.
Jo.Abjuration: Bd.
Jo.Abjuration: Hn.
Ryuo Sune-Ate i119 (Str+10, Dex+10, Accuracy+15)
Ryuo Tekko +1 i119 (Str+12, Dex+12, Accuracy+20)
Tr.Abjuration: Ft.
Tr.Abjuration: Hd.
Va.Abjuration: Ft.

(2) A. Voucher: Weapon
Aya. Zucchetto +2 i119
(3) Cichol's Mantle 99 (Vit+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Vit+10, Weapon Skill Damage +10%)
(3) Cichol's Mantle 99 (Dex+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Dex+5, "Dbl.Atk."+10, Phys. Dmg. Taken-10%)
(3) Cichol's Mantle 99 (Str+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Str+10, Weapon Skill Damage +10%)
Flam. Gambieras +2 i119
Flam. Manopolas +1 i119
Flam. Zucchetto +2 i119
Flamma Dirs +1 i119
Flamma Korazin +1 i119
Flamma Ring 99
Hiza. Hizayoroi +2 i119
Jhakri Coronal +1 i119
Jhakri Cuffs +1 i119
Jhakri Pigaches +2 i119
Mallquis Clogs +1 i119
Naegling i119
Nantosuelta's Cape 99
(3) Segomo's Mantle 99 (Str+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Str+10, "Dbl.Atk."+10, Phys. Dmg. Taken-10%)
(3) Segomo's Mantle 99 (Str+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Crit.Hit Rate+10, Phys. Dmg. Taken-10%)
(3) Segomo's Mantle 99 (Dex+20, Accuracy+20 Attack+20, Dex+10, "Dbl.Atk."+10, Phys. Dmg. Taken-10%)
Sulev. Cuisses +2 i119
Sulev. Gauntlets +2 i119
Sulev. Leggings +2 i119
Taranus's Cape 99 (Int+20, Mag. Acc+20 /Mag. Dmg.+20, Int+1, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+10)
Tokko Lance i119

Reforged Artifact/Relic/Emp
Anch. Cyclas +1 i119
Anch. Gaiters +1 i119
Anch. Gloves +1 i119
Anch. Hose +1 i119
Anchor. Crown +1 i119
Ankusa Gaiters +1 i119
Ankusa Gloves 109
Arc. Braccae +1 i119
Atrophy Tabard +1 i119
Azimuth Coat 109
Azimuth Gaiters +1 i119
Azimuth Hood +1 i119
Bagua Pants 109
Bagua Tunic +1 i119
Beck. Doublet +1 i119
Beck. Pigaches +1 i119
Beck. Spats +1 i119
Beckoner's Horn +1 i119
Bhikku Crown +1 i119
Bhikku Gaiters +1 i119
Bhikku Gloves +1 i119
Bhikku Hose +1 i119
Boii Mufflers +1 i119
Brioso Slippers +1 i119
Con. Doublet +1 i119
Con. Pigaches +1 i119
Ebers Pantaloons 109
Fili Calot 109
Fili Hongreline 109
Fili Manchettes 109
Fili Rhingrave 109
Geo. Mitaines +1 i119
Geo. Pants +1 i119
Geomancy Galero 109
Geomancy Sandals 109
Geomancy Tunic 109
Glyphic Bracers +1 i119 (Inc. Sp. "Blood Pact" Magic Burst Dmg.)
Glyphic Doublet +1 i119 (Reduces Sp. "Blood Pact" Mp Cost)
Glyphic Horn +1 i119 (Enhances "Astral Flow" Effect)
Glyphic Spats +1 i119 (Increases Sp. "Blood Pact" Accuracy)
Hes. Crown +1 i119 (Enhances "Penance" Effect)
Hes. Cyclas +1 i119 (Enhances "Formless Strikes" Effect)
Hes. Gaiters +1 i119 (Enhances "Mantra" Effect)
Hes. Gloves +1 i119 (Enhances "Invigorate" Effect)
Hiza. Haramaki +2 i119
Lanun Tricorne 109
Mochi. Chainmail +1 i119
Mochi. Hakama +1 i119
Nukumi Manoplas 109
Orion Beret +1 i119
Orion Jerkin +1 i119
Orion Socks +1 i119
Peda. Loafers 109
Peda. M.Board 109
Piety Cap 109
Piety Duckbills 109
Piety Pantaloons 109
Pitre Tobe +1 i119
Plun. Armlets +1 i119 (Enhances "Perfect Dodge" Effect)
Plun. Poulaines +1 i119
Pumm. Mask +1 i119
Pumm. Mufflers +1 i119
Skulk. Armlets +1 i119
Skulker's Bonnet +1 i119
Spae. Coat +1 i119
Tot. Jackcoat +1 i119
Tot. Trousers +1 i119
Viti. Chapeau +1 i119
Wicce Gloves +1 i119

Domain Invasion
Odr Earring 99
Thrud Earring 99

Sinnister Reign
Avatara Slops i119
Befouled Crown i119
Count's Cuffs i119
Count's Garb i119
Crusher Gauntlets i119
Cryptic Earring 99
Dampening Tam i119 (Dex+9, Accuracy+13, Mag. Acc.+14, Quadruple Attack +2)
Defiant Collar 99
Deviant Necklace 99
Enticer's Pants i119 (Mp+25, Pet: Accuracy+8 Pet: Rng. Acc.+8, Pet: Mag. Acc.+7)
Etiolation Earring 99
Fanatic Gloves i119 (Mp+45, Healing Magic Skill +9, "Conserve Mp"+6, "Fast Cast"+5)
Feast Hose i119
Fleshcarvers i119 (Str+8, Dex+8, "Store Tp"+5, Dmg:+8)
Floral Gauntlets i119 (Rng.Acc.+14, Accuracy+13, "Triple Atk."+2, Magic Dmg. Taken -3%)
Focal Orb 99
Found. Breastplate i119 (Accuracy+15, Mag. Acc.+15, Attack+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15)
Founder's Corona i119 (Dex+8, Accuracy+15, Mag. Acc.+14, Magic Dmg. Taken -3%)
Founder's Gauntlets i119 (Str+6, Attack+10, Phys. Dmg. Taken -3%)
Founder's Hose i119 (Mnd+9, Mag. Acc.+13, Attack+14, Breath Dmg. Taken -4%)
Himetsuruichimonji i119 (Str+10, Accuracy+10, Attack+10, Quadruple Attack +3)
Humility i119 (Str+6, Accuracy+7, Attack+1, Dmg:+10)
Incarnation Sash 99
Ishvara Earring 99
Jumalik Helm i119 (Mnd+7, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+12, Magic Burst Dmg.+7%)
Jumalik Mail i119 (Hp+35, Attack+7)
Koresuke i119 (Str+10, Accuracy+10, "Store Tp"+6, Dmg:+15)
Lengo Pants i119 (Int+9, Mag. Acc.+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+14)
Leyline Gloves i119 (Accuracy+14, Mag. Acc.+13, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+13, "Fast Cast"+2)
Lilitu Headpiece i119 (Str+6, Dex+6)
Limbo Trousers i119
Medium's Sabots i119 (Mp+50, Mnd+10, "Conserve Mp"+7, "Cure" Potency +5%)
Mindmelter i119
Nobility i119 (Agi+6, Crit.Hit Rate+1, Dmg:+9)
Ochu i119 (Str+10, Dex+10, Ninjutsu Skill +10, Dmg:+15)
Odium i119
Purgation i119 (Attack+8, "Store Tp"+5, Weapon Skill Damage +2%, Dmg:+14)
Rabid Visor i119
Samnuha Coat i119 (Mag. Acc.+13, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+14, "Fast Cast"+3, "Dual Wield"+4)
Samnuha Tights i119 (Str+9, Dex+8, "Dbl.Atk."+2, "Triple Atk."+2)
Supay Weskit i119
Ta'lab Trousers i119 (Accuracy+13, Mag. Evasion+14, Enmity-5, Crit.Hit Rate+2)
Taming Sari i119 (Str+10, Dex+10, Dmg:+15, "Treasure Hunter"+1)
Tartarus Platemail i119
Terminal Plate i119
Vampirism i119 (Str+1, Dmg:+13)
Vengeful Ring 99
Witching Robe i119 (Mp+50, Mag. Acc.+15, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15, "Refresh"+1)

Ababinili i119
Antitail i119
Assid. Pants +1 i119
Asteria Mitts +1 i119
Augury Cuisses i119
Cohort Cloak i119
Domin. Earring +1 99
Dominance Earring 99
Emet Harness i119
Gazu Bracelets i119
Gelatinous Ring +1 99 (Path: A)
Handler's Earring +1 99
Hygieia Clogs i119
Kentarch Belt 99
Lamassu Mitts +1 i119
Loricate Torque +1 99 (Path: A)
Loxotic Mace i119
Marin Staff i119
Mephitas's Ring 99
Mephitas's Ring +1 99
Montante +1 i119 (Path: A)
Nourish. Earring 99
Odnowa Earring 99
Pukulatmuj i119
Refined Grip 99
Regal Pumps +1 i119
Rigorous Grip 99
Sailfi Belt 99
Sailfi Belt +1 99 (Path: A)
Seeth. Bomblet +1 99
Shomonjijoe +1 i119
Tancho i119
Tanmogayi +1 i119
Ternion Dagger i119
Warder's Charm 99
Wingcutter i119

Other Noteable R/EX
Adoulin's Refuge +1 99
Ahosi Leggings i119
Anhur Robe 90
Archon Cape 90
Archon Ring 90
Balrahn's Ring 50
Barkaro. Earring 99
Brutal Earring 75
Cessance Earring 99
Coalrake Sabots i119
Culminus i119
Domes. Earring 99
Dread Jupon i119
Dunna 99 (Mp+20, Mag. Acc.+10, "Fast Cast"+3)
Enif Zucchetto 99
Epona's Ring 89
Evoker's Ring 71
Fotia Belt 87
Fotia Gorget 72
Fucho-No-Obi 99
Gaudryi Necklace 99
Gelai Earring 99
Gelos Earring 99
Gere Ring 99
Gifted Earring 88
Ginsen 99
Gridarvor i119 (Pet: Accuracy+70, Pet: Attack+70, Pet: "Dbl. Atk."+15)
Hachirin-No-Obi 71
Hecate's Earring 90
Heka's Kalasiris 95
Hjarrandi Helm i119
Loquac. Earring 75
Lurid Mitts i119
Mecisto. Mantle 99 (Cap. Point+44%, Hp+11, Rng.Acc.+1, Def+4)
Mekosu. Harness i119
Meridian Ring 80
Mizu. Kubikazari 99
Moonshade Earring 90 (Attack+4, Tp Bonus +250)
Ophidian Sword
Pratik Earring 99
Rajas Ring 30
Royal Redingote 75 ("Avatar Perpetuation Cost" -2, Pet: "Dbl.Atk."+2 Pet: Crit.Hit Rate +2)
Sanare Earring 99
Sandung i119 (Accuracy+50, Crit. Hit Rate+5%, "Triple Atk."+3)
Seidr Cotehardie 99
Shadow Mantle 75
Shadow Ring 75
Siegel Sash 90
Static Earring 72
Suppanomimi 72
Terpander 99
(86) Togakushi Shuriken i119
Trux Earring 99
Twilight Cloak 90
Tzee Xicu's Blade
Voltsurge Torque 99
Vrikodara Jupon i119

Acro Breeches i119 (Pet: Accuracy+15 Pet: Rng. Acc.+15, "Call Beast" Ability Delay -3)
Acro Gauntlets i119
Acro Helm i119 (Pet: Accuracy+25 Pet: Rng. Acc.+25, "Call Beast" Ability Delay -4, Pet: Damage Taken -1%)
Acro Leggings i119 (Pet: Accuracy+15 Pet: Rng. Acc.+15, "Call Beast" Ability Delay -5, Chr+5)
Acro Surcoat i119 (Pet: Accuracy+17 Pet: Rng. Acc.+17, "Call Beast" Ability Delay -4, Pet: Damage Taken -3%)
Anchoret's Mantle 99
andoaa Earring 99
Artsieq Jubbah i119 (Mp+60, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+15, Mag. Acc.+15)
Asperity Necklace 99
(2) Bane Cape 99
(2) Bane Cape 99 (Elem. Magic Skill +10, Dark Magic Skill +6, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+2, "Fast Cast"+3)
Beatific Shield 113
Beeline Ring 99
Bladeborn Earring 99
Bolelabunga i119
(2) Bookworm's Cape 99
(2) Bookworm's Cape 99 (Int+2, Mnd+1, Helix Eff. Dur. +14, "Regen" Potency+1)
Buremte Gloves 115 (Haste+2, "Snapshot"+2, Str+8)
Canny Cape 99 (Dex+3, Agi+5, "Dual Wield"+4)
Cizin Greaves +1 i119
Claidheamh Soluis i119 (Attack+16, "Dbl.Atk."+3, Dmg:+15)
(2) Conveyance Cape 99 (Summoning Magic Skill +2, Pet: Enmity+10, Blood Pact Dmg.+2)
(2) Conveyance Cape 99
(2) Cornflower Cape 99
(2) Cornflower Cape 99 (Mp+20, Accuracy+2, Blue Magic Skill +9)
Dudgeon Earring 99
Eddy Necklace 99
Evasionist's Cape 99
Gende. Caubeen +1 i119
Gende. Gages +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -2%, "Cure" Potency +2%)
Ghostfyre Cape 99 (Enfb.Mag. Skill +8, Enha.Mag. Skill +8, Mag. Acc.+7, Enh. Mag. Eff. Dur. +11)
(2) Gunslinger's Cape 99 (Enmity-2, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+1, "Phantom Roll" Ability Delay -4)
(2) Gunslinger's Cape 99
Gwati Earring 99
Hag. Sabots +1 i119
Hagondes Coat +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -4%, Magic Dmg. Taken -2%, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+21)
Hagondes Cuffs +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -1%, Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+11)
Hagondes Hat 113 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -1%)
Hagondes Pants +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -3%, "Mag.Atk.Bns."+26)
Helios Band i119 (Mag. Acc.+20 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+20, Magic Crit. Hit Rate +7, Mag. Crit. Hit Dmg. +10%)
Helios Boots i119 (Mag. Acc.+20 "Mag.Atk.Bns."+20, "Fast Cast"+5, Mag. Crit. Hit Dmg. +7%)
(3) Helios Gloves i119 ("Mag.Atk.Bns."+25, "Fast Cast"+3, Int+2)
(3) Helios Gloves i119
Helios Jacket i119 ("Mag.Atk.Bns."+16, "Fast Cast"+5, Int+8)
Helios Spats i119 (Blood Pact Dmg.+3)
Honed Tathlum 99
Hurch'lan Sash 99
Ighwa Cap i119
Isa Belt 99
Isuka i119
Iuitl Headgear +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -3%, "Dbl.Atk."+1)
Iuitl Tights +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -3%, "Snapshot"+1)
Izhiikoh i119
K'ayres Ring 99
Keraunos i119 (Pet: "Mag.Atk.Bns."+17, Pet: "Dbl.Atk."+5 Pet: Crit.Hit Rate +5, Hp+17)
Kerehcatl i119
Kumbhakarna i119 (Pet: Attack+13 Pet: Rng.Atk.+13, Pet: "Regen"+2, Str+4 Chr+4)
Lifestorm Earring 99
Lifestream Cape 99 (Geomancy Skill +8, Indi. Eff. Dur. +15, Pet: Damage Taken -2%, Damage Taken-1%)
Locus Ring 99
Lutian Cape 99 (Str+2, Agi+2)
Mauler's Mantle 99
Mephitis Grip 99
Nahtirah Hat i119
Nahtirah Trousers i119
Nenekirimaru i119 (Accuracy+16, "Dbl.Atk."+4, Str+7 Vit+7)
Niht Mantle 99 (Attack+15, Dark Magic Skill +6, "Drain" and "Aspir" Potency +17)
Otro. Harness +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -2%)
Otronif Boots +1 i119 (Phys. Dmg. Taken -1%, Accuracy+7)
Pahtli Cape 99
Pastoralist's Mantle 99 (Str+4 Dex+4, Pet: Accuracy+16 Pet: Rng. Acc.+16)
Psystorm Earring 99
Refraction Cape 99
Sangoma Ring 99
Steelflash Earring 99
Taeon Boots i119 (Accuracy+24, Weapon Skill Acc.+18, Crit. Hit Damage +2%)
(2) Taeon Chapeau i119 (Attack+21, Potency of "Cure" Effect Received+7%, Crit. Hit Damage +3%)
(2) Taeon Chapeau i119
(2) Taeon Gloves i119 (Accuracy+18 Attack+18, Weapon Skill Acc.+16, Weapon Skill Damage +2%)
(2) Taeon Gloves i119
Taeon Tabard i119 (Potency of "Cure" Effect Received+6%)
Taeon Tights i119 (Accuracy+21, "Dual Wield"+5, Str+7)
(2) Takaha Mantle 99
(2) Takaha Mantle 99 (Str+3, "Zanshin"+3, "Store Tp"+2, Meditate Eff. Dur. +8)
Tamaxchi 115 (Mag. Acc.+30, Enmity-10)
Tatena. Haidate i119
Telchine Braconi i119
(2) Telchine Cap i119
(2) Telchine Gloves i119
Tinhaspa i119 (Attack+15, Str+12, Dmg:+5)
Toetapper Mantle 99
Umbani Boots i119
Umbani Cap i119
Umuthi Hat i119
Updraft Mantle 99
Weard Mantle 99
Whirlpool Greaves i119
Whirlpool Mask i119
Yaoyotl Gloves i119
Yaoyotl Helm i119
Yokaze Mantle 99 (Str+3, Dex+4, Sklchn.Dmg.+3%)
Yorium Cuirass i119 (Accuracy+16, "Dbl.Atk."+2, Str+8)

Ebisu Fishing Rod
Fisherman's Sign
Fishermn. Stall

Base Artifact/Relic/Emp
Abs. Cuirass -1
Abs. Flanchard -1
Abs. Sollerets -1
Abyss Burgeonet 75
Abyss Cuirass 74
Abyss Flanchard 73
Abyss Gauntlets 72
Abyss Sollerets 71
Aoidos' Belt 80
Aoidos' Cothrn. +2 81
Aoidos' Earring 90
Aoidos' Matinee 84
Argute Belt 70
Argute Gown 74
Argute Gown +2 90
Argute M.Board 75
Argute Pants 73
Assassin's Bonnet 71
Assassin's Cape 70
Assassin's Culottes 74
Assassin's Vest 72
Bale Choker 84
Bale Cuirass +1 89
Bale Earring 90
Bale Flanchard +1 83
Bale Gauntlets +1 87
Bale Sollerets +2 81
Bard's Cannions 75
Bard's Cape 70
Bard's Roundlet 72
Beast Gaiters 52
Beast Gloves 54
Beast Helm 56
Call. Bracers +2 87
Caller's Earring 90
Caller's Pendant 84
Charis Bangles +1 87
Charis Casaque +2 89
Charis Earring 90
Charis Feather 84
Charis Necklace 80
Charis Tiara +2 85
Charis Tights +2 83
Charis Toe Shoes +2 81
Chl. Cannions +1 74
Chl. Cuffs +1 74
Chl. Jstcorps +1 74
Choral Roundlet 54
Cirq. Pantaloni +2 83
Cirque Cappello +2 85
Cirque Farsetto +2 89
Cirque Guanti +2 87
Cirque Sash 84
Cirque Scarpe +2 81
Cleric's Belt 70
Cleric's Bliaut 74
Cleric's Cap 72
Cleric's Duckbills 71
Cleric's Mitts 75
Cleric's Pantaln. 73
Comm. Trews 71
Commodore Belt 70
Commodore Frac 74
Commodore Gants 72
Crd. Gauntlets +1 87
Creed Baudrier 84
Creed Collar 80
Creed Cuirass +1 89
Creed Earring 90
Creed Sabatons +2 81
Dowser's Wand 109
Duelist's Boots 71
Duelist's Chapeau 75
Duelist's Gloves 72
Duelist's Tabard 74
Duelist's Tights 73
Estoqueur's Cape 84
Estq. Chappel +1 85
Estq. Earring 90
Estq. Ganthrt. +2 87
Estq. Houseaux 81
Estq. Houseaux +2 81
Estq. Sayon +2 89
Estqr. Fuseau +1 83
Etoile Cape 70
Etoile Casaque 75
Etoile Tiara 72
Etoile Tights 74
Etoile Toe Shoes 73
Evk. Horn +1 74
Evk. Spats +1 74
Evoker's Bracers 54
Felibre's Dague 89
Ferine Cabasset +2 85
Ferine Earring 90
Ferine Gausape +2 89
Ferine Necklace 84
Ferine Ocreae +2 81
Ferine Quijotes +2 83
Goet. Chausses +2 83
Goetia Coat +2 89
Goetia Earring 90
Goetia Mantle 84
Goetia Petasos +2 85
Goetia Sabots +2 81
Healer's Cap 54
Healer's Duckbills 52
Hlr. Mitts +1 74
Iga Erimaki 80
Iga Hakama +2 83
Iga Kyahan +2 81
Iga Ningi +2 89
Iga Tekko +2 87
Iga Zukin +2 85
Kog. Tekko +2 90
Koga Kyahan 72
Koga Sarashi 70
Lancer's Pelerine 84
Lncr. Schynbalds 81
Magus Bazubands 56
Magus Charuqs 52
Magus Jubbah 58
Magus Keffiyeh 60
Magus Shalwar 54
Mavi Basmak +2 81
Mavi Earring 90
Mavi Kavuk +2 85
Mavi Mintan +2 89
Mavi Tathlum 84
Mavi Tayt +2 83
Melee Cape 70
Melee Gloves 73
Mirage Bazubands 73
Mirage Mantle 70
Monster Belt 70
Monster Gloves 75
Monster Helm 71
Monster Jackcoat 72
Monster Trousers 73
Mv. Bazubands +2 87
Navarch's Earring 90
Navarch's Frac 89
Navarch's Mantle 84
Ninja Chainmail 58
Ninja Hakama 52
Nvrch. Bottes +2 81
Nvrch. Gants +2 87
Nvrch. Tricorne +1 85
Orison Bliaut +2 89
Orison Cap +2 85
Orison Cape 80
Orison Locket 84
Orison Mitts +2 87
Orsn. Duckbills +1 81
Pantin Cape 70
Pantin Churidars 71
Pantin Taj 75
Raid. Culottes +2 83
Raid. Poulaines +2 81
Raider's Bmrng. 84
Raider's Vest +2 89
Ravager's Gorget 80
Ravager's Mask +2 85
Ravager's Orb 84
Rvg. Calligae +2 81
Rvg. Cuisses +2 83
Sao. Koshi-Ate 70
Sao. Kote +2 90
Saotome Haidate 72
Saotome Kabuto 75
Saotome Kote 73
Saotome Sune-Ate 71
Savant's Chain 84
Savant's Earring 90
Savant's Gown +1 89
Savant's Pants +1 83
Savant's Treatise 80
Scholar's Bracers 52
Scholar's Loafers 54
Scholar's M.Board 60
Scholar's Pants 56
Scout's Belt 70
Scout's Beret 73
Scout's Bracers 71
Scout's Jerkin 75
Scout's Socks 74
Sorcerer's Belt 70
Sorcerer's Gloves 72
Sorcerer's Tonban 73
Summoner's Cape 70
Summoner's Pgch. 73
Svnt. Bonnet +2 85
Svnt. Bracers +2 87
Svnt. Loafers +1 81
Syl. Glvltte. +2 87
Sylvan Bottln. +2 81
Sylvan Bragues +2 83
Sylvan Caban +2 89
Sylvan Chlamys 84
Sylvan Gapette +2 85
Tantra Earring 90
Tantra Tathlum 84
Unkai Haidate +1 83
Unkai Kote +1 87
Unkai Mimikazari 90
Unkai Sugemino 84
Unkai Sune-Ate +1 81
Valor Cape 70
Valor Coronet 73
Valor Gauntlets 72
Valor Leggings 71
Valor Surcoat 75
Vlr. Breeches -1
Vlr. Gauntlets -1
Vlr. Surcoat -1
War. Cuisses -1
War. Lorica -1
War. Mask -1
War. Mufflers -1
Warlock's Boots 52
Warlock's Gloves 54
Warlock's Tights 56
Warrior's Cuisses 74
Warrior's Lorica 75
Warrior's Mufflers 72
Warrior's Stone 70
Wizard's Gloves 54
Wizard's Sabots 52
Wizard's Tonban 56
Wlk. Chapeau +1 74
Wym. Mail -1
Wyrm Belt 70
Wyrm Brais 71
Wyrm Fng.Gnt. 73
Wzd. Petasos +1 74

A. Vou.: Fingers
A. Vou.: Hands +1
A. Vou.: Head +1
(5) Abdhaljs Anima
(20) Abdhaljs Dust
(6) Abdhaljs Fiber
(5) Abdhaljs Gem
(8) Abdhaljs Metal
(5) Abdhaljs Nugget
(7) Abdhaljs Sap
Abdhaljs Seal
(20) Abdhaljs Thread
(4) Colorless Soul
Cy.Abjuration: Hd.
(2) Fu's Scale
(2) Gin's Scale
Jo.Abjuration: Ft.
Kei's Scale
Kin's Scale
Kyou's Scale
(4) Ra'kaz. Sapphire
Sh.Abjuration: Hd.
(2) Sp Gobbie Key
Tr.Abjuration: Bd.
Wyrm Beard

Key Items
?Raptor Companion
Abyssite of Discernment
Abyssite of the Cosmos
Adoulinian Charter Permit
Adventurer's Certificate
Aged Booming Naakual Crest
Aged Firebrand Naakual Crest
Aged Flashfrost Naakual Crest
Aged Ligneous Naakual Crest
Aged Matriarch Naakual Crest
Aged Riptide Naakual Crest
Aged Undying Naakual Crest
Airship Pass
Airship Pass For Kazham
Alizarin Yantric Planchette
Allied Ribbon of Bravery ???
Allied Ribbon of Glory ????
Altepa Gate Crystal
Amber Stratum Abyssite
Ambuscade Primer Volume One
Anglers' Almanac
Anti-Glaciation Gear
Archducal Audience Permit
Arciela's Skirt
Ashen Stratum Abyssite Iii
Ashrakk's Blood Sigil
Astral Compass
Atma of A Thousand Needles
Atma of Allure
Atma of Alpha and Omega
Atma of Apparitions
Atma of Aquatic Ardor
Atma of Baleful Bones
Atma of Blighted Breath
Atma of Calamity
Atma of Cloak and Dagger
Atma of Dunes
Atma of Echoes
Atma of Entwined Serpents
Atma of Eternity
Atma of Fires and Flares
Atma of Gales
Atma of Hell's Guardian
Atma of Illusions
Atma of Luminous Wings
Atma of Nightmares
Atma of Perfect Attendance
Atma of Purgatory
Atma of Stormbreath
Atma of the Ace Angler
Atma of the Adamantine
Atma of the Apocalypse
Atma of the Ascending One
Atma of the Avaricious Ape
Atma of the Banisher
Atma of the Baying Moon
Atma of the Beast King
Atma of the Beyond
Atma of the Blinding Horn
Atma of the Bludgeoning Brute
Atma of the Brother Wolf
Atma of the Claw
Atma of the Clawed butterfly
Atma of the Crimson Scale
Atma of the Crushing Cudgel
Atma of the Dark Depths
Atma of the Deep Devourer
Atma of the Demonic Lash
Atma of the Desert Worm
Atma of the Despot
Atma of the Dragon Rider
Atma of the Drifter
Atma of the Ducal Guard
Atma of the Earth Wyrm
Atma of the Ebon Hoof
Atma of the Einherjar
Atma of the Fallen One
Atma of the Foe Flayer
Atma of the Glutinous Ooze
Atma of the Gnarled Horn
Atma of the Golden Claw
Atma of the Harvester
Atma of the Hateful Stream
Atma of the Heavens
Atma of the Hero
Atma of the Holy Mountain
Atma of the Horned Beast
Atma of the Hybrid Beast
Atma of the Impenetrable
Atma of the Impregnable Tower
Atma of the Kirin
Atma of the Lake Lurker
Atma of the Lightning Beast
Atma of the Lion
Atma of the Lone Wolf
Atma of the Master Crafter
Atma of the Merciless Matriarch
Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity
Atma of the Mounted Champion
Atma of the Murky Miasma
Atma of the Noxious Bloom
Atma of the Noxious Fang
Atma of the Omnipotent
Atma of the Persistent Predator
Atma of the Plaguebringer
Atma of the Raised Tail
Atma of the Rapid Reptilian
Atma of the Razed Ruins
Atma of the Rescuer
Atma of the Sand Emperor
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe
Atma of the Savage Tiger
Atma of the Scarlet Wing
Atma of the Scorpion Queen
Atma of the Sea Daughter
Atma of the Sellsword
Atma of the Shimmering Shell
Atma of the Shrieking One
Atma of the Smiting Blow
Atma of the Smoldering Sky
Atma of the Solitary One
Atma of the Stone God
Atma of the Stormbird
Atma of the Stout Arm
Atma of the Strangling Wind
Atma of the Stronghold
Atma of the Sun Eater
Atma of the Sundering Slash
Atma of the Tusked Terror
Atma of the Twin Claw
Atma of the Ultimate
Atma of the Voracious Violet
Atma of the War Lion
Atma of the Winged Enigma
Atma of the Winged Gloom
Atma of the Would-Be King
Atma of the Zenith
Atma of Thrashing Tendrils
Atma of Tremors
Atma of Vicissitude
Atmacite of Aplomb
Atmacite of Assailment
Atmacite of Cataphract
Atmacite of Coercion
Atmacite of Deluges
Atmacite of Destruction
Atmacite of Devotion
Atmacite of Discipline
Atmacite of Eminence
Atmacite of Enticement
Atmacite of Exhortation
Atmacite of Finesse
Atmacite of Imperium
Atmacite of Incursion
Atmacite of Latitude
Atmacite of Mysticism
Atmacite of Onslaught
Atmacite of Persistence
Atmacite of Preparedness
Atmacite of Preservation
Atmacite of Provenance
Atmacite of Rapidity
Atmacite of Skyblaze
Atmacite of Temperance
Atmacite of the Adamant
Atmacite of the Depths
Atmacite of the Forager
Atmacite of the Parapet
Atmacite of the Shrewd
Atmacite of the Slayer
Atmacite of the Solipsist
Atmacite of the Valiant
Atmacite of the Vanguard
Atmacite of Unity
Austere Robe Claim Slip
Azure Abyssite of Celerity
Azure Abyssite of Lenity
Bard's Attire Claim Slip
Barge Multi-Ticket
Bastok Trust Permit
Bastok Warp Rune
Battle Trophy: 1st Echelon
Battle Trophy: 2nd Echelon
Battle Trophy: 3rd Echelon
Battle Trophy: 4th Echelon
Battle Trophy: 5th Echelon
Beguiling Petrifact
Black Abyssite
Black Matinee Necklace
Blazing Cluster Soul
Blood Orb
Blood-Smeared Gigas Helm
Bloodstained Bugard Fang
Blue Bracelet
Blue-Labeled Crate
Boarding Permit
Booming Naakual Paragon
Bowl of Bland Goblin Salad
Brand of Dawn
Brand of the Flameserpent
Brand of the Galeserpent
Brand of the Skyserpent
Brand of the Springserpent
Brand of the Stoneserpent
Brand of Twilight
Brass Ribbon of Service ??
Brass Wings of Service ?
Bronze Astrarium
Bronze Ribbon of Service ?
Bronze Star ?
Bulbous Crawler Cocoon
Captain Wildcat Badge
Cast Metal Plate
Celennia Memorial Library Card
Celestial Nexus Phantom Gem
Censer of Abandonment
Censer of Acrimony
Censer of Animus
Censer of Antipathy
Centurion's Scale Mail Claim Slip
Cerulean Crystal
Chipped Sandworm Tooth
Chocobo License
Chunk of Smoked Goblin Grub
Clairvoy Ant
Colorful Abyssite
Compass of Transference
Copper Emblem of Service ?
Coruscant Rosary
Courageous Warrior's Shard
Courageous Warrior's Soul
Craggy Fin
Crest of Davoi
Crimson Abyssite of Acumen
Crimson Abyssite of Celerity
Crimson Abyssite of Confluence
Crimson Abyssite of Destiny
Crimson Stratum Abyssite Iv
Dedicated Monk's Soul
Dem Gate Crystal
Dented Chariot Shield
Dented Gigas Shield
Detached Stinger
Dhokmak's Blood Sigil
Dimensional Compass
Distended Chigoe Abdomen
Distorted Fragment
Dkhaaya's Research Journal
Doffed Poroggo Hat
Dropped Item
Dull Ra'kaznarian Plate
Durs-Vike's Earring
Dusky Periapt of Adaptability
Dusky Periapt of Exploration
Dusky Periapt of Frontiers
Dusky Periapt of Prudence
Dusky Periapt of Readiness
Dusky Periapt of Vigilance
Dynamis - Buburimu Sliver
Dynamis - Qufim Sliver
Dynamis - Tavnazia Sliver
Dynamis - Valkurm Sliver
Earthen Charm
''elite Training: Chapter 6''
''elite Training: Chapter 7''
Emerald Abyssite of Acumen
Emerald Abyssite of Fortune
Emerald Abyssite of Sojourn
Empty Hourglass
Eschan Cellar
Eschan Nef
Eschan Urn
Eye of Storms
F.A.I.L. Badge
Fabricated Pearl of Biting Winds
Fabricated Pearl of Impurity
Fabricated Pearl of Miasma
Fabricated Ward of Ashen Wings
Fabricated Ward of Biting Winds
Fabricated Ward of Impurity
Fabricated Ward of the False King
Fake Moustache
Fat-Lined Cockatrice Skin
Fetid Rafflesia Stalk
Flame-Scarred Skull
Flashfrost Naakual Paragon
Fragrant Treant Petal
Frosted Incisor
Fu’S Bead
Genbu's Honor
Gin’S Bead
Glittering Pixie Choker
Golden Kist's Key
Golden Star ????
Golden Wing
Gps Crystal
Green Bracelet
Grey Abyssite
Grimoire Page
Habitual Behavior Barometer
Head Wind Phantom Gem
Heart of the Bushin
Holla Gate Crystal
Holy Candle
Holyknight Emblem ????
Hyacinth Stratum Abyssite
Hydra Corps Battle Standard
Hydra Corps Command Scepter
Hydra Corps Eyeglass
Hydra Corps Insignia
Hydra Corps Lantern
Hydra Corps Tactical Map
Ignor-Mnt's Bracelet
Image Recorder
Imbrued Vampyr Fang
Impure Alizarin Yggzi
Impure Aster Yggzi
Impure Celadon Yggzi
Impure Phlox Yggzi
Impure Russet Yggzi
Impure Zaffre Yggzi
Indigo Abyssite of Merit
Indigo Abyssite of Sojourn
Indigo Abyssite of the Reaper
Indigo Stratum Abyssite Iv
Ingrown Taurus Nail
Inky Black Yagudo Feather
Insulator Tablet
Iron Emblem of Service ??
Ivory Abyssite of Acumen
Ivory Abyssite of Avarice
Ivory Abyssite of Celerity
Ivory Abyssite of Destiny
Ivory Abyssite of Expertise
Ivory Abyssite of Fortune
Ivory Abyssite of Furtherance
Ivory Abyssite of Guerdon
Ivory Abyssite of Kismet
Ivory Abyssite of Merit
Ivory Abyssite of Perspicacity
Ivory Abyssite of Prosperity
Ivory Abyssite of Sojourn
Ivory Abyssite of the Reaper
Jade Abyssite of Expertise
Jade Abyssite of Merit
Jade Abyssite of Sojourn
Jade Stratum Abyssite Iv
Job Breaker
Job Gesture: Bard
Job Gesture: Beastmaster
Job Gesture: Black Mage
Job Gesture: Blue Mage
Job Gesture: Corsair
Job Gesture: Dancer
Job Gesture: Dark Knight
Job Gesture: Dragoon
Job Gesture: Geomancer
Job Gesture: Monk
Job Gesture: Ninja
Job Gesture: Paladin
Job Gesture: Puppetmaster
Job Gesture: Ranger
Job Gesture: Red Mage
Job Gesture: Rune Fencer
Job Gesture: Samurai
Job Gesture: Scholar
Job Gesture: Summoner
Job Gesture: Thief
Job Gesture: Warrior
Job Gesture: White Mage
Jug of Greasy Goblin Juice
Jugner Gate Crystal
Kazham Warp Rune
Kei’S Bead
Kin’S Bead
Kupofried's Corundum
Kyou’S Bead
Legacy Phantom Gem
Lerene's Paten
Letter From Zeid
Ligneous Naakual Paragon
Limit Breaker
Lunar Abyssite
Luxuriant Manticore Mane
Maddening Petrifact
Magian Trial Log
Magma Mitigation Set
Maiden Phantom Gem
Malformed Knuckles
Malodorous Marid Fur
Manaclipper Multi-Ticket
Mannequin Joint Diagrams
Map of Abyssea - Konschtat
Map of Abyssea - Misareaux
Map of Abyssea - Uleguerand
Mark of the Einherjar
Mark of Zahak
Maroon Seal
Master Breaker
Mea Gate Crystal
Mega Moglification: Fishing
Megomak's Shopping List
Meriphataud Gate Crystal
Message From Yoyoroon
Mhaura Warp Rune
Mirage Attire Claim Slip
Moblin Pheromone Sack
Mog Kupon I-Orche
Monarch Beard
Monarch Linn Patrol Permit
Moongate Pass
Mossy Adamantoise Shell
Mystic Ice
Mystical Canteen
Mythril Star ???
Nashmau Warp Rune
Neutral Periapt of Frontiers
Norg Warp Rune
Nyzul Isle Assault Orders
Orange Abyssite
Orb of Coins
Orb of Cups
Ossified Gargouille Hand
Overgrown Mandragora Flower
P. Perpetrator Phantom Gem
Pair of Fuzzy Earmuffs
Pair of Velkk Gloves
Paresis Resilience
Pashhow Gate Crystal
Peach Coral Key
Periapt of Clarity
Periapt of Emergence
Periapt of Guidance
Periapt of Percipience
Periapt of Recompense
Periapt of Sapience
Phoenix Pearl
Phoenix's Blessing
Piece of Inviolable Bark
Pioneer's Badge
Prismatic Fragment
Prismatic Hourglass
Prototype Attuner
Prototype Sigil Pearl
Pso'xja Pass
Puppet In Peril Phantom Gem
Pure White Feather
Quaternary Nazar
Rabao Warp Rune
Rainbow Resonator
Reive Unity
Reliquiarium Key
''rhapsody In Azure''
''rhapsody In Crimson''
''rhapsody In Emerald''
''rhapsody In Fuchsia''
''rhapsody In Mauve''
''rhapsody In Ochre''
''rhapsody In Puce''
''rhapsody In Umber''
''rhapsody In White''
Riptide Naakual Paragon
Rosulatia's Pome
Ruea's Stone
Runic Disc
Runic Key
Ruspix's Plate
Russet Yantric Planchette
Rusted Hound Collar
Sajj'aka's Protective Ward
San D'oria Trust Permit
San D'oria Warp Rune
Sapphire Abyssite of Furtherance
Sapphire Abyssite of Lenity
Savage's Phantom Gem
Scarlet Abyssite of Lenity
Scarlet Abyssite of Perspicacity
Scarlet Abyssite of Sojourn
''scintillating Rhapsody''
Scripture of Wind
Seductive Petrifact
Seedspall Caerulum
Seedspall Roseum
Seedspall Viridis
Selbina Warp Rune
Semi-Pure Alizarin Yggzi
Semi-Pure Aster Yggzi
Semi-Pure Celadon Yggzi
Semi-Pure Phlox Yggzi
Semi-Pure Russet Yggzi
Semi-Pure Zaffre Yggzi
Sepulcher Ensign
Serpent Rumors
Shaft Gate Operating Dial
Shard of Apathy
Shard of Arrogance
Shard of Cowardice
Shard of Envy
Shard of Rage
Sheet of E. Adoulinian Tunes
Sheet of W. Adoulinian Tunes
Silver Astrarium
Silver Bell
Silver Sea Salt
Silvery Plate
Small Bag of Adoulinian Delicacies
Sodden Sandworm Husk
Song of Hope
Sorcerer's Attire Claim Slip
Sparking Tail Feather
Squire Certificate
Stamp Sheet
Starlight Voidwatcher's Emblem
Steelknight Emblem ???
Stellar Fulcrum Phantom Gem
Sterling Star ??
Sticky Gnat Wing
Stone of Brihaspati
Stone of Budha
Stone of Mangala
Stone of Rahu
Stone of Shani
Stone of Surya
Story of A Happy Chocobo
Synergy Crucible
Tangata's Wing
Tattered Maze Monger Pouch
Tattered Test Sheet
Tavnazia Warp Rune
Tear of Altana
Tenshodo Member's Card
Teodor's Blood Sigil
Tonberry Key
Toxin Resilience
Trainer's Whistle
Traverser Stone
Treasure Map
Tricolor Voidwatcher's Emblem
Tryl-Wuj's Belt
Tuning Fork of Earth
Tuning Fork of Lightning
Tuning Fork of Water
Tuning Fork of Wind
Turbid Slime Oil
Unparalleled Corsair's Soul
Vahzl Gate Crystal
Velkk Fetish
Venomous Hydra Fang
Venomous Wamoura Feeler
Verm. Abyssite of Perspicacity
Vermillion Abyssite of Kismet
Vial of Shrouded Sand
Vial of Translurry
Viridian Abyssite of Avarice
Viridian Abyssite of Destiny
Viridian Abyssite of Merit
Vivid Periapt of Adaptability
Vivid Periapt of Catalysis
Vivid Periapt of Concentration
Vivid Periapt of Concord
Vivid Periapt of Exploration
Vivid Periapt of Focus
Vivid Periapt of Frontiers
Vivid Periapt of Glory
Vivid Periapt of Intensity
Vivid Periapt of Prudence
Vivid Periapt of Readiness
Vivid Periapt of Vigilance
Voidwatcher's Emblem: Jeuno
Voidwatcher's Emblem: Qufim
Waking Dreams Phantom Gem
Waking the Beast Phantom Gem
Warning Letter
Warped Iron Giant Nail
Whisper of Frost
Whisper of the Moon
Whisper of the Wyrmking
White Card
White Stratum Abyssite Vi
Whitegate Warp Rune
Windurst Trust Permit
Windurst Walls Scoop
Windurst Warp Rune
Windurst Waters Scoop
Wonder Armor Claim Slip
Yagudo Torch
Ye Olde Mannequin Catalogue
Yellow Abyssite
Yhoator Gate Crystal
Yigit Armor Claim Slip
Ymmr-Ulvid's Necklace
Zephyr Fan

Nyzul Tokens: 57992
Therion Ichor: 100100
Cruor: 18118769
Voidstones: 7923
Traverser Stones: 11677
A.M.A.N. Vouchers Stored: 159
Zeni: 51935
Guild Points (Fishing): 11789
Guild Points (Woodworking): 0
Guild Points (Smithing): 0
Guild Points (Goldsmithing): 0
Guild Points (Weaving): 0
Guild Points (Leathercraft): 0
Guild Points (Bonecraft): 0
Guild Points (Alchemy): 0
Guild Points (Cooking): 18835
Assault Points (Leujaoam Sanctum): 2644
Assault Points (M.J.T.G.): 5576
Assault Points (Lebros Cavern): 2168
Assault Points (Periqia): 1121
Assault Points (Ilrusi Atoll): 1329
Beastman Seals (stored): 168
Kindred Seals (stored): 63
Kindred Crests (stored): 702
High Kindred Crests (stored): 1034
Sacred Kindred Crests (stored): 2668
Bayld: 711563
Mweya Plasm Corpuscles: 270600
Escha Silt: 1340911
Escha Beads: 7128
Potpourri: 6026
Domain Points: 460
Mog Segments: 16681
Gallimaufry: 66979

Job Points

Trusts (62)
Kuyin Hathdenna
Arciela II
Shantotto II
Lhe Lhangavo
Mihli Aliapoh
Lilisette II
Star Sibyl
Nanaa Mihgo
Uka Totlihn
Nashmeira II
Tenzen II
Ingrid II
Iroha II
Naja Salaheem
Zeid II
King of Hearts
D. Shantotto
Lehko Habhoka
Ferreous Coffin
Lion II
Prishe II

Coalition Ranks
Pioneer Legend
Courier Petitioner
Inventor Petitioner
Mummer Petitioner
Peacekeeper Petitioner
Scout Petitioner

Escha Vorseal
HP/MP+ 7
Acc/R.Acc/Eva+ 7
Def+ 6
Atk/R.Atk+ 8
M.Acc/M.Eva+ 9
M.Def+ 9
M.Atk+ 9
Occ. Nullifies Damage 3
Killer Effects+ 3
Damage Taken 3
Spoils+ 8
Rare Enemy+ 8
Luck+ 6
Regen+ 2
Refresh+ 2
Accuracy++ 6

tldr& Great Taru male model with main job WAR and MNK, with nice ML on each job. Tons of other gear for other jobs as well, Ambu/Omen Unity+1 lots of SR pieces, This account is an old school account with lots of foundational work and missions RoV done, almost every Atma in the game. Almost every piece of base af/relic/empy, any job is just a touch a way from being the next main.